The 10 Most Common Startup Mistakes on Twitter

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After Twitter started using domain on all the links , it began to appear as the site that brings most visitors to our blog. Just like Facebook, we believe that Twitter is a mature, with real benefits for your business network.

However, eager to take advantage of these benefits, many companies venture into the network without knowing the good most essential practices. For your company does not commit any slip, now separate the 10 most common mistakes of those starting out on Twitter:

Do not use a public account (open)

Great benefits of Twitter are the relationship and exposure. A protected account almost sends a message “do not want people to see what I’m writing, or share, or relate to me.” If that is the intention, your company should not even be on Twitter.

Never, ever, use protected accounts for a company.

Not customize the basic profile information

Not only the image is a great way to promote its brand and make people started to get used to its logo, but also transmits more professionalism. Nothing seems more amateur and beginner on Twitter than using the default image of the service (the “egg”).

Bio fill with something descriptive and a link to your website also helps people to identify your company and know what to expect from that account, thus helping to increase the number of followers.

However, do not worry so much about customizing the background. It has a small influence, as in the day-to-day people consume tweets on your own timeline on Twitter, that is, no one is viewing their profile frequently.

Disclose the profile without having much content published

No use putting the link to your profile on the home site, make any disclosure in other vehicles and expect the number of followers grow as your company has not published anything.

Usually when someone enters your listing, analyzes what were your latest tweets and identify whether or not interesting enough to follow you. If your company does not already have published anything, it is difficult to look interesting. Usually already we follow many people and no one wants to risk further following profiles without knowing what to expect.

Exit following people indiscriminately

A very common habit on Twitter is out following people in the hope that they follow back. The only problem is that owning a number of “Following” very disproportionate to the number of “Followers” conveys the image of a dull or even spammer profile.

If your company is using this tactic, at least ensure that:

  • The number of “following” never be much higher than the “followers”. We recommend a maximum difference of 100 people.
  • Try to read the bio and follow people who actually are related to your business, instead of clicking randomly.
  • Ensure that the mistakes previously presented are not being made. If your company has not customized the profile or have not published anything, greatly reduces your chances of being traced back.

Send direct messages automatically to all who start following

In this item we can say that not only beginners fail, since even experienced people in social media use this feature.

The problem with this kind of message is being extremely robotic and canned, and almost never useful. If anyone has to follow you, you must accompany the content that you share over time. No need to use direct message to promote your website or something else.

Not respond to mentions

The use of Twitter is meaningless if there is no incentive to the relationship. Except for celebrities and giant brands receiving an abusive number of mentions, it is recommended everyone to respond and remain close people that will help your company to spread the message.

Not maintain consistency in the subject and frequency

Twitter your company must stay focused on the theme market it and deliver relevant content in the area. Do not use the company’s profile to tell what they did over the weekend and especially to controversial topics like religion, sexuality and football teams.

Another common mistake is to enter only time or another. Get carried away and use a lot for a few moments and then forget the tool and not publish anything more will not bring any results for your company. Consistency is the key.

Spammear diverse people with a message

The social media are different from traditional marketing . Do not even try to use interrupt strategies here. Few things annoy more and seem so desperate to see someone doing this:
Spam on Twitter

Use scripts to gain followers

The error here is, in fact, be based on vanity metrics . You do not want thousands of zombies following you. His intention in social media is to create a community to read and share your content, and this is something that no script can help you.

Start to produce content and make people take an interest in you!

Not study how Twitter works and what its benefits

There are many companies entering the network without having clear goals and not understanding the simple rules of Twitter. This post gives some basic mistakes, but a greater mistake is not to go further and learn more about how to get good results.