Videos on Twitter: Why use and 13 types of videos that you must post to be a winner on the platform

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In social networks or specialist Godfried Bogaard , it said ” in the past, you were or had. Now, you are or share . “

And you want to have a successful business, so accurate choosing or public networks and shares in social ones with a lot of care. Especially not Twitter, one of the most important networks for all those who wish to leverage their Internet Business.

Knew that, for example, second or last report gives HubSpot , a Twitter users each with three recognize using a platform to discover New Products?

And it’s not only that, 4 out of 5 Twitter users go to follow brands and companies and 67% had two claim customers who buy Products that prefer brands that social network follow NESTA. Even 79% are more willing to recommend brands that follow in the microblogging social network .

All that cool, More … as you can do your business that has one more in highlights social network with more millions of actives 320 users per month and published more million 500 tweets per day?

In fact, you can start by optimizing your profile , raising a publication’s calendar , moving to when publishing , increasing frequency of tweets , interacting with influencers and using anonnces given platform.

But, something else you specify Do you want to be front of the latest trends and will stand out from the immense amount of brands and companies that there in the social Network: giving or leap or video marketing on Twitter , or in other words, you transform videos Twitter in one of your essential part strategy marketing of Contents .

Wanted to know  why do you have to open the portal for video marketing on Twitter, like posting videos in your which are the platform and 13 types of essential content to have success with your audiovisual content? I’ll get you on count 3, 2, 1 …

Do marketing video that on Twitter?

Or rather Saying, why not post videos not Twitter?

Sers of Twitter love you videos , mainly those that connect from your mobile devices (only the detail, 90% two Twitter videos are not seen in cell .

Even more: 82% had two Contents watch audiovisual Users on Twitter and not only that: tweets Contains videos GERAM more engagement . Therefore …

I do not Twitter videos GERAM 2.5 answers times more, more often 2.8 1.9 retweets and favorites times more.

Is or is not a good point starting to start to grow using videos you do blue bird gives platform?

Of course, video marketing is very good and useful to give visibility, position, promote and sell a product, service, brand or your company in digital strategy, besides being an excellent option to achieve you defined objectives you have .

On the other hand, 80% two users have one more souvenirs brand product or when they already watched some two their videos .

So by displaying numbers or Twitter did not want to be behind in their competitors years direct relationship to Facebook and YouTube and wanted to bet with force in video marketing .

In fact, or Twitter has always encouraged or used of videos on its platform. He did it with or Vine, an iPhone application that allows videos to raise short six seconds, acquired in social network by 2012.

The Periscope made to same. Try it a tool of ownership of that counts on more Twitter 10 million of users and allows live stream videos from any part of the world

Now or Twitter wanted to give an extra step, so youtube or Facebook and, and bet us videos natives , who come with 3 news that I make a more interesting option to do that:

  • Raising Promotional Videos
  • Have a own channel for videos to play
  • Use the functionallity embedding , so sers may not include their transmissions on other Twitter sites without the depend on dependencies or Youtube Vimeo.

In fact, you natives Twitter videos get a higher rate of Interaction exceeding up to 216% videos posted from other platforms of with an agreed report gives SocialBakers .

In the team, only 31% two videos the brands publish in the native are Twitter , but I themselves achieve 67% overall engagement of the two audiovisual content published in this social network.

Another particularity: the videos do not Twitter must have a maximum duration 2 minutes and 20 seconds. And think it’s a little time you See this graph drawn strips Wistia , which demonstrates precisely that you short videos better OPERATION:


But as you can do your own Twitter and throw in the videos or Biggest advantage of this functionallity? Let’s see that now!

Uploading videos or not Twitter easily and quickly, one without be expert

In place videos Twitter is relatively easy, and the best thing is that you can make a using both computer and cellular hair or tablet.

It is so easy to write a tweet: click on the option load image , where it will appear video option, so in the image below as shown:


You have several options to uPAR your videos on Twitter:

  • By a hand, you can video import one or your iPhone and iPad computer ATE one, in the same way an image attached to you a tweet.
  • On the other hand, you can tax and directly upload video from your phone using either the Twitter App for iPhone or Android (to tax, you only need to press the video button to start when recording and drop when you want to stop). You most want to add clips , press the button again and release when you want to finish.
  • Finally, you can make a live broadcast via Periscope (live videos will not have Duration limit).

Also, or Twitter gives you the ability to edit videos (or the various clips that you yourself places in the video) to be larger not that you do two minutes and 20 seconds duration delimited by the platform. Thus, you guarantor is complying with all requirements.

Even you can edit clips , trim and drag to move to order that satisfied stay up with or result, and then be ready to publish or video.

An eleven or tweet has been published, or video will automatically give voice when its audience. See or tweet , In that form, it gets you much more Call to attention and facilates viralization.

Want more information about the uPAR and post videos on Twitter, you may not give a peek center assist from Twitter .

Extra Tip : Take into account the formats. Size should not exceed 512 MB. On the other hand, resolution is the minimum of 32 × 32 px and the maximum is 1900 × 1200, all with, at maximum, 40 frames per second .

