Sujan Patel tells how to properly invest in Content Marketing at Studio RD Summit

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Working with Digital Marketing 15 years ago, the director of Web Profits , Sujan Patel, brought interesting ideas about Content Marketing Summit 2017 to RD.

For someone starting out, he says he will have to face a lot of competition to stand out amid the existing noise. Therefore suggests focusing on quality.

“Do not bother to create volume, but on creating value and things that nobody has done yet.”

To do this, go beyond the articles is a way to innovate. But no need to delete the ones you already have: you can leverage this content turning it into audio, in a webinar or infographic , among many other formats.

In addition to changing the format, deepen these contents is another suggestion. “I, for one, took a eBook and became a 10 – week course. 15h will be content that came from a 20 000 word content, “illustrates.

For those on a more advanced stage of content production, the suggestion is to optimize the content you already have and think about what works and what does not work in your case before you invest in new formats. “I quickly eliminate what does not work,” he says.

Sujan Patel says often see companies investing in growth to 5 channels. “But look at Apple and the big companies in the world, they have 1, 2 or at most 3 channels, right?” He asks. “So do not try to create 10, what you actually need is to find its 3 channels.”

For those who already have 1 or 2, the expert is to spend some time thinking about new. “Normally step between 20 and 30% of my time thinking of channels, and the remaining time in existing channels, optimizing them and analyzing what works,” he says.

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