Social Networking Images: Which Formats and Sizes to Use?

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According to a survey from eMarketer, made in 2017, one-third of the world population is active in at least one social network. So it is natural that these channels fulfill a central role in communication products and services.  

Much of the effectiveness of your message is linked to the visual communication.

Social networks of images make the interface between the brand and the user, through an information and often encouraging his desire the item you are selling.  

Therefore, in addition to well-produced, the images need to be in shape and size required by each network, so that content is considered relevant by algorithms and displayed to the greatest possible number of people.

Learn shapes and sizes ideal for doing ugly on your social networks!   


The Facebook is the most used social network in the world with over 2 billion monthly active users. Only in Brazil are 113 million users per month and 8 million per day.

Despite a recent change in their algorithm , the network continues valuing posts that generate genuine discussions between users.

Keep up with the specifications of formats and images to this social network.

Image profile

The photo profile is one of the items that stand out in the business page.

So be sure to choose an image that generates immediate identification between the follower and your brand.

Size / shape:

  • Minimum 180 x 180 pixels;
  • The picture appears on the page in the format of 160 x 160 pixels on the timeline, 32 x 32 pixels on the smartphone.  
social networking pictures - logo image Hotmart

Source: Profile image of Hotmart page

Cover image

The cover image appears at the top of the page and should converse with her image.

Size / shape:

  • Recommended size: 820 x 310 pixels;  
  • Minimum size: 399 x 150 pixels;  
  • JPG files;
  • The file size should not exceed 100 KB;  
  • Images with logos or text must be in PNG format to avoid losing quality.

social networking pictures - banner image FIRE Festival

shared pictures

Shared images are those posted directly from a computer or mobile device.

Size / shape:  

  • Maximum of 1200 x 630 pixels;
  • Appears in the feed to the size of 470 pixels;

social networking pictures - post the image FIRE Festival

shared links

When you share a link from your blog or a video YouTube , Facebook displays automatically a thumbnail. This image should also fit certain criteria.

Size / shape:

  • Recommended size: 1200 x 627 pixels;  
  • square photos should be at least 154 x 154 pixels;
  • rectangular photos, minimum size 470 x 246 pixels.

social networking pictures - image of a post on facebook

Event image

Whenever you create an event, you need to select a display picture for him, that behaves similarly to a page cover image.

Size / shape:

  • 1920 x 1080 pixels;
  • The file size should not exceed 100 KB;  
  • Images with logos or text must be in PNG format to avoid losing quality.

social networking pictures - picture of an event on facebook

Image sets

Groups are great tools to foster discussion and create a closer dialogue with customers.

Size / shape:

  • 820 x 250 pixels.

social networking pictures - image of a group on facebook


Despite having fewer users than Facebook (800 million), posts on Instagram reach a commitment up to 4 times higher, according to the study conducted by social monitoring firm Socialbakers .  

To be a mobile application that migrated to the desktop later, the shapes and sizes of the images on Instagram must be produced considering that the user is viewing that content by smartphone .

Profile picture

The administrator of the page to choose centralized images, since the picture is displayed with a circular cut.

Size / shape:

  • 110 x 110 pixels;  
  • Proportion square.

social networking pictures - logo image Hotmart


Instagram recommended post images with square proportion because of the smartphone screen format, but the user can also share photos and videos on vertical and horizontal format.

Size / shape:

  • square images: 1080 x 1080 pixels;
  • vertical images: 1080 x 1350 pixels;
  • horizontal images: 1080 x 566 pixels.   
social networking pictures - image of a post on Instagram

Source: Instagram of Hotmart

social networking pictures - image of a post on Instagram

Posts in Stories

On Instagram, you have the option to publish a video in your timeline or share it on Stories .  

Size / shape:

  • 750 x 1334 pixels;
  • Videos with a maximum duration of 10 seconds.


YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, second only to Google. Last year, network statistics showed that all users added attend on average 1 billion hours of video per day.

Faced with so much variety, you need to invest in quality content and apply some SEO techniques specific to the platform if you want to rank well your videos.

Check out the pictures to YouTube recommendations.

Profile picture

YouTube allows you to select any profile picture. But if you have a corporate channel, we recommend that you use the logo of your company, to enable your customers and potential customers to recognize you easily.  

For those who work as digital influencer , the image should reflect the content of your channel and be in tune with their profiles on other social networks.

social networking pictures - logo image Hotmart on Youtube

Size / shape:

  • 500 x 500 pixels;
  • JPG file.  

