The 12 Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Start To Follow

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The 12 Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Start following

Undoubtedly, those who work in marketing we feel the constant pressure to keep updated on new trends of consumers, markets and effective ways to achieve results in communication strategies.

However, this task of constantly seeking new and valuable information, can be somewhat overwhelming to navigate the network who continually monitoring the latest trends that allow us to exercise keep us at the forefront of digital marketing topics.

Luckily, amidst the universe of information circulating on the network, there is a format ideal for collecting valuable information quickly and with surprising clarity of explanation content: blogs.

That’s right, surely at some point you’ve met with some of them looking for precise on various topics such as cooking, crafts, ways to find the best hotels, in order information. The content you are reading right now happens to be a blog!

So that the issues are many, but the important thing is that you now have a list of blogs specialized and reliable on issues of digital marketing, content that allows you to receive that daily dose of fresh, relevant, well written and fun so that never again have to miss the intricate paths of all information flowing gush Internet.

We are ready? Bluntly we presented below the list of top 12 digital marketing blogs you should not miss:


  1. The blog of the Content Marketing Institute

This platform offers specialized marketing content in one place multiple resources to keep you updated on trends in digital marketing. Magazine, specialized articles, podcasts, e-books and reports that can be accessed for free by filling out a simple subscription form.

Content Marketing Institute


  1. Blog Social Media Examiner

    With a fun interface and a character who will guide you in exploring the world of digital marketing, this blog will help you take the quick tips on how to implement digital marketing strategies on different topics, focusing especially on the work that unfolds from the effective use of social networks and content generation. You can also access other materials such as audios, podcasts and social media reports that will make your digital marketing job in a safer place to succeed.
    Social Media Examiner blog

  2. Digital Marketing blog MOZ

    This blog specializes in providing information on digital marketing tools aimed at increasing the skill level in SEO positioning and effective use of measurement parameters of social networks, is the compass that will help new strategies to guide their actions and understand how to improve and get excellent levels of reach.
    Blog MOZ

  3. Blog Digital Marketing and Social Media of Postcron

    Postcron blog helps keep you updated of the latest trends in digital marketing to implement social networks. This blog is hosted on a platform that is responsible for providing tools to manage and schedule publication of content on social networks, so that the blog specializes in digital marketing topics through the treatment of content on social networks.
    With an easy to read format and content finder front line where you can access information from the use of categories , the platform also produces relevant material in the form of Webinars that can be accessed for free by simply signing, it is also can subscribe to receive e – mail directly to guides and downloadable files that can be useful to expand our own marketing company specializing in digital library.
    Blog Digital Marketing and Social Media of Postcron

  4. Kissmetrics blog 

    One of the most complex aspects of marketing has to do with the measurement of marketing activities and the establishment of benchmarks to monitor the effectiveness of the strategies. Luckily, there are blogs specialize in providing the best tips and tools about digital marketing analytics. In this context, Kissmetrics is one of the best in the field you can not stop consulting.
    Blog Kissmetrics

  5. SocialBakers blog

    Helping to maximize the potential of social networks. So this platform is aimed at generating presents data, analytics and social media reports regarding the performance of marketing strategies that are implemented in digital media. Accordingly, the blog focuses on providing content statistics regarding digital marketing and how to make the most of them also with a simple subscription page, you can access analytical tools to manage.

    Blog Socialbakers

  6. Influence blog And Co.

    This page has a blog that specializes in generating knowledge about insights marketing and consumer perceptions . Follow this blog is perfect for those who wish to complement their digital marketing vision about creating content and are particularly interested in meeting new trends in consumer behavior. Moreover, in this blog you can download whitepapers and research publications completely free markets, only a subscription to the platform enough so you can get your hands on the content and begin to make the most

    Blog influence and co

  7. Marketing Cloud’s blog

    This blog digital marketing will help you deal with a new perspective consumer study guide with specific content on creating consumer experiences . That is, the tendency to approach the consumer as someone looking for experiences is booming in the world of marketing, and the interesting thing about this blog is that it also has thematic digital marketing aimed at specific sectors such as health, insurance and banking . So, if you are already immersed in a specific sector of the economy and implementing digital marketing work, this blog can be the ace up his sleeve you were looking for .
    cloud marketing blog

  8. Uberflip Blog about Marketing Content

    On issues of digital marketing, new platforms that can be used as vectors of information and content are many and increasingly sophisticated. In this universe, a good strategist digital marketing must be updated content generation, have extensive knowledge of audiences and of course, knowing implement parameters to optimal management platforms and information devices through process automation digital marketing .
    uberflip blog

  9. Blog marketing tips, Smart Insights

    This blog features a wide variety of specialized content in digital marketing where the differentiating factor relative to other blogs on this list is the quality of their methodologies. Indeed , implementing an excellent digital marketing strategy through the use of methodologies to track processes and the level of compliance of actions to develop. Also in this platform you can download material and content marketing trends regarding management and web analytics.
    smart insight blog

  10. blog

    Certainly talk about digital marketing in the era of social networking is to talk about content well done, visually appealing and fast reading. This blog is specifically talking about infographics: How to create and make the most of them. Undoubtedly, an important issue who try to do the best content for audiences since the infographic is, for some time, the star content thanks to its teaching capacity and attractive as it allows presenting data and information difficult to recall form.
    Infogr blog


  11. Blog Design and Digital Marketing Canva

    Continuing the theme of the importance for any digital marketing strategy on delivering quality content and relevance for audiences undoubtedly the quality parameter in the new era of digital passes through the visual. In Canva and design school, you can access specialized information that will help you understand how to visually manage your content , give them an attractive look to woo your audience and generate high impact that can be translated into greater interactions and rotation of your publications . The interesting thing about this platform is that you can also access tutorials and other video formats to start successfully navigate the road design, without let go of your role digital marketing strategist.

Design School blog