The influence of startups in large corporations: interview with Romero Rodrigues at Studio RD Summit

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If you undertake or probably want to take you’re well used to terms like business model canvas, Lean Startup, Crossing the Chasm, MVP and product market fit.

I invite you to go back in time and imagine how it was treated 20 years ago.

You know how it was?

Was not.

According to Romero Rodrigues , one of the creators Buscapé and currently a partner at Redpoint eVentures , none of these terms existed two decades ago.

Having these ready models is an advantage that today’s entrepreneur has to open his own business. But along with it comes great responsibility.

I would say that today the entrepreneur gets much more prepared because he did not have to find a number of things – there are already frameworks already exist academies to help him, but he has a greater responsibility for what we are doing here is much more to build a startup or an ecosystem, we are building a new country.

Another very interesting point highlighted by Romero Rodrigues in the interview is that the technology is no longer a barrier.

Today, it is common for an architect and a vet open a technology company, for example.

And so, marketing strategies and sales have become much more important for the startup to differentiate from the competition.

When there is any site is very common nowadays many competitors emerge, one after the other. Therefore, the “go-to-market”, the trip to the market, its marketing strategy and sales was much more important than the technology itself.

This change in technology also brought about a change of mind can impact the entire corporate environment.

And this not only in the new companies, but also the oldest and most traditional.

Large corporations, with their top executives are coming for a startup environment to learn how to run a business with purpose, with self-growth with innovation. And startups today have all this available.

Watch the full interview:

Other points commentaries by Romero Rodrigues were:

  • How to begin to undertake the zero in the scenario in which we live;
  • As a startup can capture its first investment;
  • How is the economic outlook for the Brazilian undertake;
  • A golden tip (end of video) for the entrepreneur who is starting.

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