Tips to manage your brand’s online reputation

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Like it or not, as soon as your website is available on the network lifecycle of your online reputation you are underway.

This is a very important factor and you can not afford to ignore, since the development of the reputation of your site, brand or company in general could have a key influence on the future development of your business.
The most interesting part is that your online image can both help you increase your sales volume and, conversely, completely scare your customers.

The truth is that it is very easy to learn about a company on page many named as “who we are” , however, that page is sometimes very uninformative because obviously nobody speaks ill of himself in such sites.

However, when writing to Google the name of the company or brand with the word “reviews” you can get a broader perspective of the company in question.

For example:

With just open the first results of this search you can know with a high degree of accuracy the level of credibility and reliability of the company as well as the quality of its products and services.

How can you hide from people “own” mistakes?

No way, sorry … you’ll have to follow the rules of the game!

fully cover the views of customers with censorship will not get you anywhere and, of course, is not beneficial, sooner or later they will realize the reality.

Be clear that it is much easier and certainly more effective to take an active part in the formation of a positive image of your brand from the beginning that allows you to maintain a healthy online reputation.

Sometimes, many of the decisions made in modern companies rely on policies carried out by the staff themselves or for information on the subject on the Internet.

The sum set of the lack of experience just mentioned and an uncontrolled desire to do something productive for the company in the digital environment can result in misuse of information affecting our online reputation.

Tips for a reputable online

➤ Prevention is better than cure!

Think carefully and assess whether the information you want to expose public “review” will somehow affect your personal life.

Why? Because if you work your personal brand then you implicándote thoroughly and any activity that has not been good in your online past may be used against you (intimate photos, political commentary, spelling, etc.)

Now, if your case is that of the person behind the brand, then you have a choice if you want to get involved and show you personally or stay hidden behind the “anonymity” provided by the brand.

Personally I admire people who engage fully (even when behind a mark) such as: Matthew Umbro of Hanapin or  Olga Andrienko of SEMrush among major.

They are the heart of communities and give their companies face in good and bad times.

➤ Check with the help of Google 

Well, with the help of Google or any other search engine, check what you’re talking about you or your business with the formula I mentioned to you before.



➤ Create a Google Alert for your name or your business name

So when your name appears on the Internet, you will be notified via email with Google alert.

You may not know how to set up Google Alerts, therefore you can be useful come here to learn how.

➤ A lot of attention to privacy settings on social networks

And I mean Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, etc.

In addition, close attention to the passwords for these accounts because they are a constant and direct channel access your personal data.

Using tools that allow you to create and manage your passwords is essential, I recommend LastPass or True Key.

➤ tweeting with your real name

This is a good practice within the Community Managers of brands that use the same social network account.

Why? Because when several people who administer the account, use a personal signature with a hashtag in the message posted helps people to know who is responsible at the time of account posts.

➤ Very often some social networking messages appear in the top results in Google

And not only to inform readers of what you’re doing right now, but also to report on the links of interesting websites or news that are directly related to your interests.

Write articles and comments on major blogs, forums and other websites under your real name.

These messages and comments on the results usually appear on Google.

Be careful and check the spelling and grammar you use to write in both blogs and such comments.

➤ Expose your texts, lectures, essays, theses on the Internet

When writing plasmas your ideas and thoughts in letter and you do professionally, you get chelates people who follow you not only see you as a professional but as an expert.

➤ When talking about online reputation, where do you start?

The process of creating a positive online reputation is not instantaneous, in fact, takes time, so try to be patient and accept the fact that you always have to make some effort to get it.

Also, you have to love your customers and be ready for a dialogue with them.

➤ Dilo on its website

And, of course, in the pages of social networks where you promote the commitment to your brand and makes it clear that you are completely committed to improving quality of your products or services.

At the same time, make sure your team understands the value of such a position and its importance for the whole of your business.

➤ Make comments and suggestions from your customers more reliable a key part of your business

In most business SaaS applications can be found for feedback such as Uservoice, contact me or even by common contact form that can be easily customized.

It is important to add the possibility of feedback on the website and let customers know that your feedback is very important to you.

Think about that before your company is criticized on the Internet, it is better to give the opportunity dissatisfied they make a first contact us to claim us directly and thus stop the snowball to customers for the complaint is not made public and will not spread.

➤ reviews and negative comments are usually the most valuable

What if we get a potentially negative opinion miraculously become a praise of “error” where the user, customer or subscriber say he was wrong, apologize and confirm that we have solved everything?

I recommend you have on your web site a single page where users can leave comments and where they can learn from the experiences and opinions of other customers.

➤ How to respond to a negative review?

First, try to be professional do not panic!

Second, learn to accept criticism and not impulsively rush to make excuses, let alone blame your client.

Think what you write online now continue to see in the future.

Most likely if you choose to go to the shock is that other customers are placed side is expressing a negative comment or complaint.

Therefore, do not forget that you are a professional and not take the comments as a personal attack on you.

Analyzes the situation in perspective and provides an appropriate response to the situation.

Learn to listen to your customers and respects their position while you provide them an answer.

If your report or complaint is promptly correct the misunderstanding and apologizes justified.

Do not worry, in the near future your reputation will begin work for you and these costs assumptions on which now incur will be returned with interest at the expense of increased sales.

➤ How to act when the customer is “inappropriate”?

Fortunately it is not very often, but there are also visitor whose criticisms are completely unfounded and any of its arguments are not based on common sense.

If you see that it is impossible to reach an agreement with this customer, it’s best showing our position to answer your comment.

We describe the problem and the reasons why we can not meet the capricious customer while maintaining the foundations of education and respect they deserve our clients.

If you’re right, other customers will be able to properly see what is going on and put on your side.

Conclusion as suggestions

Try every day to earn a positive online reputation and from the first steps of your online business.

This is easier and cheaper than having to repair your long-term image or to correct a damaged image from the beginning.

Do you worry about your reputation online? How do you care?