Social Networks: How important are they?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others. Today not having a presence on social networks is not an option. Or if. But surely you lose many opportunities for personal and professional level.

Social networks are a key position yourself as a professional and promote your work tool. Much of the time spent on Internet at destine to visit social networks. Your customers are no exception, and are also there. You can not stay outside!

If you are building your professional identity online, it is important to go step by step. And to begin, it is essential to have very clear that focus want to give your business, who will be your customers and how you will position yourself . You’ll create your online identity on a sustainable and solid, long – term basis. Your positioning strategy must be well thought out and implemented😉

You’ll wonder how social networks help you in this process of creating “personal brand.” Then let ‘s look at some of the benefits you report having presence in social networks:


Public information on social networks, contacts and friends see it and share it with third parties, who in turn will send it to other contacts and so on. With little effort you can reach a large number of potential customers interested in your business.


Having a presence on social networks helps you to be connected directly with your customers. You have your audience there, you know what they think, what you could improve; dialogue is nearby and helps you have a much deeper knowledge of their thoughts and needs.

Personal branding

The social networks are a key position yourself as a professional and publicize your work leg. Hand with offline techniques make the perfect mix to build your reputation online .


The proximity and direct dialogue provides you interaction in social networks creates a bond of trust very positive and helps consolidate labor relations. The listen and be aware of the needs of your customers strengthens the bond and gives them security.


Social networking sites are very useful to keep in touch with colleagues and specialists. Along with forums and chat rooms are a very good alternative to exchange information, be aware of job opportunities and stay updated.


You can also use social networks to detect useful data and information for your profession. Access statistics, news stories, videos, reports and analysis is essential for the growth of your business.


Social networks are a convenient way to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in the sector in which you drive.


Know what your colleagues are working is key to identify opportunities and possible partnerships that benefit both parties.

Having a presence on popular social networks adds you a lot, but do not forget that there are other resources to give visibility to your work and build your brand. You more tips on how to promote your work as a freelancer and 3 ways to gain visibility