Videos on Facebook Live: how to make live videos step by step and 7 tips to make them a success within your social media strategy

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  • Step 2: Once there you will see several options, including live video’ . Check to start setting up your Facebook Live transmission.


  • Step 3: Next, your camera will be activatedcan choose if you want front or rear camera and even go combinándolas- . Please note that videos on Facebook Live can be transmitted both vertically and horizontally so decide before anything like want to be seen.

  • Step 4: At the same time, select a description for your video and set privacy optionsto reach as many people as possible is recommended that you set privacy as “public” -.


  • Step 5: When you have chosen the privacy and description of your video, it’s time to broadcast live without time limit.

  • Step 6: Once you’re live, a notification is sent to those followers who have subscribed to your videos to Facebook Live advising them that are broadcast in streaming . The top of the screen will show viewers the live video and the lower half will show notifications with feedback and number of viewers who are watching your video and interactions general. More or less something where you can also see how shows  interactions on Facebook Live :


  • Step 7: Once you finish your video click Finish . At that time, Facebook will give you some statistics about your video and if your recording lasted less than 90 minutes will ask if you want to save a copy on your reelto broadcast your video on other channels social Media- or if you want to load a version high resolution on your Facebook account (this option highly recommended especially if you want to create content evergreen that is always available for your fans) .

  • Step 8: Just as detail, if you decide to save your videos on Facebook will be available at any time so that your audience can see them , and users who consume the material later can also comment and move to your Facebook feed with which video scope will be higher and at the same time the video will have a longer life .

Now, what kind of content can broadcast live? Here are some ideas, but you can always use the recommender Postcron content :


And although everything is a matter of starting and practice, the fact is that there are certain tips that can give important advantages when making your live broadcasts. Here we share some of the most interesting.

7 tips to squeeze the most of your videos on Facebook Live

1. Integrate your broadcasts live on your Facebook strategy

Do not make the mistake of believing that create videos on Facebook Live is enough but ideally you should take the time to design a strategy videos live on the platform .

To do so take your time to find out what you want to convey in each of your videos and how you want to do, and especially ten clear objective of each live broadcast .

Just as it is advisable to schedule your posts on Facebook , it is the best thing in the case of the videos you elaborate alive a calendar  to know what to publish, how and when and so plan ahead better and achieve your goals more effectively.

Ideally , you’re creative, you offer variety of content and this is of value and above all to be creative and transmit regularly.

A company that does very well is VirtualiaNet , Academy of the New Professions on the Internet, in their Facebook page every week made several live broadcasts providing super valuable content that helps you connect with your audience .

Here are some examples that can serve as inspiration:


2. Take care of the technical aspects

Think nobody wants to watch a live stream unstable , suffering interruptions , you have a bad light or not heard correctly.

Therefore it is very important to look after the technical aspects and make sure that your videos to Facebook Live look and listen properly.

If you have connection problems at some point try to find as quickly as possible a place with better signal because although the connection is interrupted application will automatically reconnect when you have a greater signal reception .

3. Write an effective description

It may sound too obvious but choosing a good title or description can make a difference for someone who is deciding whether to invest time in watching your broadcast or not.

Think that once the video is so it will remain available complete bet for a short text, concise and direct it attractive, invite action and fits the personality of your brand.

Consultant and business coach, marketing and Internet sales Sebastian Saldarriaga always choose titles that invite see the video:


4. Choose the right time for your videos live on Facebook

As with other publications you do on Facebook, schedule your videos live is a key factor so it is best that you make sure to broadcast live when your audience is connected .

To find out what are the best times to post can review statistics Facebook and see what time were more successful your publications and on what schedule your followers are online .

5. Promote your next videos on Facebook Live

The more you promote and advertise an event, the better it gets . Or at least, more people will know you are going to broadcast live and therefore more likely to succeed . In addition, forecasting is essential for people to set aside that time and try to organize to be present in the live broadcast.

In this sense, the brands that leverage to promote, advertise and promote their upcoming display Facebook Live broadcasts tend to get larger audience than those who do not .

Honestly, if you promote your upcoming videos were not effective, do you think that Mark Zuckerberg would? 😉


6. Provides value, be generous and fun

When you start to record live, your followers will receive a notification for transmission. And for them to stay until the end ‘ll have to captivate and seduce, and that you will succeed if you are generous with the information that you transmit and you contribute value .

Furthermore, it is essential not take it as an obligation but as an opportunity to connect with your audience and let them know you’re there and have fun, learn and constantly pay attention to comments from your audience in order to respond.

7. Connect with your fans

One of the great advantages of live videos is that they allow you to relate more closely with your audience so used to generate a dialogue and interact with your fans .

For example, reserve a section of questions and answers so they can move you your questions or opinions, greets them by name to whom you are seeing and encourage them to participate . That way everyone will be part of your experience.

In addition, do not forget to ask your viewers at any time of issuance to subscribe to your Facebook Live broadcasts by clicking on the right corner of the video. Thus, they will be notified every time you make a live broadcast and will increase the number of viewers and the engagement . Just do  not beg to subscribe but you have to present it as a benefit to your audience .


And although the universe of Facebook Live is immense and has not just begun, it is certain that after reading this far and have enough to begin implementing this new functionality within your information Facebook social media strategy .

What do you think the tool videos on Facebook Live? Have you ever heard of it? Did you used or else you plan to do? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

And of course, feel free to share this article with all the people you think may interest them . Clearly it not appears as above the feed newswire as live videos but certainly more than one contact information thank you😉

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