Studio RD Summit: Jacco vanderKooij counts on how to make the customer’s experience memorable

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For Jacco vanderKooij, founder of Winning by Design , a company that helps other companies structure their sales, how to buy people go through major changes, which influences, of course, the work of sellers.

“People do not like selling things to them, but they love to buy. So why not help them to buy, educating them? “He asks.

For him, it is important to know how to balance persuasion with information about the product or service offered. It is common in sales the first attribute is prioritized at the expense of the second. But for him, when this happens, the seller tries to compensate for the lack of information to answer customer questions using persuasion.

We believe more in conversations, to ask questions and listen when your client says something and when you say what is important to him.

This is also important to receive information from other customers, since, according to Jacco vanderKooij, “the customer will remember the service you received, will tell others if you was helpful and cared.” For him, it matters as much as the quality of the product offered.

He also commented on the changes brought about by the SaaS companies that require sales areas to adapt. “The SaaS goal is to get the customer to triumph,” he says.

“We are launching a new generation of salespeople. They are more lively, younger and able to use this technology. What we need now, as in general managers, 30, 40, 50, is to adapt “concludes.

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Jacco vanderKooij also talked about:

  • The differences between the model of SaaS and traditional sales;
  • How to adapt the sales team to radical change brought by SaaS companies;
  • Practical tips to motivate salespeople.