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There you are browsing the Internet. Enter a site that for some reason caught his attention. Into the reading and you start running the mouse pointer across the page. In the meantime, it is quite likely to find at least one link in it.

A link is a direct link to some content available on the Internet. They are widely used by users to reference some other page or content they deem relevant, adding more value and credibility to sharing on the network. In the world of the Internet linkages are the backlinks .

These types of links constitute one of the most important strategies for those who want to reach the first page of Google and become a reference in that produces or provides people.

And like any blogger or entrepreneur, whether beginner or experienced, want to be recognized and to have authority in their field, this article will explain all the most important thing you need to know about backlinks.

But we already say: know what you need – and – them to be recognized, well positioned and to make your business take off the Internet. Are you ready to begin your journey to digital domination?

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links (links) to any web page receives domains or subdomains pointing at her. They are also known as “inbound links” or “arrival links” as they have been strategically placed in some content that is receiving or pointing to a site of interest. In a first broad classification, backlinks can be divided into the two groups.

  • internal

That’s when the backlinks are made within the same domain, in which the pages of a site are linked to each other to complete information and cause users to receive additional content and knowledge.

This practice causes a linked site internally improve your user residence time statistics in the field and the number of visits to some content. It also helps in reducing the “bounce rate,” a metric that denounces the rejection of a site or page by visitors.

  • external

It is when incoming backlinks are from external domains to a site. Usually, this happens when a domain is an external site content that he has not. And for being so good and relevant, this content becomes irresistible to make a linking site for the content owner.

This practice is not only a way to contribute knowledge to visitors on a site, but also helps the site referenced to build their authority and relevance to the search engines. In addition to this same field also start receiving more traffic over time.

Your website needs backlinks to reach the first page of Google

Why your site needs backlinks to reach the first page of Google?

Backlinks primarily used to measure the authority and relevance of a domain on a particular subject or product. And that’s exactly what you should want for your internet business.

The more a site creates a crop of internal backlinks and receives external appointments coming from other sites, more is recognized as a reference in what it claims to do and starts to get even more value by search engines like Google.

In other words, a site referenced in another begins to gain so much attention from search engines that is soon thrown to the front pages of search results in them.

Consequently, also begins to receive much more organic traffic, become authority on the internet and to consolidate itself as a great reference in their field or subject it works.

This is how professional advertising and marketing take advantage to take action and create their campaigns to boost sales of products or display sponsored ads, such as banners, on sites that are already well positioned.

This logic of ideas is extremely important for you to store and understand the real importance of having backlinks pointing to your site. And to understand that it is essential to create and implement a procurement strategy backlinks, quantity and quality, to win the long awaited first position on Google.

As backlinks influence the SEO of your website?

Being in the first pages of Google is the desire of almost every user or entrepreneur who wants to succeed on the internet. But the road to get to it also depends on the influence that the backlinks are the ranking factors search engines.

Be well Users ranked on Google means that your website or content has so much quality and relevance that users refer to it on their site or share on your social networks backlinks pointing directly to your domain.

And when people are searching for particular topic on Google, your site will be as well referenced and a relevance already so well established that it is he who will appear as suggested content to be read or consumed.

If a lot of people accessing and sharing your content for quality, it is because it really has some advantage for the user and helps in some way. So the backlinks influence both SEO (search engine optimization) of your page.

The amount of backlinks of a domain is an indicator to show the search engines that it is reputable and relevant to users. The more notes in other domains a site has, the more it will be pulled to the top.

Types of backlinks to focus its acquisition strategy

In addition to the broader classification (internal and external) you already know, backlinks are also classified according to their most specific characteristics. You should pay attention to each and every type of backlinks to understand what to focus on and make your links acquisition strategy to succeed.

After all, how you want your site to appear on the first page of Google, it is essential that the links you are getting value and bring with them relevance and authority of other pages better positioned.

Juice Links

Are the most basic and common types of backlinks. This kind of link just brings visitors from other Web sites into your online business, thus increasing your website traffic.

And, as we know, the more traffic a page has, the better it is highest ranking players in the search engines because they understand that your page has content so attractive that people can not fail to access it.

It is what is called domain authority. From the moment that a site gets to the first Google position, it automatically stands as reference in some specialized area, serving as a model and example to other pages, sites and even competitors.

Drago found a backlink type no-follow

No-Follow Links

No-Follow Links are the ones that have a limit on the authority of transmission and relevance of a site to another. This means that although a page is linked to another through a link if this link has the “nofollow” tag in the script of your page, the connection is simply not complete.

The “nofollow” tag is usually used by a website with high authority and relevance metrics to prevent sites with beginners or little known improve their positioning at his expense.

It is a way to prevent any unnecessary linkages coming from all over the internet. This is what happens, for example, government websites (public agencies) and education (educational institutions).

It also happens frequently in blog comments, to prevent random users leave invasive messages (spam) and without context, only to be referenced for free.  

Do-Follow Links

Do-Follow Links are the kind of backlinks you should pursue in your backlinks acquisition strategy. But why? They run contrary to the type of No-Follow links, fully completing the link between domains.