Cover image

The cover image should have the same visual identity profile photo, and both should reflect the editorial line of your company.

Size / shape:

  • 2560 x 1440 pixels for desktop;  
  • 1855 x 423 pixels for tablets;
  • 1546 x 423 pixels for smartphones;  
  • 2560 x 1440 pixels for smart TV.
social networking pictures - banner image FIRE Festival

Source: Hotmart Channel on YouTube


The thumb is the cover image of your video, it is what is displayed when the user is doing a search.

The user who posts the video has the option to go up an image created by him or let YouTube to select a frame to be on display.

Despite being a bit more work, we suggest you to produce your own thumbnail, for then you will have more customization options.

Size / shape:

  • Resolution 1280 × 720 (with a width of 640 pixels);
  • Image formats: JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG;  
  • Up to 2 MB;  
  • Ratio of 16: 9.

social networking pictures - thumbnail image on Youtube


In addition to the care of the images, you should pay attention to the format of the content sharing on YouTube, after all, we are talking about a service streaming videos .  

Size / shape:

  • minimum resolution of 1280 x 760 pixels (in the case of HD videos);
  • 16: 9 ratio.


The professional network is one of the best channels to communicate institutional messages to business partners or recruit professionals to work with you.


But for a professional image in your profile on LinkedIn , you need to take some care with the content you share and with the appearance of your page, after all, the first impression is the one that is.

Cover image

  • 974 x 330 pixels;
  • Maximum size 2MB;
  • Formats: PNG, JPG or GIF.


Profile picture

  • Recommended resolution 400 x 400 pixels / minimum resolution 300 x 300 pixels;
  • Maximum file size 4 MB;
  • PNG, JPG or GIF.

Business banner image (display picture of your profile)

  • Minimum 646 x 220 pixels;
  • Maximum 2 MB;
  • Horizontal layout;  
  • PNG, JPG or GIF.


  • Posts with images: 520 x 320 pixels;
  • Posts with shared links: 520 x 272 pixels.
social networking pictures - Hotmart the page image on Linkedin

Source: the Hotmart Page

Google Plus

Google Plus is Google’s social network.

It behaves similar to Facebook, but it contains some features that may enhance communication with your audience, as the function of circles in which you group contacts from a common feature.

Profile picture

  • Recommended resolution: 250 x 250 pixels;
  • JPG, GIF or PNG.  

Cover image

  • 1080 x 608 pixels;
  • Minimum of 480 x 270 pixels / Maximum 2120 x 1192 pixels.

shared pictures

  • Minimum 497 pixels / Maximum 2048 x 2048 pixels;
  • Thumbnail: 150 x 150 pixels.
social networking pictures - Hotmart the page image on Google Plus

Source: Profile of Hotmart


The Pinterest is a social network that lets you share videos and photos, and group them in different murals from a common theme.

The user can also give pins in photos of other profiles, instead of doing photo uploads, creating a true inspiration panel.

Due to its features and usability, it is not a proper tool for all business models. But it can be used, for example, to tutorials featuring sharing techniques or products.  

Profile picture

  • 165 x 165 pixels;
  • Maximum size of 10 MB.

Wall Cover

  • 222 x 150 pixels Maximum / Minimum 55 x 55 pixels.   


  • 236 pixels wide (not limiting height).   

social networking pictures - image of a profile on Pinterest


The Twitter has a limitation of 280 characters per post that requires the user to be more concise in your message. This is exactly where you can use the images to complement the information and engage your page’s followers.

See, then, the ideal format for this network.

Profile picture

  • square proportion;
  • 400 x 400 pixels;
  • Maximum size 100 MB;  
  • Formats: JPG, GIF or PNG.

Cover photo

  • 1500 x 1500 pixels;
  • Maximum size 10 MB;
  • Formats: JPG, GIF or PNG.

shared pictures

  • Minimum 440 x 220 pixels / Maximum 1024 x 512 pixels;
  • Maximum size 5 MB for photos, 3 MB for videos and GIFs.

Take care of your visual communication

The images, along with the design, are as important as the text in time to pass a message and engage your followers.

With this guide, you will be prepared to make an attractive communication and generate genuine discussions on their social networks. Feel free to refer to it whenever you want!

It is important to remember that the recommendations we share in this post to help reduce distractions for the user and increase soaking it in your content. But they only make sense if you apply them on networks where your target audience is present and track the performance of its publications, forever propose improvements.

We hope that this content has helped you. If you are interested in the subject, we also suggest that you read our article teaching you how to pick good images for your ads !