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The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) allows you to have a secure site to offer its customers. By using this feature, visual signals clearly express the user that your site is authentic and reliable. More than that, the use of this resource provides practical benefits, as a favor in Google ‘s search ranking and a better analysis of your website traffic.

You may be wondering: how SSL works? . All this is thanks to the security encryption, an old technique to encrypt messages that is being improved every day through a process involving key (a public and a private one) to encode and decode the meaning of the data. The encryption is unique to each pair of keys, and the encrypted information with the public key is available only for those with the corresponding private key and vice versa.

use ssl site

Of course, in the case of sites or applications that manage sensitive data, such as numbers related to credit cards or documents, the use of SSL is not only important as vital. Thanks to this feature, you can be sure that the data exchanged will not be intercepted on the way. However, in this article you will see that there are benefits even for sites that are not online stores and not depend directly on the exchange of sensitive data.

6 reasons to enable SSL certificate

Provide data security

As mentioned above, this is the main reason why the certificate is usually activated. In addition to the aforementioned protection of data exchange, SSL helps prevent the practice of phishing. This cybercrime happens when hackers send emails to customers of a particular company imitating official communications. There are two possible forms of attack: criminals can include a link in the email to their own websites (trying to pass by the official) or can use their site’s official business as a means to copy the information exchanged during the transaction (with a criminal following the communication). In both cases cited, SSL can protect both the client and the attacked company.

Increase trust

Many web users already know the importance of SSL; even not knowing him by name, many people fail to recognize the visual signs of a secure site. The signs are many: your web address uses an “s” the most at the beginning, from http to https. Besides, who are surfing can identify other signs, such as a padlock symbol, the green color in the address bar and a secure site seal. These signs communicate respect for privacy and care of the navigation data of visitors to your site, promoting confidence and strengthening ties with your audience.

use ssl site

Offer payment option with credit card

If you have a business whose payment is online, SSL is essential feature so that you can offer more payment options to their customers. According to a survey released by Paypal , over 80% of users use credit cards to pay for their online purchases safely. In addition to the use of the credit card provide access to payment in installments and without interest, there is an inherent safety associated with their use. However, most credit operators requesting the SSL certificate installed on the site so that you can integrate your systems and offer this method.

optimize SEO

There are many ranking factors that appear in the algorithm Google . Since 2014, SSL has been announced as one of the signs that benefit the positioning of websites. This official announcement came with the expansion of the promise of this factor over time, with the explanation that that moment would be a slight benefit “gained less weight than other factors such as the quality of the content.” To have your site with SSL appearing in searches, it is very important to take certain precautions, such as not to block indexing of your site through the robots.txt file and allow indexing pages whenever possible, avoiding the noindex tag in your code.

more accurate Analytics data

Sites that do not use https lose data on the traffic they receive. If a site that uses secure browsing uses a reference link to an unsafe site, the analysis tools (such as Google Analytics) will show it as a direct access, ie, as if someone had entered the site in bar Adresses. This is because sites http can not receive reference data from https sites. Fortunately, the opposite is not true. If you have a site that uses SSL, you will be able to see these reference data, whether visitors come from a safe site or not.

Installation is easy and free

The use of SSL has been democratized thanks to an initiative called Let’s Encrypt. This movement promotes the free SSL certificate and open source, and is used by 3.8 million sites worldwide and supported by companies like Mozilla, Facebook and Cisco. In addition to free, the KingHost, hosting company Brazilian, integrated installation to the control panel, including customers of shared hosting. Thus, the use of SSL, which was previously associated with implementation and maintenance costs, is now easily accessible.

Features Let’s Encrypt :

  • A free software that can be installed in all areas;
  • Easy installation via the control panel;
  • Automatic renovation;
  • Uses high safety standards in its encryption;
  • It works without the need for dedicated IP;
  • It is compatible with all major browsers in the market.


The proper use of security technologies can strengthen the trust of your customers in your brand. Among other practical reasons, the use of SSL certificate certainly gained ground and was boosted thanks to the project Let’s Encrypt. Do not miss the opportunity to use a free service and many advantages that can be used in favor of your business. For those with site in WordPress , targeting optimization and results, there is a special plan that SSL is already enabled with the hosting plan.


This entry was written by Leonéia Evangelista, content analyst KingHost .