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As always, I will be completely honest:

All information about Sizes and Dimensions layer for social networks , including backgrounds, profile picture, etc., have already changed many times that another month infographics that were ready for 2014 were outdated.

In November 2013, or Google Plus its Lancou last modified , and in January 2014 or Twitter homepage changed or design gives two users. Even at this moment, I am prepared by your team, a new surprise for everyone. Therefore, I can not use in its entirety this infographic, which was of such help for many.

From this article The target is not only to give given cold on measures or Dimensions layer, but also with help-Practical advice to optimize your brand strategy, improving this image in social networks. Voracious competition and social media in, and not wasting opportunity attract no new public Prune. Sers exposed to every minute a lot of information is by this to print First that must pass a brand needs to be shocking and compelling in just seconds. Do you want to be avoided as you all errors que companies commenting on social networks, do not let read of this article.

Now, I’ll introduce all voices that collected information with the Sizes and Dimensions of social media Images for February 2014 to complement were already the infographics that effect.


1- Layouts of Twitter Layer 2014 (+ tips!)

Twitter , or restless plus two ‘Back Street Boys’, announced on January 13, 2014 of this using tweet (of course, could not be otherwise), the new appearance homepage gives two users .

Before it was so:



Now it ‘s like this:


It’s good to clarify that only 1% two users are being able to see this change in their accounts, no doubt at this point, many may already enjoy new design.

The image of the left profile photo of the continuous Being side to same, só that Show now with or cover with … –


The surprise than or TWITTER being prepared:

As it all was little, in these days are will set last details of the new aesthetics of Twitter profile , proposing a 360 ° turn, Dimensions that MACIF away from the structure that distinguished this platform and that clearly or will do much (VERY) like with or Facebook .

Or do you think so?

new-twitter-profile larger phjotos


Twitter Redesign of this (which is phase proof in), will propose a header with size 1500 x 1500 px , exceeding 1252 x 626 px I of the current design still follows that force. They have not yet published the new measures , so they are expected to do the official announcement.

The this intention change approaching along Gives homepage with or and other que were launched in 2013 , is too give more RELEVANCE images and the buttons to approximate sers of has a similar experience to que using two mobile devices . Precisely this year in May, or Twitter has alsooptimized navigation for Android and iOS devices , resulting now simpler to see, and Tweet Share.


Now, Layer Dimensions of Twitter

Infographic of Onlinecircle

  • Profile

The size of the profile picture Prune be up to 200 x 200px , more or that will be 73 x 73 px.

The image of the Header Prune Although up to 5MB , with a maximum size of 1252 x 626 px.



  • background:



  • InStream Image:

The size of the preview image is now also different , and the larger ones just made it necessary not to leave the view-stream for the . More about Everything, this change is primarily aimed at rendering more easy to optimize of Campaigns of communication of the brands using the storytelling , the new Tendency in marketing content: use videos or Images to tell a story I approach of the public its, without falling common in the TV spot advertising. For example:



– The size Gives image Twitter to or in-stream, should be of 440 x 220 px , centered vertically, and prune Will Not Exceed 3 MB . – It wants that to which show image of the preview preview Be the same as original , should not overcome the folowing sizes: 1024 x 512 .




  • Participation: gets 94% more retweets:

A second study by Dan Zarella, Images publishes that of using, plus gets 94% to retweets , and is also the unique way using which works or “autoexpand”.


  • Use Twitalyzer tools , or to check and track which types of tweets and Contents have been most retweeted. Why? Please note the following Tip:


  • Sers respond 40% more to content with Images that content “Plan” therefore, pull advantageof all’re Avancos that the platforms toast the brands or professionals, using Its more “marketinable interfaces ” and do not think twice before use tools to edit Images like Pixlr or Piktochart , for infographics and turn the most attractive shares he says . Need to be in an expert design to raise one!


  • The link an image occupies approximately 26 a tweet characters, and there are still available 114; Remember-know or concise and Curt works best. Second a Postcron , using which you from Prune your breeding and schedule tweets using, for example, to functionallity A gendamento in Lot that lets you in a few minutes by a schedule sheet, content is an entire month!


  • I suggest different tools that will allow you to customize your background for getting a professional aesthetic on Twitter:




2- Dimensions Google+ layer 2014 and other important things

As we said well at the beginning of this article in November 2013 this social network decided to give a turn its image layer and optimize it – demand two users, very well they did not accept the immense previous image.

For those who do not remember how it was … Here, or “before”:





  • Cap:

The new layer maintains or aspect ratio 16: 9 , more or less is very is shows. You should have already seen the users, we did not have to manually some Make modification need , however there are no details that can optimize, and for that, they are Dimensions as specified here:


-The maximum size of the image pinch layer be 2120 x 1192 px

– Minimum size of image of layer not pinch be less than 480 x 270 px

– The size of the profile picture continuous Being 250 x 250 px .


Infographic of: Infinpixels



Still, that G + use responsive design and the images automatically ADAPTEM to different devices, to ensure at maximum quality in its appearance in fabrics, tablets or smartphones, is also suggested public-the with a size that no lower is 920 x 250 px, nor higher than 1080 x 608 px, of cONTRARY, some information will be lost.


