Top Reasons to Invest in Media Buying and Speed Up Your Results with Inbound Marketing

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Media buying has become increasingly common in strategies Inbound Marketing companies. One of the main reasons is the low organic range of publications, especially on Facebook, which requires a paid action to achieve the desired audience.

When performed properly, considering the persona and stage of the funnel, media buying can have a significant impact on the acceleration of the results.

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Next, understand the main reasons to invest in paid media:

1. Generate more traffic to your site / blog

Inbound Marketing adopts strategies to attract and convert customers voluntarily. For this content / offers are produced in order to reach people throughout the purchase journey.

For those who are starting or does not have a good traffic this process may not be as fast as it depends on several factors: organic positioning, content production etc.

Therefore, if you want to attract more people to your site / blog and make it known, the paid media is an excellent choice for more short-term visits.

Each ad carried out (regardless of media) has a link that directs you to a page that can be of your website, an article on your blog or Leads .

Tip: Think you’re starting a relationship, then, attention to content offered. Delivered a really rich content to your potential customer. This authority shall transmit, make your company known and will help in the organic positioning because the visitor will perceive value in what was offered and probably will again access your site / blog.

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2. Achieve faster results

With the paid media the results are more predictable and fast.

In the preparation of a paid campaign you can already have an estimate of the results and from the release of the announcement in a short time, can generate the first results.

In Digital results, we work with project implementation for those who just hired the Facebook ads to generate more traffic to landing pages published and generate Leads.

With a low investment and targeted campaigns that drive traffic you can generate the first Leads quickly.

In the following example, a customer generated 708 Leads in just one week with an investment of R $ 20 / day on Facebook Ads, promoting a rich content.

reasons to invest media buys

Source: Landing Page RD Station Marketing

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3. Identify and target your audience

One of the most common mistakes is to invest in paid media without well know the audience you want to reach.

If you do not know your audience or have any questions, I suggest you initially do a media campaign paid as an experiment. Then you can validate and understand characteristics (age, gender, locality) and interests (product A or B) based on the more people interact with their offer.

The media must be directed pay even if you do not have a persona created (which is recommended), it is important to at least know their characteristics and pain.

Each paid media has a feature segmentation. Here are some examples of the main:

Google Adwords – Using keywords

reasons to invest media buys

Facebook Ads – Selection interests

reasons to invest media buys

LinkedIn Ads – Selection for positions, business segments etc.

reasons to invest media buys

4. Investment Flexibility

A frequent question of who is starting is: how much should I invest?

The answer may vary greatly, every business has its particularity and depends on the goals you want to achieve.

The paid media allows you to perform tests without having to invest high at first. Assess how the public will respond and what will be the cost per acquisition (either Lead or client).

If it makes sense, optimize and increase gradually investment. Be sure to analyze whether it is reaching the ROI (return on investment) expected.

On Facebook, for example, the value suggested by the media is $ 20 / day. Test for a week and rate.

For Google Adwords , you need to evaluate what is the cost per click (CPC) for each word you want to advertise. In this case, you only pay for those who click on your ad.

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5. Formats for each type of goal

There are several formats for advertising according to your goal. The most known are:

Sponsored Links (PPC or Pay Per Click)

They are links that appear in the first results when you search for a word on Google.

The creation of the campaigns conducted by Google Adwords.

Here’s an example:

reasons to invest media buys

How to get started: How to create a good ad on Google Adwords


Are ads on other sites for those who visited a page on your site.

You can perform remarketing ads using Google with its display network (Google partner sites) or Facebook with ads in the news feed, for example.

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Social Ads (Social Ads)

You can choose the network that has the largest number of potential customers. The main networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, among others.

Here’s an example:

reasons to invest media buys

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6. Easy measurement results

One of the great advantages of paid media is the easy measurement of results.

You can track real-time campaign performance in minute detail.

You can better understand the behavior of your audience, especially your preferences for certain types of content.

For each sponsored campaign it is possible to evaluate indicators such as increased traffic, lead generation, involvement with publications and generated sales.

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The paid media presents several benefits to boost / speed up your results. However, it is essential:

  1. Carry out a plan of action;
  2. Understanding the best option for your goal;
  3. Knowing well that your audience;
  4. Test and optimize campaigns;
  5. Assess performance and whether it is achieving ROI.

If you need short-term results, invest in media buying will be needed. However, take action with the support of Inbound Marketing, building content for each stage of their buying journey.