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How we generate 7,000 organic visits in 90 days!

Say or say that one image more worth a thousand words , more After reading this you will power or dictate prove that is still very short.

And, to deny: content is the king of the internet, more or visual content is the king of social networks and soon you will be able to prove-what if he so.

Without too far go, study one of Wyzowl revealed that people remember 80% of that, but 20% of that alone LEEM . You have to take advantage of him, do not you?

Well, this simple reason which is why visual content should be a key part of your strategies for social networks . Because few words in, you can do your magic mark.

For example, imagine for a moment suddenly or organic reach of your publications increase, which generate more interactions, you start to receive more traffic on your site , your image brand begins to improve, people are in networks talking of that you face and , the cake cherry, their increase bands.

You can do all this and a lot more implementing strategies to social networks are based on good visual content .

Maaaaaas, such as occurs in all parties, not everything serves . So, are you wondering what are the 10 types of visual content that needs to include strategies of content in your, attentive stay! You will have a lot of work, and do good. And, well your business will thank you !

But before, let me get some more reasons to present you to bet in the visual marketing in of your strategy for social networks .

(And, until you continue or end, also the best.

Becoming curious? Just starting !!

gif - visual conteudo for social networks - postcron

Should you bet on the visual marketing strategies of your Content?

Do you know or Our Brain processes times an image 60,000 a faster than text ? Yes, you sure read: 60,000. Imagine Now you can all that given throw good have strategies for social networks and learn how to publish good in visual social media content!

And that is not only, or visual marketing and 40 times more on the susceptible be shared social networks . The reason is very simple: what is visual content attractive and offers value attracts interacts generates, sells and prune you lead to top . So you should make your own.

Or text-based content will always be an essential part of marketing and, without doubt, should be a cornerstone in your strategies for social networks, but is you want in the difference was of visual content, this should play a starring role .

Think About It: We have little time and are Practical, so it more intensely consumes little or content we can quickly and without assimilating effort, that is, visual content!

Without talking about the visual marketing that you shoot at will help two front competitors while givingyour brand personality (and with that it does not give to share!) .

But you are accurate or concrete, it says, here it is:

  • 90% gives information that reaches the brain and visual .
  • 79% two users only eye hair pass site (and 16% by Reads word word).
  • 65% of people are visual readers , second HubSpot poll.
  • The presentations with are visual support 43% more persuasive .
  • More 60% two consumers consider making contact with a company whose images appear local results we are looking for .
  • Another impressive given: can understand or mean visual element in less than 1/10 seconds.

Visual content - meme

And now that you already know why or visual content and important so in your of the strategies to social networks, we to that matters: what kind of ought you content breed for Call to attention and the Do it to improve you results of your business? Make a note of!

10 types of visual content that should you in your campaigns use marketing to social networks

1. Images

Images are either visual or quintessential content. Did you know that, one of the second MDG Advertising study , you posts that Contains receive 94% more images visits?

Undoubtedly, your images should head the networks to social strategies that refers to visual marketing.

In addition, they are easy to get highly shareable, reinforce to message that transmit and you want to help EMPHASIZES it. And, a little, they are well seo-friendly, so they are properly named by associating them with your Products and Services, I will help your brand to position us looking engines .

It is you want a step forward further, you can also bet we collages or Images sets, since that even more GERAM engagement that Images the individual; and, above all, make sure you are of good quality that and that have or logo of your name or site.

GoPro, for example, has an enviable profile does not Instagram, which is an exciting succession Images where daily publish Images captured with a camera of yours, thus leading your audience to travel or Kilimanjaro, travel aboard a sailboat that MEETS with a shark, or in the surfing Australian waves. A good way to seduce and loyalty plus 9.2 million followers, do not you think?

GoPro Visual content by Postcron

Tools for start : There are many websites and banks where images you can find attractive que Images are free and free like or Flickr or Morguefile , and there are also many applications que allow edit images to give a more professional touch like or Pixlr ,  Polarr , iPiccy and Phonto (the latter is available for smartphone). And, you want with Images raise overlay text, it’s a good alternative or Canva , which is one of the most complete and sure will’ll love it !

