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Appear in the top positions of search engines is the dream of anyone who has a website . And if you’re reading this it is because to some extent it is also yours. And it’s normal because …

Who does not want to be on top of Google and as a result gain visibility , traffic qualified and much but that much money ?

To do this you need to be on the cutting edge techniques  SEO for Google take you into account when classifying your page with different content and decide whether it is useful for users or not. In other words, you have to give Google what they want to earn a spot in the top of the podium , and as you know this is not exactly easy.

Without going any further, Google makes more than 500 changes a year on its algorithmssomething like computer programs that look for clues to give users the most relevant results based on your búsquedas- , meaning that the requirements to appear on the first finder sites are constantly changing and as a result it is increasingly difficult to know what actions to implement to your website is better positioned.

In other words:  what worked years ago is now obsolete and  constantly emerging new practices that can help you position your website to appear at the top organic searches.

Therefore,  how do you know which SEO techniques are outdated and which ones have entered this 2016 stomped? Very easy:  we’ll say .

So read on and discover  what to do and what not to do to achieve a good position in Google . Can you come with us?


5 outdated SEO techniques you should stop implement if you do not want to be penalized by Google

If you have a business with an Internet presence it is likely that by now have begun to incorporate some SEO techniques in order to get a good positioning of your website in search engines,  but be careful because without knowing that you’re doing can be counter -productive for your business .

The reason? Many of the SEO techniques that years ago triumphing now obsolete and outdated, and not only that but also of  not having any impact  can end up causing  Google penalizes you and go down in SEO ranking positions .

So we’re going to share you the five most commonly used techniques that cause no impact on what you know so you can avoid them and with them, the anger of Google -.  Take note!

1. Avoid making Keyword Stuffing

If you are thinking of position your website  using keywords excessively or keywords in each of your content, forget it .

This is what is known as  Keyword Stuffing and not only  the technique of spam oldest in search engines but also the first fighting against any search engine from Google to more modest.

In fact, absolutely all seekers  punish and penalize those websites that are designed to manipulate the results  to position first seekers by unfair practices  and abuse over and over again the same word or phrase.

Let ‘s face it , if you write a thousand times the same keyword serve for better positioning, everyone would be first , do not you think?

The following example shows you just what NOT to ever do .


Extra Tip : Keepmind that the use of keywords in a text should never be less than 2% or more than 7% of total words . You can use tools like Keyword Analyzer  to make sure you’re on the right track.

2. Say no to artificial linkbuilding

The link building or link building is one of the most important SEO techniques but at the same time  is the most headaches can cause you .

It is a practice  common in the online marketing which is to improve the positioning through links from other web pages – links owned by others  that point to yours, but if you do not do well and Google detects you certainly will penalize and a lot.

Years ago search engines considered  the more you point to a particular site, it is better this . Therefore, it is rewarded with the best positions to sites receiving more links to third parties . So far so good.

The problem is that many companies began making linkbuilding artificially linked shoddy or “unnatural” as Google calls them. Searchers have found and have taken action on them , punishing those who do that and putting them into account when positioning a website.

And although the linkbuilding well done is one of the best SEO techniques as you can see below, it is important that you stop creating links and more links pointing indiscriminately to your website and run from the  exchanges agreed links with other pages , buying links and high in directories only to add your links .


3. Stop using meta tags

A meta tag is a tag that is in the source code of a web page that describes the content in it.

Years ATRA s meta tags served to tell Google what keywords your page were  and indeed long been indispensable for a good SEO strategy online.

But today with the updated Google algorithms are no longer so important and this practice is not only outdated but has been used both to spam that Google now penalizes .

Just do not confuse this with the  meta description,  ie the description of the subject matter of your content appearing in search results because  this is itself essential both for Google and for your audience .

4. Do not write thinking only search engine

It allows me to give you a tip:  write for you to read . And if along the way you alias Google, the better.

The reason is simple: for years many businesses try to position their pages  by writing to Google only , and although very well think the search should not make the mistake of forgetting your readers because after all they have the power to help you move up consuming your content.

Basically,  create content scarce and irrelevant and even generate automatically by software or automatically translate without revision is highly penalized by Google.

So remember that  blogging is a communication action to help your readers to find the answer they need. And the quality of your content that will make this is valuable and therefore search engines put you first.

So when creating content is concerned, try harder 😉


5. Do not ponds in what you already know

In SEO issues you will never know everything because as we told above constantly emerging new techniques and practices that should not joining free fall toward the last positions of the ranking of search engines.

So constantly learn, implement new practices and avoid all unfair because  Google even if you do not see him, is pending in all parts of you .

And if you want more reasons to bet on new SEO techniques, here you are 12 that will not leave you indifferent:


And now that you know what you should not do in matters of SEO, we will see 8 Technical SEO newest of this 2016 or yes must implement as they will help you get a good web positioning.

