Twitter Analytics: how to use the tool and analyze the statistics of a profile

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You know how Twitter Analytics tool can help your business stand out on that channel, and fall, give some important insights about your audience?

Like any channel Digital Marketing , applies not only to promote, you need to measure the data to understand the results of the operation.

Twitter is no different. And that’s what we talk about in this post.

The social network turned fever in Brazil at the time of its release. However, since 2013 the number of users has decreased, according to the website Statista .

Since the survey Content Trends 2016 , the microblogging has lost adhesion between companies, ranging from 2nd to 5th place in the ranking of social networks most used by businesses. Among users in general, is the 8th most used social network in the country.

Despite this loss of active users, Twitter is still a good option for companies that want to generate qualified and Leads traffic in addition to interact directly with the public – you can see more information on post 7 reasons still worth using Twitter as marketing tool.

Twitter Analytics: what it is and what it does?

Twitter Analytics is a free tool provided by Twitter for analysis . Like any other digital marketing channel if you publish content or campaigns on Twitter, you need to analyze the results to measure whether the investment is paying off.

Shares of his company and his followers are measured in Twitter form a rich database. You can use it to have insights that allow us to understand your audience and target your strategy.

Using Twitter Analytics tools you can understand what works, what does not and how to best take advantage of this social network for your business.

Basically, we can summarize the benefits of a review in five points:

  1. Getting to know your audience
  2. Understand what kind of content your audience likes more
  3. Discover the best posts schedules
  4. Analyze if the ads are delivering results

Now that we talk about Twitter and why an analysis that social network is necessary, it’s time to talk metrics.

What metrics Twitter Analytics shows?

Like any other channel, Twitter is full of metrics . You have to understand what they are and determine what really will make a difference in an analysis.

Some of the key metrics that Twitter Analytics shows are:

Metrics homepage

  • Tweets: total posts your profile posted on Twitter;
  • Impressions: how many times your tweets have been viewed by users;
  • Profile: how many visits your profile had in the last month;
  • Information: how many times your profile has been mentioned by Twitter users;
  • Followers: how many followers you have and how many new followers profile gained in the last month;
  • Prominent tweet: tweet which won more impressions in a given month;
  • Prominent mention: the tweet more impressions in another Twitter user mentions your username;
  • Prominent follower: his follower with the largest number of followers. This data shows an influencer and potential partner for your business.

Metrics by tweet

  • Impressions: Number of times users saw the tweet;
  • Commitments: total number of times a user interacted with a tweet. This includes all clicks anywhere in the tweet (like hashtags, links, avatar, username and expansion of the tweet), retweets, replies, followers and favorites;
  • Participation fee: number of engagements (clicks, retweets, replies, followers and favorites) divided by the total number of prints;
  • Clicks on Link: number of times people clicked on the link shared with the tweet;
  • Retweets: number of times people have shared (or, in the language of the social network, retweetaram) tweet;
  • Favorites: number of times people Favorite (equivalent to enjoy) the tweet.

Twitter Analytics: Overview about the review dashboard

To make the first analysis, access the address or click on the icon of your profile at the top of the page, and statistics.

twitter analytics

Home page

This is the overview of your Twitter report , which includes detailed statistics tracked every month.

Moreover, this part is a kind of “gallery of his greatest hits” . In this tab, Twitter Tweets highlights your best performing and show who influences your network.

Here quite large data such as:

  • Tweets
  • Impressions of the tweets
  • Profile
  • mentions
  • Followers

twitter analytics


This tab shows a general graph of how many impressions the tweets had in the last 28 days (or such other date you choose). The blue bar shows the impressions and gray shows the number of tweets.

In the right corner, a summary with an average of how many impressions your profile had a day. It is an interesting fact to consider broadly as is the reach of your profile.

Below the tweet activity panel, you can find more details, such as data impressions , engagement and participation rate of all tweets published in the pre-defined date. The tabs are:

  • Tweets
  • Featured Tweets
  • Tweets and replies
  • promoted

twitter analytics

In the lower right corner there is another highlight, showing data engagement . In this part, you can see a daily rate of participation and average clicks on the link, retweets, favorites and answers.

Export Twitter Analytics data

You can also export the Twitter Analytics data to a CSV file.

When you open the data in Excel or Google Sheets you can cross-reference information and detail in depth the desired data.

To do this, click Export on the top right of the dashboard. Automatically, a CSV file will be downloaded to your computer.

twitter analytics


The panel public data  contains important information about the people who follow you on Twitter. You can follow the rise (or fall) of his followers over time and find out about their interests and demographics.

The public tab also provides a comparison with personalized public and total Twitter audience.

Some more detailed information to the panel offers are:

  • Demographics: gender, language, age, country, region;
  • Lifestyle: interests, TV genres;
  • Data on use of mobile devices: wireless network operator, device categories.

twitter analytics


This analysis tab shows what the holidays, movies, sports and events in general being Twittered.

It is an interesting sight and can yield good insights for you to create content and campaigns related to these events.

The overview is as follows:

twitter analytics

Clicking on the event, a new screen appears with information such as gender, age, major countries and devices of users who are talking about the chosen event.


In the “More” tab, there are a few extra reports that you can use within Twitter. Are they:

  • Videos: similar report to the “tweets”, but focused only on published videos;
  • Application Manager: here you can create application deals mobile.
  • Conversion tracking: here you can set up a website universal tag to track conversions with details of your website. Twitter itself offer a tutorial of how to create and install the tag.

Analyze traffic and conversions Twitter Analytics and RD Station

Twitter Analytics provides many important data for you to understand your audience. However, if you use Twitter to generate traffic and Leads, it is important to combine this analysis with other tools to have a broader view of how is the performance of your strategy.

In this topic, let’s talk about how to track this data on two tools: Google Analytics and RD Station.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides in-depth analysis of all traffic generated via Twitter.

The simplest way to verify that data is tab Acquisition . In this tab, you can see all channels that generate traffic to your site, including the social channel.

social analysis on google analytics

Click Social to have a more detailed view of the data and traffic from each social network separately. Find Twitter and see how much traffic your site received via Twitter.

To drill down further, look for secondary dimension and type Landing page in the search.

This will show which pages were accessed through a link on Twitter.

google analytics

In the RD Station

The RD Station monitors conversions that originated in tweets scheduled by the tool.

This works as follows: every time a tweet is shared via RD Station, a parameter is inserted around shared link that tweet. This parameter is the rdst_srcid (rd station source id). It does not change your page, it is only to monitor traffic.

With this, you can view the screen results posting the following results:

  • favorites
  • retweets
  • conversions

In addition to counting conversion by post on results screen functionality posts on social media , can also give rise to conversion of the Lead activities , as shown below:

rd station

To learn more read this article Help Center RD Station.

Twitter, despite having been dropped at the hearing, remains an important channel for generating business. Thus, it is worth analyzing the data coming from this channel and understand the impact that social networking is having on their digital marketing strategy.

Finally, we ask: your company uses Twitter as a marketing tool? Leave your comment below!

And to continue the studies, be sure to download our free eBook Introduction to Management of Social Networks , a guide on how to define a strategy for your company and learn how to generate results with social media.