The Quiz on Social Network Marketing

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You know what the real function of LinkedIn?

And which of the alternatives is best for your company on Facebook: profile or page ?

Or what is the best option in order to ads Facebook ads to generate Leads ?

And Twitter Cards ? Do you know what?

The social networks are now more present in our lives than we can imagine. A communication tool aimed to connect people, soon came to be used also by companies to increase the relevance of the brand and generate new business.

I will not go far in the history of social networks here – even though it is an interesting subject and can be addressed in another article – but rather ask a question:

Knowing that social networks are very important channels for companies that make Digital Marketing , I ask, you’re the intern or Mark Zuckerberg of social networks?

To know the answer, click the image below, do the Quiz Marketing on Social Networks and discover what your skill level in these channels.

And do not forget to share the results with your contacts and also here in the comments.

Good test!