Social Media Strategy: 6 Simple Steps to Bomb on the Web

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You may have already heard of the presence of a brand on Social Networks: your target audience is online , waiting for you. Well note: many there are your benefits business team create your and execute the social media strategy . It’s exact on or Today the article goes deal.

And, to avail you all year maximum efforts of the actions of online marketing as well and you should think make a smart plan . Following, I will explain the raising your Social Media Strategy step by step and get specific for your business Advantages.

Step 1: Define objectives of your strategy Social Media

I said before, to presence in the Social Networks is not only for useful to visibility to your brand, but to work to image also of your enterprise.

Now, see are which you can attain objectives using a good Social Media strategy . It is time to establish goals and understand what your company’s needs are. I often say that economizes planning time during execution, even more that needs prior resources; obvious: they are the best results.

Those of your strategy Social Media can be:

  • Improve customer service : public Your online service, and so should you. Social Networks can help you and your clientele. It is one of the best means to answer two questions from your customers , all with a team as long as well trained and well trained staff.
  • Increase Web Traffic: A Possible Guidance Is Your Social Media Strategy and Place Attractive Content that links have your page’s torque. It is use the social networks like source tickets new visitors.
  • Promote Brand Presence: Case you from your recognition look at Social Networking brand, focus on the creation of Quality Content . Mirror your identity in your content, that will be your image in the commercial networks. In addition, connections create between popular users – so-called influencers – to amplify or scope your message between your target public.
  • Improve the bands : Social networks are your Ideals to promote Products or services. In this sense, or by attention at the best is frequency of publication of Contents and placed the links to pages you want to promote. You can present Collections, available Products offers, packages …
  • Customer loyalty : Finally, your social media strategy is ideal to reinforce your relationship with your audience form. It was a one time time purchase, it is time to add value to your picture and other channels interact by other than the bandages. Answer all queries and comments as they appear, THAT posture helps raise one with your confidence relation of followers and increases as you come back possibilities that this client and choose the best one – you.

Step 2: Get to know your target audience

Now you already know that you want to make or where you want to go, arrived or when identifying characteristics from your online audience. What do you say? Think of a television programming: the National Newspaper know for who is talking, with their in social networks channels, will be the same thing.

The idea is to select the related contents to your public, you have to fit just two readers with your or profile. And not you kid yourself, or people are just wanting to be and better.

Remember that in the purchase process, several factors intervene: who decides (or chooses or to be purchased), or influencer (who interferes in the decision purchase) or buyer (who pay) and the user(who is intended or product).

There are products characters which are the same us all Person. For example, when someone goes to buy a drink for their lunch. Meanwhile, it has products that you actors have compounds, for example, when someone will buy diapers. Whether you decide maybe mae, is one of the Possible influencers or pediatrician, or serious buyer or pai and, obviously, or serious user or drink,

In these cases, it is essential to define who is intended to your message. In the focus mission, soldier; a team you characterize or public your, it will filter Contents shall in that particular actor’s function (s). In other words: add value is very important. I thought you should provide useful customer information (entertainment, relevant info, etc.).

I insist fact not know exact to whom a is speaking by simple reason: or objective and be remembered. Let’s say a client’s mind is Google, you’ll get in on the first positions of his mind is to rank search engine. And for a break, do not give process of identification to the audience, prepare one list to get more easy:

Or you should know about your perfect public target

Step 3: Make a Social Media Audit to know your in Social Networks place

Well, you already know or who you want to talk to and want to talk about your using Social Media strategy , come to understand what is the situation of your image in the Social Networks brand.

Both, or better is a process to perform audit check that will help or well namely What is your place is not that refers to the Social Network Marketing.

It is obvious that Postcron only the best for you wants and has already taken initiative to raise a spreadsheet for your in the process of helping Audit Social Networks.  They are six simple different Steps, check it out:

  • Step 1 : Record all your profiles in one of the Networks worksheet;
  • Step 2 : Identify the accounts that may be representing your mark;
  • Step 3 : Raising a target for each profile;
  • Step 4 : Verify each account’s authenticity;
  • Step 5 : Optimize administration of your passwords;
  • Step 6 : Define protocol administration a Your Social Networks.

Click on the image next to Download your spreadsheet Social Networks Audit. It is for brand your first team in social networks appears, you can skip this step away . Even so, you advise to follow this process or months a few weeks after implementing your Social Media strategy, everything to prove things are running correctly.


