The secrets of good content: check out Ann Handley’s tips at Studio RD Summit

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Discover the best way to make a relevant content that stands out, it is an uneasiness of many entrepreneurs who invest in digital marketing as a strategy for their companies.

But for the author of the book Everbody Writes , Ann Handley, the answer is simple: not to create more content, but rather more relevant content.

The writer brought to RD Summit in 2017 some of the experience that has been accompanying the Content Marketing in the United States in recent years.

She said that a few years ago, companies produced a sea of ​​content, focusing on quantity. But, lately, the approach has changed and fewer materials have been launched, thinking in quality.

Often, less is more. If you can create content that has more meaning and more impact on the lives of their customers, that’s what matters.

Talk sounds easy, but how to produce that content that connects with customers? For Ann Handley, lack understanding customers sitting to talk to them, for example.

See the full interview with Ann Handley made in Studio RD Summit:

Other points commentaries by Ann Handley were:

  • What can companies do to produce content that stands out from the others;
  • How Content Marketing has been done in the United States and what we can learn from the mistakes there;
  • How to take the first steps in the production of content;
  • A little about the book Everybody Writes.