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Earlier this year the Conpass conducted a survey of people linked to startups and technology companies to measure the perception of these professionals regarding user onboarding.

At the time, they were extracted insights and perceptions about the concept of user onboarding is seen in the market. It was clear that even the most skilled users (digital natives and people with proximity to technology) find it difficult to access a software who do not know.

One of the main data shows that 73% of users leave software in 5 minutes if you do not understand or realize value in the product. André Denófrio, CEO of Ontrack, comments not lose more than one minute in a system where you can not perform an action or information that detract from the value proposition presented on Google.

User onboarding - Graphical

Value offer

Not understand their own value proposition is a major problem of web software companies. Ivan Biava, CEO of Conpass realizes that many companies begin their sales process and marketing investments without understanding what your value proposition. What actually deliver value to its customers.

Direct way value proposition is the benefit delivered by a product to the customer. But what does all this have to do as user onboarding?

The user onboarding begins in Google search

The user onboarding and experience that you have with your software starts when he does a Google search for a product that will, in theory, solve his problem.

For example, say you know it has problems in managing their financial. Google and Excel spreadsheets give no more account of demand. So the first step, naturally, is to go to Google or another search engine, and look something like: “finance manager for companies.”

With this search you have access to different companies that also bring different value propositions. You can find proposals focusing on price, performance, reports, monitoring reports via mobile, etc.

In other words, there are different proposals for different pains. Say to your needs that most fits is a tool that promises to be fast , with affordable, efficient support in Portuguese and trial 14 days .

In making that decision is natural click on the ad and access the product. And it is here that the process of user onboarding has a key role. With the value proposition in mind, you access the company website. But can not find the same information in the ad. That is, there the first friction.

All friction caused in the customer journey is considered failure user onboarding. Long forms, disjointed information, password limiters, etc. There are several ways to remove a prospect of a product.

But as we do not want it you need to avoid friction and focus on motivating . That is, if you tell Google what your value proposition is to have an affordable, do an analysis with your competitors and evaluate if your fact value is available.

Also, avoid unnecessary friction in access to the product. The WebCEO, for example, states in the Google search is a complete tool for SEO analysis ( search engine optimization ) and enter the site you have access to a 14 – day trial; without registering the credit card. Motivator . That is, if my pain is related to SEO, to access the platform can test the various integrated tools and do not need anything more than email.

If you led your client without friction or with a minimum of them to your product, you can now not disappoint you.

The user onboarding the product

User onboarding - integrated store

“Hello! I am Renata Integrated Shop and will help you create your online store with a few clicks and present the platform. Bora there ?! \O/”

Every new user to enter the Integrated Shop, one of the largest platforms e-commerce in the country, are greeted with this message. That is, the customer comes from Google and reaches the product always aligned value proposition : ” Create Now your Free Online Store and start Selling Online Today! “.

Soon, no doubt to the user, he continues on his journey focused on creating a virtual store . This is the desired result of it; and is where the wizard user onboarding will guide you. This initial process is the time that the user has the clarity that the product will deliver what he seeks.

In short, to understand the entire customer journey, its value proposition and how the information is arranged in each step of the process are part of the context of the user onboarding and how your company delivers success for their clients.

This article was produced by Conpass, a company specializing in user onboarding software companies to improve the user experience guiding you step by step.