This means that when a link created on a site has the tag “follow” the script of your page, it conveys the authority and relevance of the site to the page to which it is pointing. This type of backlink is a great advantage for sites with low relevance and authority with the search engines.

The more they get Do-Follow links, plus their position will be improved over time. Do-Follow Links are also commonly used by companies in similar market segments or that somehow connect in your business.

It’s a relationship building tactics to each other as they have customers from each other. At the same time, exchange quality links to reaffirm its relevance and authority in Google.

Root Domain Links

The links of the type Root Domain refer to the amount of links that a site receives the same domain. It basically indicates that no matter if a page gets 100 links from a single domain, the relevance and authority transferred to it, considering it a backlink also type Do-Follow, will be just one link.

So no use out desperately linking to a single site with higher metrics to try to also make that same authority and relevance to your site. What will be counted, after all, it is only a link.

You need a lot of unique links from sites with good positioning on the search engines to also be pulled to the front pages.

How to Link Building and getting backlinks

It has a good sense of what backlinks are, how they work and influence on your site’s SEO. It also met the types of backlinks, what they mean and how they relate to the pages scattered throughout the internet. So it’s time to take another important step in the success of your business on the net.

First of all, you need to plan and know how you will conduct your links pointing to your website strategy. That is, how you will plan and carry out its strategy of Link Building . This term can scare at first.

But do not worry: we are here to answer your questions and show the most suitable ways to get backlinks to your site.

What is Link Building?

Link Building is a set of techniques that are intended to get links pointing to a particular website. The aim of this is to influence the relevance and enhance the authority of the same site in the search engines.

A link received from a site outside its works basically like a vote of confidence for him. Receive several various websites votes of confidence is what should be the focus of your journey in getting links to your site.

Keep in mind that a site without links or no links pointing to it simply can not reach a good positioning. With this, he also will never have popularity, generate traffic naturally and not become relevant on the internet. But how exactly you get links from other sites?

What kinds of things you can do to other sites make notes to your page? That’s what you’ll find out now with a list of useful tasks below to implement.

Write sensational content is a way to gain backlinks

Create sensational content

One of the first initial steps to become a reference on the Internet is creating sensational content. Everyone is an expert or master very well any type of subject. How about take advantage of all this knowledge and start publishing content on your blog?

This is how your visitors are going to consider you a reference in particular subject. And with time, your page will begin to draw the attention of more people, and now also be recommended to others who know your readers. He drew the snowball?

Your website will start to attract more organic traffic, increasing number of visits and most likely will begin to be linked to several other sites. And that’s not exactly what you want in your Link Building Strategy?

But beware: your content really needs to be good and as complete as possible. Enclose topics you want addressed during the issues, explain all your idea and engage the reader with his knowledge and curiosity that only you know. A tip here is to search for blogs already established what kind of topics they work.

Look for gaps of topics that may perhaps be lacking in content and in its use. Or, capriche and get commitment and dedication to improve what already exists on the Internet. And of course, never copy the content from other sites.

The most you can do is to approach existing ideas and contexts. But never fully replicate a sentence or worse, an entire paragraph of a subject. After all, you do not want to be seen as lazy and not be penalized by Google, right?   

Write Guest Posts to other sites

Also known as guest posts on other blogs, the posts Guests are a very effective practice to get backlinks naturally to your website. And they should be seen as a second appeal to you prioritize in your Link Building Strategy.

Post content with their specialty on another site ensures a number of benefits for your page. You will not only be taking a position of authority on a subject, as also able to reach an audience that normally is not in the volume of visitors or customer base.

Guests Posts happen often when two companies close a partnership that have points of common interest in their business. They exchange quality content from their blogs, informing and educating the readers each with its specialties on the internet.

And as you want to appear on other sites and receive backlinks pointing to your blog, your contacts will also want to produce content to publish on your page. Understand that to achieve a good position in Google, you need to make room for third parties are also authors on your blog.

It is an exchange of favors that everyone wins. It is easier to get backlinks for Guests Posts when you already have a website or a blog with a positive reputation on the internet.

Even the initial contact with the site and focus on the idea of ​​the proposed exchange of quality content with Link Building in mind are accepted and implemented with much more fluidity.

Disclose advertorials on other blogs

The advertorials are also content you can create to contribute to other sites and gain backlinks. They have some features that you need to know before starting to produce and to contact potential blogs.

The first is that advertorials have a much more commercial tone, presenting products and strengthening its most attractive features. What is totally different from the Guest Posts, which are, in essence, most informative and educational for the reader.

Moreover, advertorials are always paid content. Then you will only be able to come up with content and links from your blog in a other sites if you have a budget to spend on this Link Building Strategy.

Make comments on blogs and forums

Comments are one of the simplest and quickest ways to gain backlinks. You just need to find blogs and forums that have a space for comments and start a presence in them. Sometimes, comments on these places need a prior approval of content producers or even the owners of the page.

This is because they want to avoid the most random comments that are made only by the factor of pure linking. Therefore, it is important to perfect and add anything new or relevant message in the comment posted. The idea is not to be identified as a toxic user, that just makes spam and contributes nothing to our content. 

