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The SEO is a strategy that greatly influences the success of those who adopt Inbound Marketing . Its use correctly ensures good positions on Google, an aspect that opens up many opportunities for their business, mainly selling chances!

Thinking about it, every year the Rock Content conducts research Digital Marketing .

Performs SEO strategy?

According to the survey, 59.8% of Brazilian companies perform optimizations pages. Of them, 81.2% execute this strategy three years ago.

Whereas SEO practice brings results in the medium and long term, the data indicates how many businesses are already established in the market.

SEO Trends

Not knowing how to do SEO was the main reason (44.3%) pointed to by companies that do not invest in pages optimizations (32.1%) In the past research, this justification was given by 46% of respondents.

Adopts SEO tools?

About two-thirds of respondents (68.15%) responded positively to the above question.

Among them, 73.8% have adopted the Google Search Console.

Other options that have enough adherence were:

  • SEMRush (49.7%);
  • Keyword Planner (46.8%);
  • Yoast (42.7%).

Who do SEO properly know as well as the tools provide a big difference in strategy. Companies using SEO tools tend to achieve better results when compared to not using.

While 53% of organizations evaluate the effects obtained with SEO as very positive, only 32.5% of those who do not use applications / softwares have the same opinion. This represents a difference of 63.1%. What does that mean?

SEO Trends

Adopts Content Marketing?

Of respondents, 83.4% practice Content Marketing and 98.3% are part of this strategy with the SEO.

The association of these practices is an amazing way to optimize your site for search engines like Google value well written content, scannable and facing the user’s intention.

Conclusion: there is no point having a blog, but do not have a relevant content. Google and user value good posts.

Because of this, companies that lay hold of Content Marketing tend to have more meaningful numbers than those who do not invest in the same practice: 50.6% of them gain more results “very positive” compared to only 33.6% of the group does content.

SEO Trends

Furthermore, in relation to the integration between SEO and Content Marketing, 49.7% of respondents said that strategies are highly integrated, 35.9% said they were moderately integrated and 12.7% said they were poorly integrated. Already 1.7% said the lack of integration between them.

Finally, 63.8% of companies with highly associated strategies gain more very positive results. Those that reported having moderate or low integration in this same evaluation generate considerably lower: 33.2% and 3.0%, respectively.

SEO Trends

What are the sources of learning?

Unlike previous research, 45.4% of SEO professionals that issue said they are trained mainly through online courses. This option was the second most voted (38.2%) last year.

Then, with 41.1% of the vote, it appears self-taught option, which occupied the first position in the previous year (39.6%). In the third position, the formation arises superior alternative (7.4%), fell more than 47 percentage points compared to the last edition ..

Moreover, as SEO is a technique constantly updated, we were asked to professionals if they follow blogs / sites to broaden their knowledge. The vast majority (89.9%) claimed to have this habit.

SEO Trends

What SEO strategies more invested?

There are several SEO tactics that can help in business optimization.

In this respect, the production of content for blog (69.8%) and the search for keywords (67.3%) remain the strategies most used by companies.

Both are very important and complementary to achieve a good position on the search page. However, investing in other strategies identified by users, shown in the chart below, it is essential.

SEO Trends

What are the results of SEO?

The fruits achieved by optimizing pages vary according to the time investment. The strategy takes a lot of dedication and takes about 1 year to show visible results.

In the survey, it was found that 86.1% of respondents consider moderately / very positive results obtained with SEO strategies. Only 1.1% disagree with this statement ..

But when it comes to the main results of SEO are:

  • organic traffic growth (77.3%);
  • higher quality traffic (41.1%);
  • achievement of the best positions in the SERPs rankeamento (40.1%).

SEO Trends

What SEO investment forecast in 2018?

The answers to the above question are amazing and show the page optimization potential: 68.5% of companies anticipate investing more in SEO, 30.1% plan a possible stabilization of the budget and only 1.4% consider a possible reduction verba.

SEO Trends

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