Studio RD Summit: Camilo Coutinho gives tips on how to make videos and optimize them for SEO

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Although for years many people come pointing the video format as a trend, it seems that many companies have not yet started to invest in the format. It is still much more common that a company has a blog than a YouTube channel, for example.

For the specialist Camilo Coutinho, this is because many companies still think that this content will not bring sales they need. So leave the video as plan B.

“Roughly speaking, I understand that, because if you make an AdWords a Facebook Ads has a faster result and shorter; if you make a video, you have a result a bit slower in the medium and long term because you will captivate this audience, only while this result is much more continuous “, compare.

This long term content justifies the higher initial investment, since it is necessary to have editing, light, audio etc.

He exemplifies citing the case of his clients – Camilo Coutinho is founder of Double Play Media and creator of the channel Silver Play – they made videos in 2015 and are still selling with the same content.

My Videos are selling my company at any time of day or night, and that’s what we need to understand: the videos are perpetual sellers.

Camilo Coutinho disagrees with those who say that videos are trend: for him, are already a reality, and who did still not late. “Everyone says that is the year of the video, but no one puts their hands dirty. It seems that are hoping will show a TV crew the door saying, look, it’s the year of the video, we will make video “jokes.

The Camilo Coutinho tip is to start now, “if you liked the talk [that Camilo Coutinho presented in RD Summit ], makes a live one minute, two minutes, talking to people, this will help in the engagement, they will see you’re there, and then you can talk about your product, your service or what is best for you. “

Watch the full interview:

Camilo Coutinho also talked about:

  • Advantages of companies to invest in audiovisual content;
  • How to start investing in videos;
  • What is lean production ;
  • How to integrate the videos with other channels such as Facebook and Instagram;
  • How to stand out on YouTube;
  • Which metrics matter in the largest social network in the world videos;
  • video trends for 2018.