Here we like em in Android and iOS looks:


Optimize Need you an image to your brand your or for professional profile, we recommend you use the 1080 x 608 px resolution while keeping it in the most important important part . Here, c ompartilho with you an article which may not appreciate the Difference second resolution of each monitor . Even so, you can also download an editable template in photoshop: ARTICLE




  • Feed (= newswire, or timeline stream) section:

G + modified Notstartup 2013, or its layout page for turns-visual more, adding columns to so power optimize or space of Images and videos . It was not But this just an image change, already that incorporates automatic improves functionallity in photographs , called Auto Highlight; now also pruned display images in entire fabric and upload make 600 more photographs , or equivalent to 15 GB . They also performed the incorporation of not G + Hangouts for Android and iOS , among other large news.

Here new or responsive and super-optimized layout:



Regarding Google Plus Feed Dimensions , until the unchanged keeps moment since I last months, the measures Being, the folowing:





  • For those that have not used much this platform, I leave them a link Google+ do not support step by step show the settear a new photo layer :


  • Remember it is G + Today is “A” platform of social media that more INFLUENCE has for positioning the ranking two search engines, being the key factor of any SEO strategy , so create a page and a profile is not G + to a or your professional brand profile and found Be well – RANKED results we do looking engine. Here I leave a very handy guide made for Google to launch hair is not world-Plus.


Want a basic SEO guide for beginners , do not read let of this article.

It wanted to know about you Google Plus net profit for your company , article also reading this another.


No However, to facilitate you life, quickly commented 4 basic Points to be optimized with your SEO Google Plus


  • Your company’s name is listed completely, nothing short week.


  • Take advantage of the new G + URL customization , which optimizes esthetically or link from the profile page so that FICA In this way: “” and not “https: // plus .google. com / 3135465465186530656526? This way, more professional FICA and Prune includes-profiles in others.


  • DESCRIPTION: would a “biography” on thermos Twitter. For you both cases, and ideal to have an attractive description, in less than 160 characters and convincing result pleasant or other two users.


  • Authorship: allows associating or content that you produce (ideal for bloggers ) to or from the G + profile. This way, its name in very materials is, will add presence, credibility, and the ones will present / display engine search results giving priority those writers or GENERATORS of content that have greater authority to its name around . Here, an article from Google Support area that explains how to set it up .


  • This Tip is linked before: very post content to gain so in RELEVANCE and internet authority. The more +1 shared your posts receive, the more “Points” and the more you weight Somara will earn in the rankings.


3- Dimensions layer of Facebook 2014 J

Means not breathe so many changes in other platforms and we come to Facebook que que has not fied is back, but we are all so very used it.

Jon Loomer, along with WERSM , one prepared excellent infographic more than that completely, with all or we need to know how to optimize the image and NESTA content platform strategies.


  • Facebook Cover-Profile


 Be a professional profile for or a brand, to section of information of should intelligent layer way be used to attract more followers, fans and public. I included you other links your social networks and make or even with a direction webpage SUA or or company brand . Thus, you can use the different tabs to quickly generate loyalty and make two more users that presence with your not give Cresca rest platforms.


 latest Facebook guidelines still indicate that layer should not include Images that contain more than 20% text , I However YES is now allowed to include “calls to actions”, notices to offers style: “40% off ” and apply Deem that you “Enjoy” or “share” on the page. Enjoy that or Facebook is Relaxed more , to use the layer to a maximum your brand strategy.


  • Facebook Timeline:



– Posts with less than 250 characters get 60% more engagement .

I posts to include photos :

– 104% more reviews

– 53% more tanned

– 1179% grew or used Instagram (it’s Facebook)

– 84% clicks on more other relation to types of posts

– Use tools the Postcron , which with its functionallity Multiupload can upload and schedule more images in just 300 seconds.

– Use Image editors to optimize your turn and more attractive posts.

For example:  Pixlr ,  Sumopaint ,  PicMonkey  or  Splashup .-


  • Facebook devices us:


To view or full infographic, including event section and other ads, click here

A follow up to social or other networks, an infographic share full super by ” Thepinkgroup “


4- YouTube layer dimensions  :)

Channel cover : 2,560 x 1,440 px

Devices (image automatically adjusts to equal or Google Plus)

Tablet Display: 1,855 x 423 px 

Mobile Display: 1,546 x 423 px 

TV Display: 2,560 x 1,440 px 

Desktop Display: 2,560 x 423 px

From video title: up to 100 characters

Video Description : I ATE 5000 characters

Dimensions of the video : 2,560 x 1,440 px

5- Dimensions layer of Vimeo :)

Image profile: 300 x 300 px 

Dimensions to upload video: 

Standard Definition: 640 x 480 px 

Standard Definition: 640 x 360 px 

720p HD Video: 1,280 x 720 px 

1080p HD (Plus / PRO): 1,920 x 1,080 px

6- Instagram layer dimensions :)

Note: maximum 2,048 x 2,048 px resolution with Instagram camera . Imported photos using cell a and that were not runs with or Instagram , will have a resolution less than 612 x 612 px.


7- Dimensions layer for options  :)

8- Dimensions layer to Linkedin  :)


2014 will be or anus das Images, videos and devices. Take advantage of the optimization of the social design platforms to be tuned with in the current consumption trends, and in that way closer to your target audience. Finally, I let last dice you reinforce this conclusion: