The main problems of e-commerce sites!

How to choose between Freelancer or Digital Marketing Agency? Have you worked Online Marketing? Are you feeling the need to have an Online Strategy?
How to Calculate the Value of Online Community, plus How Much Does It Invoice?You are setting up a Blog or an ecommerce and are thinking about how to generate revenue through them, right?

Who ever heard someone talking to earn money on the internet is very easy?

Who ever heard to have an e-commerce is super cheap, easy and fast.

A common myth is that buying on the Internet is cheaper, when in fact the Internet simply provides more opportunities. Sometimes these opportunities are among the biggest promotions. But this can not be considered a rule.


Growth estimates of Virtual Stores

Let’s start with some numbers:

  • The online retail world earned $ 44.4 billion only in 2016 ( Source: billion-in-2016.html)


  • And it grew 7.5% in the first half of 2017 ( source: said ebit.html)


  • According to a survey published by the Agency Brazil increased by 43% of internet users who shopped online in the year ( Source: 43-of the-Internet users bought online-this-year )


  • According to the magazine – ecommercenews , e-commerce grew 12% in 2017 and is projected 15% growth for 2018 ( source: in-and-projection-2017 to-2018-a-go-15 / )



  • Also a Google search estimates that online sales are expected to double by 2021.





So you surf the wave, decides to mount a e-commerce site and ready, just leave there, right?




Their efforts will be minimal … ..


We know that a lot of people think so, but they are super wrong!


Avisarmos important that both an institutional site as an e-commerce (even an online store) are what we call internally here at of living organisms! Yes!


Here is a case where the achieved a ROI with profit 9 times greater than the amount invested.

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Do not be fooled into thinking that investments should be 100% geared only to physical stores.

Your online store needs to be in perfect condition so you do not lose visitors, customers and sales! * Mainly sales.

An outdated site, no maintenance, no contact information, very polluted, full of loading errors and navigation problems, for example, is a total CHAOS!

Instead of facilitating the purchase of Internet users who accessed your site, often through a paid link , he gets frustrated and even passes a print amateurism.


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Although e-commerce is an increasingly common option among consumers, some crucial mistakes that are committed by the lack of maintenance of the same, analysis and testing, may cause the user to lose interest and give up the purchase and go after that your competitor who lives disputing clicks with you.

This problems ranging from the structure up to the checkout process , can directly affect revenues and customer loyalty.

So, there’s no use complaining that you are not selling!




What you need to do, which is ESSENTIAL for all who enter this new world, it is:   to provide the best online experience for the user!

Learn more about the phases and costs of e-commerce !


Here we will discuss some valuable tips that can help you see and avoid mistakes in your e-commerce !

However most of the main problems of e-commerce are in business management itself, well before the disclosure.

You need to take this into consideration because, while for disclosure you have more control of the tactic and strategy that you implement and how it is operationalized in the management of your online store there are issues that could be out of your control.

Come on? 


1. unfriendly navigation and search engine for Online Store

Nothing more annoying and discouraging than entering a site and not find the product you want!

What good publicize your site if the user enters it and finds it difficult to find the product he wants?

He should come to any product with no more than three clicks.

In some situations, the problem is in the search engine’s site , the search bar that is usually in the e-commerce header.

This is a simple and fast way to find the product on the site, however, if it is inefficient can generate a BIG disappointment!

Develop a well thought out design, by highlighting and product autocomplete suggestions are some of the functions for your e-commerce provides a good user experience.

Create an intelligent mechanism is one of the best ways to prevent your customer to migrate to the competitor.


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2. stock of products from e-commerce logistics, high cost of shipping, free shipping, etc.

I have just bought an illuminator to write the great free market, paid straight and only after three days they informed me that the product is out of stock.

Imagine my frustration!

Not having a stock of efficient control is one of the most common mistakes logistics.

If the customer buys a product that is not available, he will become frustrated. So remember to check all goods coming in and out, creating a flawless organization system.

Be aware of the best selling and most popular products, and of course, let not miss! 😉

The quality of logistics is often independent of their service and a bad delivery can seriously impact the positioning of your brand.

