Tips for Optimizing on WordPress Sites

Wix or WordPress, which one is the best?
Which site traffic source generates more results?

Those who follow the Blog NoTopo already know some of our top tips for optimization in WordPress! Of course not?!

But if you do not know what is WordPress and have any questions about SEO ..

1 for WordPress Optimization

Stay calm!!

We explain you ..

The WordPress platform

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms used by managers and content from around the world !! Easy to learn and use The platform allows online content management, that is, you create a website or blog and can modify the contents implemented there whenever you want or need ..

Without having to run behind a programmer for it! Ufa….

The software is free, you can download WordPress and install any of the available themes and use it freely. But we must have an active domain and web hosting.

Friendly seekers

WordPress has codes and structures that are in accordance with Google rankeamento criteria for the search results.

And updates the source code to suit the Google standards faster than other content management systems.

What makes optimization easier to win the first places in the search results. It is easy to use and very flexible.

These are some of the reasons why WordPress has grown tremendously in popularity. A recent survey reveals that more than 39% of sites that use content management system, use WordPress.

3 for WordPress Optimization 5 WordPress for Optimization

Learn why WordPress is the best option to make your site !

And why is it important to optimize your website?

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is optimizing websites to which the strategies aims to strengthen and improve the positioning of a website in organic search in the search results of search engines for a particular group of keywords relevant to the content of the your site.

6 for WordPress Optimization

This is a long and complex process.

constant maintenance needs, as adjustments are made throughout the project, since hundreds mechanisms influence and interact in an SEO project.

For example, you know when a person does a search on Google, robots will try to check all websites and pages that exist for:

1 Return to user results that are relevant to what he researched.

2- to rank these results according to relevance and popularity that the content will be for the user.

Without the proper techniques you end up losing the opportunity to take advantage of the best type of traffic that your blog or site could get: organic traffic .

Learn more about SEO !

There are many factors taken into consideration, and many, many .. we do not know-nor exactly how many, but some experts agree that some of them are:

  • keyword usage, title, description, content and image. Using without exaggeration, so that reading becomes enjoyable;
  • page loading speed;
  • Number of updates to the blog or website (hence the importance of post often);
  • content extension;
  • External links to renowned sites;
  • Number of internal links;
  • user experience;
  • Among others..

Ok .. they are many important things that your site is the long awaited first page of search results.

Now let’s talk a little about the Plugin Yoast!

It will be your ally for your site is perfect in the eyes of Google!

Come on…

The SEO Yoast ‘s main functionality enable title and meta description optimization for the posts. Important factors for SEO! 

Currently the Yoast plugin goes far beyond simply indicate good SEO policies! What a joy for us, right? !!

You can get information about site optimization; improvements in pages, posts, titles, content and meta-data, as well as having a checklist of items you should not forget to set up your SEO Onpage !

And assists in the development of quality content, among other services .. Besides, huh ?!

Wordpres Yoast SEO

With the plugin active Yoast, you will be able to consider the following:  If your title contains the keyword and if it is at the beginning of the title, if your meta description and url contains the chosen keyword, if the key word appears in your text headers, if you used the keyword in a reasonable amount – if used little or too much is used too! – and if your keyword is in the alt text of images that you used in the post !! Liked?

This information is very useful for the first 4 following topics! Stay tuned😉

So stay tuned to all these important points:

1 Titles One of the most important factors for rankeamento the pages is a good selection of used titles, they that appears as a link in the search results. Create compelling titles using the keyword.

For key definition of the word, it is performed throughout a study according to their line of business, competition, search volume and competition.

Slug 2 and meta description The slug is nice and easy way to read the url, which also appears in search results, focus on keyword choice is essential to the success of both the indexing in search engines and for the decision of user to click or not on your website.

7 to WordPress Optimization

3 Do not forget the H1 tags, H2 and H3 Besides the title, the subtitles also improve SEO on possible outcomes. Note the example of correct structure tags:

  • Post title – H1
  • Titles in the content – H2
  • Captions on content – H3

4 Image and Alternate text The keyword you want to optimize should appear in the name of the image file, title and also in the alternative text.

8 WordPress for Optimization

6- Site Responsive The number of web access via mobile is growing every day, having a website that is visually adapts to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphone is very important.

9 for WordPress Optimization

7- site loading is annoying when the site is slow is not it? Well, the site performance is also a ranking element in the search engines !!

And you can even make your site performance analysis in PageSpeed Insights .

8- Security Security for users is also a determining factor in ranking.

The SSL certificate that was previously common only in e-commerce sites and financial institutions, has now become common even for blogs and general content sites.

Implement SSL on your site is a great choice to boost your SEO.

Check out the 5 easy adjustments that you can do yourself in WordPress !

10 for WordPress Optimization

Today we know that the OnPage optimization is just one of the steps to be optimized content, but not enough to ranckear, several factors such as those mentioned above are also important for a good position.

Now that you know a bit more about WordPress optimization , if you need help planning the actions of digital marketing .. Talk to NoTopo!  

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