Studio RD Summit: Learn Todd Eby’s Tips for Hiring and Training Customer Success Professionals

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For those who are starting a customer area of ​​success in business, hiring can be an initial difficulty.

Todd Eby, founder of SuccessHACKER , a company that provides consulting, knowledge and talent acquisition, all focused on customer success, believes it is necessary to choose the desired skills.

“Often we see companies who wish to have all the skills in the same professional. So you need to hire a unicorn, “he says.

He also says that often the ideal CS for your company does not yet exist in the market and depending on the case, more worth hiring college just out people and train them according to your needs.

On retaining these employees, he believes the market Customer Success is very hot right now. So to stand out and attract not only how to keep these talents company, the tip is also talk about their organizational culture, as well as salaries and other benefits.

“You may be the darling where everyone wants to work one day, and may be the unicorn bankrupt the next day,” he warns.

Todd Eby also highlights the importance of stimulating constant learning professionals as a way to keep them excited.

“It’s not always the money or the structure, sometimes it’s because they have nowhere to grow, lack career plan,” he concludes.

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Todd Eby also talked about:

  • Challenges to hire and train people for the CS area;
  • How to structure a client area of ​​success in the company, starting from scratch;
  • What are the different stages through which a Customer Success area passes.

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