Twitter Cards: how to use cards to go beyond 140 characters

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Did you know that a tweet can carry in your content, more than a tweet?

Among the various challenges for those who manage a profile on that network, one of the key is to get the message across in the best possible way using fewer characters. Another is to get the audience’s attention in a social network highly competitive.

A simple hack that Twitter offers you improve the content of their tweets, making them more attractive, authentic and complete, is called Twitter Cards.

In this post, we’ll explore the concept, types, application examples, how to setup and how to measure the results of Twitter cards so that your company pass a differentiated experience to their followers. Come on!

What are Twitter Cards

If you have a profile on Twitter and uses social networking, personal or professional, there is a good chance you have seen a card in a tweet.

An embedded video on youtube directly in the feed, a downloadable application or a link card with short, like the links of Facebook, are examples of good common cards on the network.

Summing up the concept, Twitter Cards are cards that carry extra information about a particular tweet and are shown to the public in its network, without requiring the user exits Twitter to find out what really is this link. A powerful tool especially for users who are using the Twitter mobile application, where the tendency to leave the app to access another page is significantly lower than in the browser.

For example, you can subscribe to a newsletter, watch a video, view a photo or download an application without leaving Twitter, which facilitates (a lot!) Navigation.

To make it clearer, we will explore in the next section various options of Twitter Cards that can be used for different purposes. And further, we will also show how you can incorporate the cards on your website.

Card types and practical examples of use

use of the possibilities of Twitter cards are well diversified. The use of these cards may work for different purposes, and each company can take advantage of a different form, simply apply to the reality of your business.

There are 5 types of Cards that can help your company get better results within Twitter.

1. Summary Card

The summary cards (summary cards) are the most common Twitter. It is an ideal card for blog posts because it shows a box with title, description and a featured picture.

With this card you can put significantly more information than 140 characters. It is a device used to increase the CTR, since it set up correctly. It is the standard card that currently use in the Digital blog results.

  • Headline: Up to 70 characters
  • Description: up to 200 characters
  • Image: at least 120 × 120 pixels and a maximum of 1MB

twitter cards - summary

2. summary card with big picture

Just like the above option, the summary card with big picture provides valuable information to the reader.

Basically the crucial difference that card from the previous is that in this case the image appears larger on the card. As you can see in the example below.

  • Headline: Up to 70 characters
  • Description: up to 200 characters
  • Image: at least 280 × 150 pixels and a maximum of 1MB

3. Application Card

If you own an application, you can use the App Card Twitter to encourage his followers to lower their software. The card is designed to eliminate the step where you need to go to an external link can download. Very useful especially for mobile applications.

The application card shows a title, a description, an icon and attributes such as price and rating. It is noteworthy that, to configure this card, it is necessary that your application is available on the App Store or Google Play. Then, whenever you post a link to download your application, the card automatically will be attached to the tweet.

spotify download twitter card

4. Card player

A player card enables a tweet play videos and audios in the tweet itself. This card is ideal for multimedia information. Platforms such as Youtube, Vine, Vimeo and Soundcloud are already integrated with Twitter Cards. So you do not have to do anything extra, just paste the link next to the tweet so that the player appears ready to play.

With this card, the followers can get a preview and play the contents with a single click without leaving the network.

the stones rolling twitter card

5. Lead Generation Card

If the focus of your business is the generation of Leads , there is a specific card on Twitter for this action. Add this card in your tweets allows his followers express interest in your business without filling out a form Twitter.

When the tweet is expanded, the user views an offer and call-to-action . Clicking on the CTA, the name, the account and the user ‘s email is already automatically filled. Thus, with a single click the user can become a Lead.

  • Headline: Up to 50 characters
  • Call to action: up to 20 characters
  • thank you message (optional): Up to 100 characters
  • Picture: minimum of 800 × 200 pixels, 4: 1 ratio and maximum 3MB

twitter cards - generate leads

How to set up the twitter cards on your website

Now that we have explained the concept and the various options to make their cards more attractive tweets, let’s talk about how you can install these cards on your website.

First, you must choose which card you will use in your strategy. Each card has a particularity in relation to its configuration. Come on.


There are two ways to configure the summary cards to your site. If you want to implement manually in code to your site, there is a complete document Twitter explaining how the procedure should be done.

Basically, what should be done is to add a tag in the HTML Head section of the page. Like for example:

<Meta name = “twitter: card” content = “summary” />

For convenience, twitter cards have integration with various types of CMS’s such as WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr. In WordPress, which is used by CMS Digital results, there are 3 plugins that easily solve this process.

PS: By default, posts on Blogger and Tumblr already have corporate cards.

Important: Do not forget to validate the cards!

Having made of the above steps, you need to confirm and validate the card. This action is quite simple, all you need to do is access .

Once you access the validation link, you will enter the main domain of your site or blog, click validate and check. You can do this also for your future posts to pre-visualize how they will be shared.


The cards applications are configured automatically since your app is or the App Store or Google Play. No need for extra configuration because all information is imported from the store by Twitter.

This allows even that tweets of other users with the download link for your app to be shared with the card.


The Card Player Twitter needs a slightly more advanced configuration. Of course this only occurs if the platform you use has not yet been built and approved by Twitter, which directly excludes Youtube, SoundCloud, Vine, Vimeo and others.

As the Twitter documentation, to enable the player cards, you need to follow the package Started Twitter Card , which includes the following steps:

  • Unzip the content in a way accessible to the public on its website;
  • Open the index.html file and verify that the values ​​twitter: image, twitter: player and twitter: player: stream link to your site server and file;
  • Make sure all paths are specified as secure (https: //);
  • Test your URL (see section Testing your card ).


As the player card, the lead generation card also needs additional step configuration.

To set up, you need to use the platform of Twitter Ads. Go to the Campaigns tab, then the Create New button and select the Campaign Leads option on Twitter.

You will need to set a public and budget for this ad. More details on page Twitter solutions for Lead Generation .

How to measure the results of cards

Once you know what they are and incorporate the cards properly for your business, the job is terminated. Right? Wrong!

Another task for who manages social networks is to make analysis and measuring results. In this case, it is quite interesting to measure the impact that the cards are having in their publications.

To start measuring the results, go to the Ads tab in the Twitter settings. In this tab, you will see a series of statistics on their cards.

But the most interesting is in Card or Card Types Types. In this part of the statistics, you can get a comparison of the rate of clicks of your tweets (on their cards you use) to the rate of overall clicks. Also consider which card is generating better results for your business.


The cards Twitter give you the opportunity to stand out in the midst of a social network as crowded. Is to sell a product, generate Leads, or increase the CTR of your tweets is a way to achieve better results in their marketing strategy on Twitter.

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Is that you? Already use the cards Twitter? Share in the comments what your experience and your questions!