Also logistics costs (shipping and storage) are often underestimated for those who get a e-commerce, thinking it’s just a store, but cheaper. Wrong! It is a shop … just different than the physical.


3. complicated purchasing process in a Virtual Store

As much as the person is VERY interested in your product, a very complicated purchasing process or long can hinder your sales! It is annoying to you, it’s boring to your customer too!

Their clients, and most people will not have time or desire to fill three or four forms with personal data before making a purchase.

This process in addition to making boring and complicated the first experience with your
online store , you can make him jump out before checkout.



4. Product Details

Often the product is displayed only with the name, missing a description, some beautiful images.

You can also use social networks to promote the product description.

Be careful to maintain consistency between what is posted on Facebook and Instagram and what is displayed on your e-commerce.


5. Products from a virtual store poorly presented

Often the online stores do not have a visual consistency (different background colors, more common in the market place)

You must have a visual identity, so for example if your identity is orange and blue, always use the same tone every time you use these colors. Otherwise will a sense of confusion for your potential customer.

Also other recurring problems in e-commerce site are:

  • Photos of poor quality;
  • buying platform or too bad or too advanced for our needs.


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The main plus point of physical stores is the experience the customer has with the product. So the chances that the product does not meet expectations is very small, since it evaluated the product closely.

In e-commerce , however, the chance of repentance is greater.


If the product is not displayed correctly, there will be great chances of not arouse consumer desire.


Besides the bad impression that your brand can leave the head of this web surfer.

The question about what is buying is the greatest enemy of sales, and often more impactful than the price !!

Photo quality and at all angles of the product and a detailed description of all its features, give the customer the security to buy what he seeks, and avoid returns and unpleasant surprises.


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In addition, assessments are essential in these times. People will be interested by good images for detailing the product on his page and seek what others are saying about the product displayed.


Never waste a chance to ask for a customer who just bought a product from your e-commerce, make an assessment on the page of the same product purchased. 😉


6. Visual pollution from your site

When the layout of your site is poorly designed, engineered or polluted, the client can not be located. It is lost in unnecessary advertisements, confusing design and pop-up windows on all sides.


Avoid using anything that is able to tire the consumer your views.


Do not fill your site flashy things, flashing lights, vibrating or moving resources, numerous banners and images.

These elements are not prohibited, it is important to know how to use them in the right measure.


7. Integration with external platforms (ERP, purchasing and payment API)

Major headache, especially in relation to the means of payment.

Think the big PayPal has a service that is a disaster, imagine some national platforms. And it can also impact on the image of your brand. And there’s no use scolding the programmer are the same problems of integration protocols.

Same problem happens when there are many plugins on the site, for example the e-commerce was done in WordPress .


8. Broken links

Care broken links .. You know, those links that take the visitor to nowhere? So, that should no longer exist.

Use tools that help you to identify this link!

You need to do a check to see if all the links from your site are working properly, otherwise correct them!


9. site loading time

What good you get to your website and take it to load?

Write a review on Google Insights Speed before disclosing your site and frustrate your customers.


10. How to solve the problems of an e-commerce site?

Offer without registration option or then login with the registration of one of the social networks .

Let him buy the product without the obligation that often consist of many data!

Other super frustrating things are the problems with the shipping and errors at the time of payment!

It is important that payment processing is secure and also efficient, ensuring the success of the sale.


11. Call for a client of a Virtual Store

At the time that customers need, how they will get in touch with your team?

The contact information of your company must be visible so that customers can get in touch easily.


5-signs-of-falhanas-sales of the e-commerce




You still think you have an e-commerce is enough to sell online ?

For more complex than are the management tasks of your store, it is important to know that a website does not sell just because exist. He needs disclosure passing through brand recognition and its products on social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram .


Remember that the prices of the products are no longer the only key factor in the assessment of users, but, yes, your shop as a whole.

Your e-commerce should be well presented and functional!


Be sure to resolve errors that can detonate your site


Find Solutions and ideas with your team and make your e-commerce growth in sales, with a quality service and being a reference in the market.

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