2. Videos

Second SEOmoz , those with posts are more than 3 times shared videos that I sing as text posts. It is like this: function in which is target of your strategies to social networks should choose you one or another video type that is focused on the tastes and needs of your audience.

You can raise institutional videos such as videos professionals of entertainment and even it you can generate audiovisual content , either with your smartphone, computer or digital cameras.

Ah! Try not to spend the two minutes duration is to keep so interested until the final hearing. No one watches you long videos very much!

The brand ‘s Lay’s is one of the best that uses two videos: it’s easy to find you on Facebook as well as on Twitter and on Instagram.

lays_video - by Postcron


Tools to start : Even social networks give you Possibility to upload videos directly using given platform, more you always can also GRAVEL-the account and your public- non YouTube for later share them networks – more keep in mind not Facebook, for example, you videos posted on the most social network own have visibility -.

3. Graphics and Tutorials

Some have given statistics that you or your audience want to transmit, there is no better way to use graphics than this, since that you communicate values ​​much more fast and visual way while facilitating the assimilation of information.

The same when you have to occur detailing instructions or doing explain how something. Remember we know that we are visual in the area I do, so you do not create that video tutorial in one or image in a text instead of 2,000 words?

That’s just what Telepizza did, showing in three simple steps how to eat their new Vulcano Nacho’s pizza, or the fashion brand Desigual, a CRIOU video showing that the different dress a scarf-ways  that they sell themselves .


Tools to get started: There are many tools to raise you can graphics and Tutorials without a specifying designer, PicMonkey or Piktochart , among others.

4. GIFs

Whom are we kidding? Everyone Likes two GIFs, which are very effective your team. So, that’s not using-the?

Also, people often do not have a time to watch video two minutes, but a GIF hard few seconds. (I.e.



Little if it were, these classic animations are a powerful tool for boosting or positioning a lot of your brand, since that increase or engagement, by that START-to in their strategies to social networks because until Twitter and Facebook have already entered the two fashion GIFs and incorporated automatic reproductions the benefiting so bet on them brands.

MailChimp or provider of Email services, it usually takes quite GIFs to interact with your audience. And works!


Tools to get started think it’s complicated raise GIFs are you your pull this idea from the head. You can do it in minutes (and even looking online) with applications like Giphy , Tumblr Creatrs or Imgur .

5. Memes

I memes arrived to FY. They are not only and are also OPERATION as popular, they attract traffic, they like the perfect share them – they are not to share social networks – and they are still very easy to breed.

In fact, it is already known as memejacking or with marketing memes; that is, when a company uses a meme idea with its own brand marketing make.

For this, it is vital to take advantage of the current Factor, and that is exactly what Snickers did or fotebolista when Uruguayan Luis Suarez bit Italian rival one in the World Cup 2014. Textually, they recommended: “the next team is hungry, a eat Snickers” marking or own player and adding or slogan “plus a satisfactory than Italian” . Or tweet about 40,000 retweets had.


Né already know: add fun experience Contents form meme in their Contents Strategies for social networks and prove the difference!

Tools to get started There are special programs to raise memes, Recite , Image Chef or Meme Generator .

6. Presentations or Webinars

Presentations or other Webinars are very visual way of social in the information sharing networks through events or lectures, but that are effective, and important are you concise and simplify to the maximum CONCEPTS you do that will speak.

LinkedIn, for example, has SlideShare , its own platform for raising and sharing the presentations directly.

It happens every time more companies bet or include in streaming videos presentations of their strategies of Contents, and even more after than or Twitter, using Periscope , and Facebook, using FacebookLive , began to allow live broadcast.

Arry ideal for relationship with their year Users the next level, so the PlayStation face: performs with Frequency Direct Transmissions do not Twitter using Periscope.


Tools to get started Want presentations Make you can use or Prezi , PowToon or or Slideshare . And for video streaming in, take advantage of the tools that social networks themselves offer.

7. Catches fabric

They are an excellent resource product catches for example, a help solve problem or simply share or evidence to prove something. Also, they are an excellent visual resource for social networks, are already Ideals to illustrate that guides and Tutorials!

In Postcron, for example, often by the opted cloth catches to show our audience the Do something visual, simple and comfortable way.

postcron tutorial

Tools to get started You can make screenshots or capture web using your own option or using computer programs such as Awesome screenshot or Jing .

