Sources for you to create good content

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How to discover bright sources for you to create good content?

We separated interesting tips to help you in the production of content:

Understand your audience – audience

First thing to do is to understand who you will write your post.

Before you start writing, you need to understand your target audience, your Buyer Persona .

The Buyer Persona is the simulation of your target audience and in this article you can find more details about it.

If you have never set a Buyer Persona , what you can do is begin to define, within an Excel spreadsheet even, some characteristics of your ideal reader.

So when you write, you think it and the communication will be more fluid.

The information needed to define your target audience are:

  • Demographics;
  • City;
  • Income;
  • Have family;
  • What he seeks in his post (entertainment, information, etc).

I also suggest to a specific name to your Buyer Persona , so it will be easier to write it in your head

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generation process of your post

Set your target audience, you can start looking for sources of ideas for your post.

 Type of posts

Depending on the target audience, your post may be:

  • education;
  • DIY – how to do;
  • E-book;
  • whitepaper;
  • webinars;
  • Video;
  • lists;
  • infographics;
  • reviews;
  • cases;
  • interviews;
  • Researches.

Let’s see now where to look for sources for their content.

1. Look for more than keywords Topics

Always less good optimization is done solely on keyword basis. Always more is made in the topic basis.

What does that mean?

Of course, you need to research which keywords are most interesting, crossing search volume and level of competition. However, each keyword has its semantic variation (the technical term is LSI: Latent Semantic Indexing ).

A very common mistake is to develop content for each semantic variation of the same word.

The same is true in e-commerce. It is quite common to have pages of different products for each LSI.

This is not good for a SEO project and ends up hurting your ranking.

What is best to do is to work the various LSIs in the same content (or the same product page). If you want to create more content related to the same topic (see, Topic said, not keyword), this case is suitable to work a different post for a  different long tail .

For example, imagine that you have an e-commerce wine and want to add to a blog to ranking order, working the topic red wine.

Semantic variations can be:

  • Nectar Bacco;
  • fermented grape extract;

These variations should be worked interchangeably in the same post or same product page.

Now some long tail keyword would be:

  • Price variation of red wine on the market;
  • Where to buy a good red wine;
  • How to harmonize the red wine;
  • Etc.

He understands the difference between LSI and long / topic tail?


After writing, walk away and leave the sediment post at least one day.

Set a time limit to your creativity.


2. List ideas and topics to be discussed

Now that you understand how to approach the keywords, start making a list of topics related to the keyword that you want to treat.

If you do not have many ideas, you can enter a keyword in Google. It will already give you some suggestions.


See video tips to generate new ideas for your content:


As your goal is to rank in the first page of Google , you need to offer better content than the guys who are already there. However the first Google page URLs are there as address issues of interest to the reader. This is the best way to find the kind of subject matter.

Then I suggest, open all ranqueadas URLs on Google’s first page for a given keyword and analyze all the subtitles of each post.

To optimize this time can open each URL in a new tab of your browser. Also, as you supposed to know how to develop the issues, you only need to know what matters most the final player.

Entering each of these articles-ranked on the first page, do not need to read the whole post, just identify the addressed subtitles and record them to your post. Now the challenge will be to write something that is more relevant and interesting than the article that is on the first page.

You could integrate this research, looking at Google outside Brazil, so you’ll have indications treated arguments that perhaps were not addressed here. So you will be pioneering in this matter.


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3. Pictures and Video

Having an idea, a concept or a subject, turn it into something visually striking to awaken the curiosity of the Internet.

Content can be text, image, video.

Clearly your Blog will mostly text content .

However it is good to integrate this content with images and videos.


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This is not only necessarily to SEO , but also, above all, to engage more with your reader.

Remember that each video image and the more leaves his post to carry heavier and needs more attention when optimizing.

So, for example, use photos and videos, yes, but only if they may add information to your reader.

For example, if you are writing about how to solve a technical problem, you’re talking to someone who wants to optimize his time in the solution search. So save the post of fun and gifs images.

Longer if you’re writing something fun kind for someone looking for entertainment, but it is a gif, etc.

If you use a gif or third image, to lighten the post, instead of loading the file is indicated simply replicate the URL of the image or file on your content.

Same thing goes for the videos. The suggestion is always to load the video to your YouTube channel and share from it.

Another suggestion is to let the images always in the middle of the post, or to the left or right.

Thus loading and reading the cell will be easier.



