The marketing tools we use in Digital Results

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As much of professional digital marketing , I am an enthusiast tools . I like to research, test and use several of them. Especially in digital marketing, where you can “do and measure” almost everything.

They automate actions, bring new information, leverage and productivity results, and most importantly, give autonomy to the marketing team.

Every day our team can do more, faster, depending on fewer people. Whereas before, to make an A / B test on a page, I need a web designer to build a new page, now I can do it alone, in 10 minutes without anyone.

Every marketing team has their favorite tools and here at Digital Results is no different. How many customers and readers ask us, I think worth sharing what these tools and how to use them to generate results.

Three important notes:

1 – Despite fantastic and give a huge productivity gain, no tool does anything alone. Without a good “operator” to extract its full potential, the non-delivery tool all you can.

2 – There are several similar to those that we recommend (as good as or better), but are the ones that we are currently using.

3 – We are not part of any affiliate program and therefore (unfortunately) I’m not getting anything to indicate these tools. I am really recommending that we are using and helping us.

heap Analytics

This tool tip I picked up as Bernardo Porto, Growth manager Hotmart.

The Heap Analytics is a greatly simplified webanalytics tool, especially made to understand user behavior on your site funnel-shaped. A very similar solution is also well known Mixpanel.


This tool stands out for its ease of setting up the ‘events’ of the site, such as visits, clicks and conversions. It has a very simple interface allows anyone to make all settings, with no need for programmer. With just a few clicks we’ve set all events.

Like most of the tools mentioned in this post, you only need to insert a javascript code on the site. That done, you only get to use.

Here at Digital Results begin to use it to measure the performance of a tool that launched recently: the Quiz Digital Marketing . With it we can see how many people entered the page, how many started to fill out the form, how many came to an end, shared on social network, etc. From the hopper, I can know exactly where I have a bottleneck and need to optimize.

Regardless of whether or Mixpanel Heap Analytics, which I think is important to use a very simplified analytics tool and is simple to set up. In both you can also gain some benefits in the free plan. Simply place a “badge” tool on your site.

More information about this: Heap Analytics and Mixpanel


The Optimizely is an essential tool for anyone who wants to start doing A / B testing with quality and very practical.

The tool stands out for two reasons. In addition to providing statistical support needed to validate the relevance of the experiments and results, it has a very simple editor to configure and generate new pages for testing.

No need to know absolutely nothing of html and CSS to make big changes on the page. You can drag elements, increase them, edit text, colors, etc. Once you create a new page for testing, just click on to start the experiment. From that moment, the tool itself is already a random distribution of visitors and starts measurements.


To get started, simply insert the javascript code generated by the tool on the site.

A well – known competitor is Visual Website Optimizer . The free plan of the two tools is already enough to make several small tests.

RD Station

The marketing automation . With it you can create landing pages to capture Leads, do email marketing campaigns, Lead Management, Lead Scoring, marketing automation and analysis of marketing performance.

I put the RD Station on that list because it is the tool that our team more uses on a daily basis to generate demand for our sales team. Even our marketing team participates in usability testing with product team, beta releases, etc.

The way we use:

Monitor keywords:
We use the Keywords panel to be able to track the performance of the main keywords and optimize our pages.

Release material (eBook, webinars, etc.):

For this we use the creator / editor of Landing Pages and Email Marketing

automate actions

With Lead Scoring and Marketing Automation able to relate to the Leads of more automated way to identify the best opportunities and make that delivery to the sales team.

Measuring impact and results

We use the BI Marketing a business intelligence tool within the RD Station that helps us to identify exactly how many sales opportunities and each of my channels and marketing activities brings as: materials, emails and automation flows, for example.

05--marketing tool

A very interesting point is that the RD Station is having a great evolution and cast many features ever. Then in a few months you can still do much more.

If you want to know more, you can view a software demo or talk to one of the consultants .

Picreel and Optinmonster

These tools are the ones we use to create popups that collect Leads. It is a very simple solution, but help us a lot in Lead capture, especially in important pages such as prices and features.

There are many tools on the market that do the same thing, but these two were the most like and have a good price. The two already have ready-made templates, A / B test on popups, allow integration with other tools (such as RD Station, Mailchimp, etc) and have the technology ‘exit intent’ (the popup appears when the user is leaving the page) .

Also very easy to install. Just insert the javascript code on the page and you’re done. The tool is already working.

03-tool marketing


The Zapier is currently one of my favorite tools. For those not familiar, it is a platform that connects the APIs of more than 400 tools and enables integration of very simple way. In less technical terms: it is a great ‘doer of hacks. “

The highlight is that it allows the average user to make a series integrations with no programming knowledge or stir APIs. You can integrate RD Station with several CRMs, Google Drive , Gmail, Trello, Dropbox, Asana, Evernote, Google Calendar and many other .

04 --marketing tool

On this page you can see all the apps that are available for integration today

In this post we talk about some of the integration features of the RD Station through Zapier: RD Station and Zapier – leaving integrations even easier

Drive + Google Apps Scripts

I suppose everyone has heard and even used Google Drive, especially to create and edit a document (spreadsheet, text or presentation) simultaneously.

What many people do not know is that you can take to another level using Drive through the Google Apps Scripts . Apps Script is a JavaScript-based language that lets you build apps integrated with Google services. This way you can automate tasks across Google products (Drive, Gmail, Calendar, etc.) and also integrate other external tools.

No need to install anything and codes are on Google’s servers.

Here at Digital Results we started using recently to facilitate and accelerate some internal processes, removing many manual work day to day. We managed to get external data, process it, shooting emails, generate alerts , etc. All automatically.

If you want to work on internal process improvements, using this tool is highly recommended. There are even companies specialized in optimizing processes and increase productivity through these Google tools. One is our customer IQ Network (remembering that I am not earning anything by ‘payola’, but I know their work and have tranquility in state).

For those who do not know how to program and do not have a developer on the team, you can find a number of free apps that can already help a lot. To access them, just go to “Add-ons -> Install Add-ons” (in English: “Add-ons -> Get Add-ons” …).

For those who like to follow the release of new tools, I recommend to access and monitor the Product Hunt . This site shows a number of new tools being launched every day and anyone can ‘vote’ in the tool.

If you use some super cool tool that helps your team to deliver more and better, let me know the comments.

Enjoy and discover the RD Station , a complete platform for your company to create a true growth engine.