8. Infographics

They are a tool I infographics powerful very much generates social noise that in the networks.

Only the given, publications the computer graphics that contains grow 12% more of that as that does not include, and of sulphate, we read 30 times more of you computer graphics that will texts a post . No doubt a good weight reason to include this type of content in your strategies for social networks.

Without further ado, 80% of the activity in the Pinterest repins 20% of the I content is originally bred , so customers Imagine how many can get to know you and you will find your breeding infographics themselves!

This is what Mashable face, and has a dedicated to infographics framework, where it combines fun content with other information, and so your interested maintains audience. Result? Your infographics board has over 191,300 followers!

mashable infographics - Visual contents by postcron

Tools to start: You can start raising your own infographics using applications like , Piktochart , or .

9. Drawings and comics

I have comics and drawings are easy to consume and understand, besides being a very potent form of attracting the hearing, this is a kind of visual marketing increasingly used in the brands of Content strategies.

Mr. Wonderful, for example, is dedicated to publishing always with positive messages on the permanent social networks, or or is permitting to grow ever more at the same time to his help getting way hearing and an optimistic fun. And look they got that humble a lot of way! Now, your 700,000 plus Facebook followers will not love it.


Tools to get started Perhaps complicated are you generate for or without a comics designer or illustrator in your business, the banks there are drawings and illustrations where you can find good resources like or Cartoonbank .

10. E-books

Or say two guides or e-books? They can be accessed any using the device and allow you in addition Share knowledge, yet helps you to improve your brand image and generate prospects.

You want to enjoy maximum pull or two e-books, create them including images and graphic resources, respecting the image and colors of your brand. Also, try not to go over the 20 pages, to already have a long e-book to your audience and you do not get their reach get goals.

Ah! And do not forget to distribute or content effective manner, since good content does not serve for nothing reaches up to your shared is not and audience.

The HubSpot, for example, many shares in the social networks guides, or you reach your help to target public:


Tools to get started To raise your own interactive guides books without one or your designer business, or better hire you are a designer that – Freelancer even if it is – will be able to pull it or maximum advantage. Make yourself be preferred, Prune use or Adobe Illustrator , although it is payment and returned to designers. Contrarily, you do a Prune use program that comes by default in your computer-for example, Pages, in the case of Mac or or also start using NeoBook , which is online and free.

8 Tricks of experts to raise or Better content in your Visual Networks strategies to Social

And now you already know that what are the 10 types of Visual content that should in your include strategies for social networks, we show Experts OS 8 Tricks will help you raise a better content to be able to Make the difference:

  • Before publishing a content, always have your ultimate goal in mind, already that concretize or want to help you know what kind of potentiate content.
  • Use text overlays Images in your, are still more shared that the Images (you can do it using or Canva or PicMonkey).


  • Your I invited followers to share your Products Images with services or – or something related to them –  Will generate much more Interaction!
  • Create a publication schedule like this that you can see online here and set of beforehand in when will publish every network. It is the best way of knowing that your Visual contents will be present!
  • Show people or have them by Tras of your business – such a photo of the office for vejam which has people “meat and bone” – This generates engagement and trust at the same time. A very well this Zara face on LinkedIn:


  • Choose the colors and types Images visually represent your brand and Use them in social networks.
  • Schedule your posts to save time. With or Postcron yourself to the time set Prune all your posts in various networks: Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn , Instagram and Pinterest . See the Do it ! You save time by using new visual contents for your strategy.
  • Use or appropriate size your in the Social content networks . I thought every network has its own measures , so that is its contents necessary to adjust ELAS. So, your you increase look like numbers.

Wow! Have envelope tips to get you started, do not you think?

Now you already know that everything or accurate to revolutionize your business thanks to the contents in visual strategies to social networks , manos to work! Prepare-and is to succeed. Because doubts without you or get second advice you are .

And before finishing, let me ask: was this content useful to you? Will it apply content types to their visual strategies to social networks? Your comments let it !!

And you liked that leu and learned was you, and certifies that adds value Share with your blogpost in social networks so that they can enjoy these all year maximum resources