Generally, comments with links posted on blogs or forums are automatically assigned to the tag “no-follow”. And as you know, these types of links carry no relevance to you and not help in landing page authority. But this is hardly a problem exactly.

Although his comments have this marking, at least you will be spreading the message of your blog or your company on the Internet. It is a way of ensuring that, somehow, you are being quoted on the network. Something that, at some time, you can start bringing more visitors and hence more authority to your website.

Content posted on social networks can generate backlinks to your website

Be on social networks

There’s no escape: those who want to have the authority and relevance on the internet need to be on social networks. So it’s more than recommended that you create a page or community for your blog or your brand. But it ‘s no use just create.

We must actively participate in creating a relationship with your visitors and customers. Answer questions, interact with comments and ask questions are just some of the practices that you can do daily to engage with them all.

Social networks allow you to replicate your links often, though, most of the time, they get the tag “no-follow” when published. You can do this when new posts to your blog or when there is news in your virtual store.

Using Link Building Strategy on social networks is another way of spreading your links on the internet and make your site receive more and more visits. Something extremely important for anyone who wants to appear in the top positions in the search engines.

Tools to use and gain backlinks

Now that you know what kinds of methods to use to get backlinks, how about knowing tools to automate this laborious process and become a guru in the art of attracting quality links to your site?

Below are some suggestions of tools for you to use in your backlinks acquisition strategy. With them, you will have access to information and comprehensive data that can make the difference between success and failure of your business on the Internet.


The Ahrefs is a tool to get backlinks
The Ahrefs is one of the most complete tools you can use in your journey of Link Building. It simply details everything about the link profile of a website, opening up a range of opportunities for you to conduct your own backlinks acquisition strategy.

Using Ahrefs, you are able to find the number of unique domains that reference a site gains backlinks and lost by him in a period of time or that the estimate of organic traffic that this same site receives each month.

Putting a valid domain in the search field, the Ahrefs monitors and gathers some metrics related to links that a site has that moment. It’s what you can see in the image below.

See the Ahrefs metrics to analyze the quality of backlinks

For example, the site of Hostinger is with a UR (URL Rating) 50 points and DR (Domain Rating) of 75 points. The site also currently has 383,000 backlinks and more than 2000 external domains are referencing the site on their pages.  

UR indicates the backlinks profile for an exact URL. This metric indicates the likelihood that the URL be better positioned in search engines. Already the DR shows how strong backlinks is a profile of a domain as a whole, showing the weight that it has in the search engines compared to other internet sites.

Both metrics are measured on a numerical scale ranging from 0 to 100. The more they approach the maximum value, the better the ranking of a website in Ahrefs and greater authority also their ranking and relevance before Google.

This is a great method to know which domains actually have quality on the Internet. They are that you should pursue contacts and focus your backlinks strategy, they will gradually pulling your site to the first pages of search engines.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts can help you get backlinks

The Google Alerts is another tool you can use to help in its strategy of acquiring links for your blog or business website. It basically detects content, words and terms written by users on the Internet and sends alert messages to you when issues that are relevant to your company are listed on the network.

Imagine a situation where any site mentioned the name of your blog or your brand a content or a social network. But for some reason, did not make a linking to your page.

He realized the opportunity that you have on hand to contact with the source of comment and ask for the inclusion of a link in the content pointing directly to your site?

You may end up getting valuable backlinks that way. Of course you do not have to rush out desperately behind any mention of your blog on the internet. After all, you do not want to show up and not be linked to sites that are not speaking well of your business to visitors.

Look also search the relevance and authority of the fields you encounter. Get a sense of traffic and quality of content they offer also gives an idea of ​​how profitable can the opportunity to get a backlink.


Use the Pitchbox to automate your backlinks contacts
The Pitchbox is not just a tool for you to get backlinks. It also does not serve much to investigate the profile backlinks a website or have a more detailed view of authority metrics, relevance and organic traffic.

So why it appears as a tool tip for use in your backlinks acquisition strategy? Simple: Pitchbox is a planning tool and automation of e-mails that allows contact and negotiate with multiple sites at once.

So, you create a dynamic relationship with these contacts and know they are interested in receiving their contents. Exchange guests posts from your blog and accept advertorials touting the products of your company or shop.

Monitor and investigate your backlinks with Pitchbox tool
In Pitchbox, you have the freedom to enter contact lists created by yourself. Or use the search field of the tool itself to find these contacts. All you need to enter are business keywords with which you want to relate.

A Pitchbox differential is that it allows you to monitor in real time the links you’ve gotten. It is a way to ensure that all their work is not being in vain.

So if you find any link that has failed to reference your blog, just reconnect and kindly ask for the link correction.

Backlinks are the secret to you take off on Google


No way: if you want your blog, company website or virtual store is at the top of the search engines, you must need backlinks to become a reference on the internet.

The process of acquiring quality links to your website is quite ingenious. And the results do not usually appear just then, but only in the medium and long term.

Still, you will see that all the commitment and effort will be worth it!  

Go in search of its authority and relevance in the network. What you waiting for to plan and create a strategy of backlinks towards the first Google position today?