8 SEO techniques for this 2016 that will drive your business to the top

1. The mobile is future I presented

Did you know that mobile searches already exceed desktop search? Specifically,  40% of searches already conducted through mobile devices . And not only that but the trend is growing as users increasingly use more smartphones and  tablets .


That means that if you have aimed at improving the mobile SEO then it is very likely not get to climb positions in search engines.

And the  mobile usability is also be a priority for Google right now and is also penalize those websites that show errors in their portable versions which means that if your site is not accessible to all devices suffer a slump in positioning seekers .

If you want my advice, commitment to responsive design or adaptive design , ie adapt your site to different devices betting on a more practical, visual and include only those features that help provide a design good user experience .

That’s more or less how you should structure your page depending on the device where they are to read you:


2 . Increasing voice search

And if you search on mobile it is one of the SEO techniques this quintessential 2016, reach your hand also  voice search using Siri, Cortana and Google Now. So friend …  E l oral SEO is more fashionable than ever!

So much so that Google already offers the ability to make  voice search from the computer itself .


What has this to do with SEO? Much as when users perform voice searches  tend to pose questions for which they hope to find the exact answer – unlike when we write the query in the search, we just use loose – wordsAnd that changes everything .

In fact, so much the importance of voice search that Google has introduced a number of changes that benefit those contents that perform questions and answers placing titles and even subtitles and offer the answer content.

So you know: use questions . If you have no idea where to start, look at the chart below where we show what types of frequently asked questions that users.  Use that to your advantage when creating your content and optimize!


Extra Tip Write titles thinking about your customers , not thinking about you or Google.

Think what you could find your audience and mostly works in your title to convince him that your content is the best choice to find the answer you are looking for .

Put yourself in your mind, do some searches on Google to see what the results are displayed at the top and studies how they are written titles.

3. The natural linkbuilding up positions

Above you talk about how search engines may penalize you for making artificial link building, but on the contrary this is the time of the natural linkbuilding .

That means you have to work the links on quality sites and where the related content link has a semantic importance with the keyword you want to position and advertisers. 

Think that websites need inbound links to position well, so you should strive to  create quality content that everyone will want linkear  and thus will increase the SEO. 

On the other hand, you can also choose to  create links that look natural but mostly remember that  you should never buy links because if Google detects it will penalize you .


4. The video content gains power ( SEO Youtube )

The content is still king of the Internet but now still wins more positions if this is in video form .

Videos are increasingly consumed and there are actually not see how the different social networks and specific applications are incorporating video features from Facebook or Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram .

Therefore it is necessary that you optimize all your videos both your internal contents in each of your social networks and external platforms like YouTube.

Without going any further, you think that YouTube is one of five web pages more views in the world so if you optimize your videos properly can ensure good positioning.


For it…

  • defines a title and description according to the theme of the video,
  • includes a good call to action both in the video description as the place where not spread it so make sure you see it,
  • places inbound links,
  • choose good keywords and
  • mention your social networks.

5 . Social networks also send

Today no one can think of a good digital marketing strategy that does not provide for the social networks . And so does the SEO.

In the same way that having a blog is essential to have a good web positioning, social networks have also become indispensable to achieve appear in the top of Google .

Basically, the bigger your community on social networks will be greater visibility on the Web, as search engines are increasingly aware social networks as a key factor in positioning a website.

So if you want better positioning is to develop a good social media strategy to help you have a good engagement with your audience.

That way you will have more followers in the different social networks, will gain more visibility and thus more web traffic, your content will tend to viralizarse and consequently your rankings will improve .


6 . Fully optimizes images

Just as videos can improve the ranking of a site, so it is with the images .

Now, how to optimize images? This is what you have to consider:

  • The size of the image must be appropriate for resolution.
  • Always complete the “tag Alt ” with keywords.
  • Appoints the image so properly using keywords.
  • Use images unique and quality (always, always, users should think!)

7 . The era of local positioning

Another quintessential SEO techniques that 2016 is the local SEO , and if you focus your efforts on it you will certainly be far ahead of many of your competitors.

Explained quickly, local SEO is closely linked to mobile devices and location , and seeks to position a particular web page in a specific geographic area so if you have a physical business will be of great help.

He thinks that most devices have resources to know where we stand and pass this information to other services such as Internet searches, maps and applications for Android and iOs; on the other applications that Google indexes and displays their results .

If you want to improve your local SEO but do not know where to start, here are some tips to whet your appetite:


What did you think are SEO techniques that are setting trends?

Now you know what to do and what not to achieve better positions in Google, so you only have to implement and get to work .

The sooner you start, before you see the results … And as you see, is exciting what can be achieved thanks to the web positioning 😉

If this content was helpful, feel free to share it with all your contacts on social networks so that they too can make the most. And if you want to go deeper into the SEO then we recommend you take a look at these articles:

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