Thank You Page: what is it, what are your goals and how to make a

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In our Leads .

Usually after this conversion, the new “Lead” is redirected to some other page, whether the home page of the site, the material itself in PDF or video, blogging, etc. What we recommend, however, it is that your company does not waste this moment just generate a Lead redirecting it to some of the pages mentioned above. A thank you page, or Thank you Page , can bring many benefits to your business and it is on this type of page that we speak today.

What is a Thank You Page?

In short, a Thank You Page can be defined as the final stage of visitor conversion process Leads .

This suggests that if a person viewing this page, it is no longer just an unknown visitor but a Lead which your company has the name, email, and any other data that has been requested in the Landing Page .

A Thank you Page, therefore, is the first contact a person has with your company after becoming a Lead.

As the name suggests, one of the main elements that can not miss on a Thank You Page is a message of thanks.

Regardless of what was offered for conversion – an eBook, seminar, product demo, etc. – your company should thank the Lead and tell him what will happen next, or receive the material by email, you will receive a call from a sales representative, among others.

This statement about what will happen then is just one of the two main objectives of Page Thank you: meeting the expectations of the Lead . Once that person has passed through all stages of the conversion process , that is, was attracted by the offer, was interested in her and performed the action proposed in the Landing Page, there is nothing fairer than to give that person what she is waiting.

Therefore, if your company offered, for example, an eBook, put a link to download at a very affordable place, where the Lead can view and click without searching for the page. The same goes for a more direct supply, such as a product demonstration. If so, be sure to tell the Lead in Page Thank you, that within X hours someone from commercial will contact you via phone, email, skype, etc.

Thank you message and call to action to download

Sample message of thanks and link to download the material.

This concern about the supply of Lead expectations is extremely important to leave a good impression and make the Lead have a good experience within the website of your company.

Objectives Thank you Page

Besides supplying the Lead expectations, the other major aim of Page Thank you is to provide him a way to continue browsing the site. As the Landing Page usually there is the navigation menu – just not to take the focus of the conversion form – the first step to make the Lead continue browsing the page of your company’s “return” to him the site navigation menu.

site navigation menu

site navigation menu.

It turns out , though, that the navigation menu is not the only way to make Lead continue on the site. Thank you like Page is a personalized page for the offer of your company, you have the power to suggest to the Lead what you want him to see then through the use of Calls-to-Action .

Of course you will not put 45 Calls-to-Action on the page. The same advice we give to the Landing Pages of the focus on conversion are also valid here, with the difference that in Thank you Pages, call this new conversion conversion .

This Call to Action for the conversion does not have to be a new offer or an attempt to sell something to the Lead. Remember, he just performed a conversion, and is often the first contact with your company, so it’s not interesting to be “pushing” a lot further information. It may be, for example, a request to follow your business on social networks, a request to share the material on social networks, etc.

Other suggestions:

  • Buttons to connect to social networks of the company;
  • Buttons to share the material on social networks;
  • Testimonials about your company or product;
  • Field to sign the blog of your company, both through email as RSS;
  • Links to some related articles on the blog of your company;
  • Banner promoting your seminar or event;
  • Space for feedback and comments;
  • Text or video explaining what your company or product does;
  • basic contact information (email, phone, address);
  • Quick Search opinion on a particular subject (1 or 2 questions with immediate results).

Anyway, it’s important that your Page Thank you answer the following question: “What now?”. When a Lead go through the conversion process and get on Thank you Page, it is extremely important that this question is answered, either through the suggestions given above, or via text or video.

Important: If in your Thank You Page there are buttons to share the material on social networks, be sure to configure them to make the tuitados links / shared point to the Landing Page as otherwise the people who come through these networks will not pass the conversion form.

How to make a Thank You Page

Before leaving his riding Thank you Page, it is important to think about it in “What Now?” Page. At present, there are basically two paths to guide the creation: customize according to the purpose of the company or according to the time of purchase of the Lead. This means that depending on the offer, it can be assumed if the leads are more or less qualified.

If your company solves create Thank you Page based on the goals themselves, it is important to use Calls to action and more general elements that are worth for any person independent of the previous Lead relationship with the company. Examples: space for comments, buttons to share and follow on social networks, related articles on the blog, etc.

Longer if the page is created based on the Lead stage, it is important to take into account the level of the material (introductory, intermediate, advanced) and even the prior Lead relationship with the company, that is, if this Lead’ve already used some material if it is already a customer, etc.

An example of implementation is easy when your company is launching a new material to generate Leads and send email marketing to your current base. In this case, it is interesting to do two Landing Pages and two Thank you Pages:

– A Landing Page whose link will be emailed to the current Leads base, along with a Thank you Page created with the awareness that Lead to reach it has already made some conversion on the site, or already know your company and is more susceptible to perform a new, more direct conversion.

– The other Landing Page, and your Thank You Page, must be prepared to receive those people who do not have a prior relationship with your company. Therefore, the Thank you page should be created knowing that most Leads who will get there first contact with your company.

The diagram below shows the process of creating and optimizing a Thank You Page: setting objectives and target audience, creation, testing and analysis points to be optimized.

Creation process Thank you Page

Thank you Mail

In addition to the Thank you Page, another issue that should be taken into account in a Lead generation campaign is the Mail Thank you. It is basically an email sent to the Lead at the time it performs the conversion on the site

In the case of email thank you, we recommend not to send anything more than necessary. How often this will be the first email that the Lead receive your company, it is interesting to be sent to a more personal level, only with text and even signed by someone from your company.

The big advantage of doing this is that, as the email will not be like an email full of pictures and “face who wants to sell” marketing, the Lead will not try to unsubscribe from your mailing at first, thus giving chance you send new emails nutrition.

The same goals of Thank you Pages are also valid here:

  • Lead meet the expectations, thanking interest in downloading and indicating to him the link to access the content;
  • Indicate the next step, saying, for example, to the Lead follow your business on social networks. What we suggest is not to give many options in the email, in order not to leave it too long and do the Lead “get lost” among the links.