Supersonic: 6 Lessons from Oasis on Content Marketing

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The documentary Oasis: Supersonic , released in 2016, entered in the catalog of Netflix Brazil. It chronicles the early years of Oasis, a group formed in England by brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher – respectively, guitarist and vocalist – in 1991. The band broke up in 2009 after a fight minutes before a show in Paris. The film, in turn, is winning awards and arousing a wave of nostalgia, especially the British, who now cheer for a meeting.

The Gallagher brothers have cultivated an image of troublemakers and representatives of the working class of Manchester in northern England – in fact they were both. The documentary shows very well how its origins helped in creating the Oasis phenomenon, which sold about 80 million records worldwide. The film also offers us some lessons Content Marketing . Do not believe? Then read on !

1. Success delay, do not give up early on

Oasis needed two years to get the attention of a record label and be successful. During this period, however, they continued writing songs and showing his work in small shows. That time was good, even to improve the quality of their output. “I kept writing songs until, one day, came out Live Forever,” says Noel Gallagher in the documentary, referring to one of the hymns of the British rock.

Similarly, if the first blog posts are not out and about, do not give up. Is that really the beginning of a Digital Marketing Work. You need some time to gain authority, readers and even fans like a good rock band. So keep writing posts and showing his work in the blog and social networks. Having good ideas and not share them with the world is the same as playing the guitar stand alone in your room, no one will know of your talent!

2. Establish partnerships

The moment that changed the lives of Oasis members came from an unlikely partnership. They shared the rehearsal studio with a band only call girls Sister Lovers, who invited them to open a show in Glasgow, Scotland. It would be just another night of rock and beers, but, by chance, there was Alan McGee, owner of Creation Records. Oasis played four songs, came off the stage and immediately received a contract proposal McGee, who was delighted with the attitude of the boys.

The tip here is to recognize good opportunities for partnerships in creating and publishing content, such as Co-Marketing . Do not be shy and seek partners that make sense for your market. His first big hit on the internet can come from the blog of a supplier who is already ranked higher in Google, or even a post Facebook friend!

3. Produce timeless content

Upon arrival to the stores Definitely Maybe , which became the debut album that sold more copies in its first week of release, the success went to the head of the Manchester boys. The confusions and controversies phrases began to stamp the tabloids and gain more space in the media that your music. Oasis had much impact, but ephemera, some of them even made on purpose by the brothers Gallagher – more for fun than for evil in general.

For this, however, Noel had a very interesting answer. “All this will be forgotten, but our records will be in stores forever,” he said. Today you could say that he was right, for songs like Wonderwall and Do not Look Back in Anger still well played on music apps and YouTube. Well, I could not imagine that he record stores no longer exist, right?

Production of content should also think of timelessness. The so-called evergreen content can generate access for many years to your blog. Does not produce posts thinking only of now because you can write about something that is an expert and gain authority on the subject over time. Make “remixes” to optimize content periodically , relaunching it and renewing the interest of your readers.

4. Do not pretend to be something that is not

The Oasis has won many fans for the energy and heavy sound of guitars on stage. At the time of recording the first album, however, the responsible producer left everything very “squeaky clean” more accessible. The documentary shows that this also happened on the second attempt, until someone has a suggestion: call the sound engineer of the band’s concerts, Mark Coyle, to recreate the atmosphere of the bars and clubs along with Noel himself. It went very well.

Similarly, show the truth of your business on your blog. You will only be successful if you are honest from the start with their potential customers. Not worth it, for example, attract a reader with a content that has nothing to do with your business for when Lead turn, it receives materials that do not interest you. Build an identity at all stages of their marketing strategy.

5. Know your audience

The Oasis was very clear who his target audience: young people who wanted to enjoy listening to music, but not tanned electronic scene that dominated England in the early 90. Thus, producing a simple, straightforward rock, with lyrics that talked about parties, excesses and the good old romantic love. “None of us was the best in the world at what he did, but together were amazing,” says Noel about the musicians in the band.

Just like the Oasis, you also need to know who will write. Build one or more personas to better target their production. That way, you avoid shooting in all directions and have more chance of finding people who are interested in what your business has to say (and sell). And remember: you do not need to be a rock star to shine on the internet but have to demonstrate knowledge and firm authority on the subject.

6. Write about their experiences

Besides singing about parties and fun, the Oasis also used the experience of life on the road to create new songs. The documentary shows a passage in which Noel leaves the group on their first US tour, after a shameful performance at the legendary club Whiskey a Go Go in Los Angeles. He fled and went to San Francisco to find a girl he had met during a show, and who had charmed. Guitarist just going back, bringing with him the inspiration to compose  Talk Tonight , one of the finest acoustic songs from the repertoire of the band.

You also can (and should) write about situations experienced by your company. Tell how you do your business, for example, should not be seen as delivering the gold to competition . Remember that you are trying to turn readers into customers, so if you show that you have experience in the market, will create authority. Also show success stories , proving that you can deliver what your needs Lead.


Amazingly, art and business have much in common. Within the chaos of life in the rock stars of the road may be a good idea for your business. In this case, we find parallels between documentary that shows the rise to success of Oasis, thanks almost exclusively to the songs they wrote, and a successful content strategy.