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4. Literary Inspirations and readability of the text

Remember that you are not writing a book, but a blog post.

I mean, from time to time it is good to use quotations and poetic licenses are his signature. However, do not overdo it. No use looking for literary inspirations that your user will not appreciate. Not because he is dumb, but because it is not in micro-time consuming format soap opera content.

Then use mostly short sentences, many subtitles in H2 format, to guide the reader (and the search engine as well).

If you use one platform WordPress for your blog, I suggest to install the free plugin Yoast that will help you both in the optimization of the post, and in the evaluation of readability.

Another thing you could do is the Flesch readability test  that will tell you how the post is easy to read.


5. Numbers, graphics and fonts.

Many blogs say that it’s cool to have infographics.

However, creating infographics has underestimated costs, both in the search for data, and in creating something that makes the numbers in a nice visual.

The point is that an infographic is one of the largest sources of backlinks , we know how among the main indexes to increase the authority of your site.

Even if you enter the content of a third and link to it will be as if you tagueasse in Social Networks . He will know that you exist and you will make content for your post.

Probably other Bloggers will do the same with your content.

However we can not estimate how many will share your information and the quality of the link that you will receive and how it will impact the increase in visits to your site.

So I suggest this approach work in a second time, as your blog already has a discrete number of visits (10,000 / month or more). It is a technique more to strengthen the relationship with your audience, than the disclosure itself.


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6. FAQ

Usually this is a separate area of ​​your site, but it’s good to consider your potential customer’s questions.

You and the team of your business daily answer common customer questions about your product or service, make these questions in an FAQ and generate relevant content.

It should be noted that more and more search engines look for information to answer questions. So much so that a good way to write a title of your blog is to start with a question.

For example, imagine that your post is about wine tasting. A potential title can be:

  • learn how to taste a wine, or
  • which means tasting a wine or
  • What exactly is a wine tasting.

This further worth now that more and more searches are done by voice . Then your user demand for ever more questions. It is good to optimize his question.

7. Invite external collaborators to write content

Do interviews with experts


Your team must have an expert on every subject, no? Chat with people who know more than you, within your own team on a specific topic, can be a rich source of new articles to your blog.

Invite employees to help feed its contents. It may be people who write content for you, but also coescritores providing content creating a partnership.

To implement this strategy, you might consider creating a collaborative area within your blog, for those who want to show their own competence in a sub-segment of its business.

You can change visibility that you will give to the content producer with content that it will share with you, perhaps oferendo the opportunity to link to his site.


To learn more about this technique of Micro-influence marketing , mini watch this video.



8. Turn internal presentations on SlideShare or e-book via Beacon

Another point to consider is the controversial publication of e-books .

You will read in several Blogs that is very good to make and disseminate e-books to capture leads and show their competence. What many of these Blogs speak it is not how much it costs to generate an e-book and that result will be able to estimate it and how long ….

Indeed, many posts talk of creating free e-book , clearly not considering the biggest expense in production: your time.

I am not against just think it considered the time it will take between writing, review, edit both the text and the graphics, creating lead magnets to capture leads and also, above all, the qualification of these leads , it only makes sense to work in large amounts of contacts, in which a low percentage of interested generates a high value of absolute contacts.

However, if you work with contact lists and 10,000 or more, you may consider this approach. In this case we suggest using the beacon for creating e-books, it is a free tool and comes with several templates ready to use and you can create e-book from a post of your blog posts or integrate multiple and complementary them with external information.

You can publish presentations and work your business on SlideShare, increasing the impact of its contents and leaving visible to others.


See video qualify leads from your contact base.


9. Post your internal templates. Maybe they are useful to others!

Share your creations so that people can use and abuse!

Do not limit yourself to your content, but it’s good to share your process so that no one reeinvente the wheel.

NoTopo one of the values is that  knowledge has no owner. Each to learn something, have an obligation to share with others.

You can do the same by sharing this post or opining in the comments down here.


Here are some tips to find ideas for your blog because you may have the field of affairs in its class, but finds it difficult to understand exactly wanted points better address and so introduce them to your target audience.

This post is based on the fundamental principle not to outsource the production of content.

I never outsource the post production for digital marketing, for the best journalist or producer of content, can be very good writing, but you need to pass the Blog is your knowledge of pain and its field of medicine and only if you  picks up on a daily basis  can actually understand it.

If not become a process of existing research information.

Is that you? Do you agree? Disagree? you opine? Leave a comment down here.