The 30 best RD blog posts in 2017

Why it’s not worth copying third-party content
What Is The Importance Of A Local SEO Service Provider

How content you read in 2017? And how many left to read?

You may not know the answer to either of these questions (I do not know my), and what it reinforces is that we live in an era with so much content that ends up being impossible we follow everything that we would like.

The output is to select what really worth and delivery in value. We’d really like you had read all 422 articles published in 2017 here in the DR blog, but we understand that this is something super unlikely.

Thinking about it, we selected 30 posts that stood out in the year for you to read this holiday season and rest.

different criteria were used, such as number of visits, conversion rate, shares and comments on social media. And because there are so many different criteria, it would be unfair to make a ranking, so the list is sorted by subject and alphabetically.

Are posts about content, SEO, Email Marketing , ads, social networking , sales, procurement, customer success , analysis, growth hacking and other issues.


why invest in digital marketing

  • How to Make a Digital Marketing channel analysis in practice

Check out a suggestion of how to analyze the efficiency of its canals and taste of each ROI.

  • What marketing metrics actually measure the success of my business?

Many believe that marketing is just to “make smoke”, but certain indicators can measure the effectiveness of online actions.


  • Engaging your emails base using paid media

A quick tutorial on how to use the mainstream media paid (AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter and LinkedIn Ads Ads) to relate to its base and generate more results.

  • How to make an effective campaign and generate results with Facebook Ads Lead

Know what is the Lead Ads and check out a step by step how to create a campaign, including a simple and efficient hack used by the RD marketing team.



  • 13 types of content that you can produce for your blog

Meet 13 formats of content that you can use to your blog to attract more traffic and generate more results for your company.

  • Content Upgrade: How to produce posts with high conversion rates + 6 tips and real life examples

Check out 6 ways to create posts that convert well (with real examples!) And turn your blog into a strong generation channel Leads .

  • Metrics for blog: what we measure and how to analyze the results of RD blog

Check out some of the indications that we measure results in the Digital blog – and why we use it.

  • content production to generate leads: from idea to publication

Understand how the rich content production process we use in the Digital results and how to replicate the model in your company.

  • All about copywriting: what is good practice and why they work

What is copywriting and what is its importance in marketing? Read our post and see how to create it to fit in better with your audience.

Customer Success

customer project - cover

  • How to retain customers for longer: 11 Relationship ideas (+ examples of good practice)

The longer your client stays with your company, the more your cancellation rate reduces and hence your business gets stronger.

  • As applied behavioral psychology to improve the results of our customers

The team Implementation Success DR used the experience in serving more than 9000 customers to understand what behavioral psychology has to do with their success.

E-mail marketing

subject flashy email

  • How to create a good email: structure and metrics of the best campaigns RD

Know the structure and metrics of a good emailmarketing with examples of successful Digital results.

  • 9 creative examples of Email Marketing to inspire you

Here’s how some companies have achieved open rates and click above average innovative sending email messages.

  • Growth Hacking Email Marketing: as we do in RD + 7 experiments that have worked

A brief history explaining how increased 219% in the generation of Qualified Leads (MQLs) in just over a year.


seo - Traffic

  • SEO for Landing Pages: Tips and optimization examples!

To help you apply SEO techniques on your Landing Page and generate More Leads by organic search channel, we have prepared this guide with tips and optimization examples.

  • Site speed: how to test it and let your faster page?

The content of your site can even be great, but if the loading speed is not good, is that people will pay to see?


social networking news

  • How to manage social networks your company

Manage social networks involves several steps and is much more than just making publications. Meet some processes we use the RD and you can apply today in your strategy.

  • How the algorithms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Find out what are the main features of each of these algorithms and understand what makes sense from the point of view of attraction through each of these social networks.



  • How to approach opportunities and generate more sales events

Check out some tips to ensure that participation in events bring results for your company.

  • Using empathy in negotiations

As trading an interpersonal relationship, communication plays a decisive role in its success – and this is where we realize the importance of using empathy.

Strategies & other issues


  • 6 guerrilla marketing actions that bombaram in social networks

The strategy is used by companies who want to promote products and services unconventional way, creating a memorable experience for consumers.

  • Best practices for your business grow with the growth hacking methodology

Find out which are the premises and good growth hacking practices to facilitate the implementation of this methodology in your company.

  • How to hire the right people for your business

We share here as we run the selection process to build the team from DR, which has more than 400 people (at the time the article was written)

  • Avoid false Leads in their conversion forms and get more actual data

If you are suffering from poor quality data in your Leads or has many false Leads at its base, know that there are ways to reduce and avoid this problem.

  • House of Cards: Frank Underwood and used the Lead Scoring?

Learn a little more about Lead Scoring technique observing the political strategies adopted by Frank Underwood, the antihero of the series House of Cards.

  • Map of empathy: what it is and 6 steps to create a quality

The map of empathy is a feature that serves to draw the profile of your ideal customer based on his feelings; learn how to create your

  • Agile Methodology: What is + 6 reasons you use it in Digital Marketing projects

Meet some of the problems seen during projects and understand how the methodology will help you solve them.

  • OKR: what it is and how the methodology can help your company get more results

The method gained fame for having supported Google’s growth – the company was about 40 people in 1999 to over 60,000 today, showing that it can be used both for small businesses as for large corporations.

  • Audience, ideal client and buyer persona: what’s the difference?

Over time, different tools have emerged to assist in public awareness process, and this is what you will find in this post: peculiarities of some of these tools, examples and some important tips on its use.

  • Sell ​​ice cream in winter: 9 ways to work Inbound Marketing for seasonal markets

It will be possible to design strategies to be close to their Leads throughout the year in seasonal markets? Yes! See 9 ways to do this.

Enjoy this holiday season for a time of study. Select the topics you like and good learning!

Now, let’s stop. We will recess from today and back blog to be updated on the 2nd of January.

An excellent New Year to you and that 2018 will be even better!