And, importantly, when we talk videos and etc, it’s not that “Vale Tudo”.  Success of your large part depends on the type of video you published. So, to give a little help you START to Share on Twitter videos, we’ll show 13 videos alternatives include you in your precise social media strategy .

One thing is certain: good part of your success will depend on two types of videos you published on Twitter, so, we give a look at the best options:

13 kinds of videos you have to publish on Twitter to seduce your audience

Video presentation

You can raise a video of your company profile for SUA present Company of an innovative and attractive form. Use few words and be quite visual so that you know your customers and business inside by FORA. It’s an excellent wine presentation to attract customers on Twitter ! Even you can leave or tweet on the sixed upper part of your channel.

Reply tweets

Inves By answering tweets with the classic 140 characters, from time to time, you can video using leave your most attractive, personalized and most most visual messages In addition, you and even more achieves interactions.

The Internet guru Gary Vaynerchuk , for example, made a video 3 seconds to answer one of his 1.3 million followers, something that really gave a personal tone to the answer:

Sessions of questions and answers

A raising video to answer two ace followers their questions is a great way to connect with them, raising more trust and increasing interaction rate. The ideal and that you START to promote with a sufficient anticipation event. And Moreover, is you raise a hashtag specific to your public use When do the consultations, even better.

The classic youtuber Kenro (in English)   is a many two users of tweeted that harness this resource:

“I’ll do one by answering your video questions. USEM to hashtag #AskKenro (I.e.

Videos of entertainment

Or video and the ideal place to raise Contents of entertainment option. Sers They love, and, fact, have increasingly more brands (and not only large as) that bet on it to be promoted and improve their Images.

Coca-Cola Brazil, for example, took advantage of Paralympic moment, two Games for raising related tweets. One such simple action this can help you to improve or engagement and make your tweet that becomes viral.

capture moments

It is a great way to show your spontaneous moments or to the audience to do with your public participation that something incredible that just happened. This will not generate too much engagement, but there are also great chances that or your viralize content.

Or tutorials educational videos

People Adore you Contents that Educate, add value and show you something new Do. In this sense, I 2.20 minutes or Twitter gives maximum are most of the time than enough to show how anything in doing tutorial format.

Or New York Times, for example, has a Twitter account specifically dedicated to food, where they share recipes using native video platform gives.


Advertising videos

Create videos announcing your Products or services are creative, Short and fun for Call your audience attention. Only you will not get more views, more will also make more users know that your proposals and, additionally, when their products show only attractive increases the chances of getting more bands.


Making a video of the pre-launch or expectation Gere is one of the best self-promotion strategies to implement you may not Twitter, that this is already going to do your that speak hearing or subject matter.

The Netflix , for example, always published teasers of the new openings and seasons, if the series  Black Mirror:

Global Trends

Do not you enjoy a trending topic and a video? So, when you are touring your timelines , they will power your attendance to reach video and you will more people. Simple, and super – efficient!


Leave it or public your See happens to us or racks is one of the best video marketing strategies, since that increases confidence and your Users will be more to your Trust and mark.

Testimonials and / or Member Videos

I included with Testimonials two customers and of satisfied with your service or product Users Videos , including speaking about your company Short and fun way. You’ll further generate better engagement and brand image.

You can also do the GoPro , which shares images and their videos raised hairs followers and the Posts MARK-in. This will stimulate your public to continue sharing Content where Quote the brand, or generate more engagement:

Videos of Animation

I animated videos very well OPERATION for attracting traffic and your website visits , mainly using you-advantages to highlight the competitive product or your service.

Retransmissions via Periscope

Make video streaming using Periscope directly from cell your prune to or push that your business is accurate. Sers love videos will live and, in addition, you content offer interesting, or number of followers will improve, so the Interactions, engagement and Image brand.

The English Court , one of the largest World leaders of large warehouses, incorporated retransmissions to Periscope to its via social media strategy, in this case, which demonstrates in or parade Emidio Tucci live:

“Live or #EmidioTucci parade with your P / V 2017 collection …”

Prune something useful to run your strategy videos do not raise is a Twitter calendar with all you will publish videos. And, you want to save time, prune schedule your tweets with Postcron , and still get recommendations from Contents on or publish on the platform .

In addition, it is Postcron tweets or only programmer that allows its schedule and publish posts as native Posts in the platform Ale give your accessibility statistics two ace tweets.

This is precisely one of the most important points: measuring you results. So, never let it follow everything you’ve posted, so the Interactions that generates each video , also the usual tweets, everything to know what is of interest two users, which is the best time to post and which actions should be potentiated or minimized.

You can do this using Twitter Analytics or other tools use Twitonomy , audiense or

Well, you already know that video marketing should do on Twitter and what types of videos to publish accurate, will you start to plan your strategy videos do not Twitter?

Or do you think do not use Twitter videos? Have you posted any to your company account yet? Account for people or think of this new alternative to make your business even more profitable!

This is you found interesting article, Share in all your social contacts different networks so that they also can take advantage of or of the video marketing(I.e.