Step 4: Choose the best channels to spread your content

After you define goals to achieve with your Social Media strategy and what is the position know in your Social Networks, you have come to defining which are the best channels to publish or your material. In fact, each Social Network has its own style and characteristics This is essential part. You must know or define each network to choose the most appropriate to your brand and promote or growth of your business. In this step, we will summarize one of the major networks:

  • Facebook: The Girl in the Eyes of Social Networks or Face has nothing less than one billion users daily active in the entire world, already in the second half of 2015 . By that simple reason it is very much your likely that audience is between this tremendous online crowd. Also note that it is important that this is one of the most complete Social Networks not that refers to Advertisers Services ~: Target your public with its wide efficiencies and maximize thus or rangetwo your Campaigns announcements and advertising online.

I strongly suggest include or Facebook within your channels of distribution of Contents. A well-suited social media strategy of throwing elaborate Prune Subscribing section far beyond reach more. When you especially are working or topic (we discussed the summit in) Promote Brand Presence or even Increase or Web traffic .

  • Twitter:  Undoubtedly, this is the perfect social network to participate gives talks in online world. Want some numbers? About 350 thousand tweets per minute are published from different places in the world. You’re probably enough to findthis and your your public is either said mark using the # hastags ( Topics) or even with direct memoes by name . Real time in an avalanche of publications and information.


Twitter Stats

One of the main ones is its Twitter characteristics of the incredible dynamism ideal place to improve or customer service. From that form, you can suggest hashtags linked to the frequently asked questions(try as specific as possible, type #formsdepagamentopostcron ), so you can quickly find all queries to include that hashtag in the text. Similarly, do not let me check inbox with your frequency.

This Social Network is also very efficient for improving your brand and increase traffic or web traffic . Logical: always produce Content of quality, which stimulate your audience to click links us and, with that, multiply or in your CTR Twitter.

  • LinkedIn: This is the dedicated Social Network to the professional world. They are of nothing less than 148 different industries, using presence with their of the companies pages. In addition, more than 1.3 million of products and services are offered using their channels. More numbers: account for over 300 million of users attribute two which 39 million students are or are newly formed . For these reasons, perfect network that is your brand to position industrial field and also your business trained officials.


In addition, it is LinkedIn or the ideal space for unwrapping B2B business relationship , ie business to business. For this reason I include this Social Network I advise in your Social Media strategy, mainly when one of your goals is to increase or even Foster or brand positioning.

  • Pinterest : Now, it’s your objective and increase the bandages , or Pinterest is an excellent way to improve your indexes. In the image below you see that or search This Social Networks is optimized for displaying photos Products in high resolution, everything can be found using as a categories during searches. Also, keep in mind that Pinterest’s audience is composed by 85% of women , ie: Bingo! for those who work with this segment.


  • Google+ : The importance of considering this in your Social Networking strategy Mídiais Social has improve see mainly with or SEO positioning two Contents its published. Reason? Who engine program or looking for famous more of the actuality are also the same that develop network PARAMETER Dessa. That is, if you get consolidated in this half of your presence, when someone goesogle searching for your mark or related products, you will see a box with information on your business us search results – mainly when you have correctly configured your page’s meta tags.

Step 5: Create Content with its added value for audience

This is what I type key type usually: add value Content years is one of the main points of a Social Media strategy . This aspect basically decides whether or not a user decides to follow his or her communication channel.

Now you already know that who you want to reach, arrives or when you choose the Content that you will share on Social Networks.

And no one is a fortune teller or has web crystal ball, some there are tools that replace any sensitiveand serve the best of you see topical time. Of course, all this with their no-count promotional publications offers, products and more. Among most currently efficient and used as recommended:

BuzzSumo : Search online that you Displays popular social content of the Social Networks in or even specific domains.

Google Trends : Google service which are the main reporting as performed by users looking- a language, country, region, specific period, etc – and what are the topics mark trend.


It’s talking about the right thing essential Certainly not currently that is what the understand issues that really interest your public and do in the eco social networks. This helps to attract readers and your comments Contents; and if the content is really good, you still increase the number of followers of your accounts.

Step 6: Analyze or perform SUA Social Media strategy of using statistics

Finally, to give or last step in a sustainable social media creation strategy to long term you have to analyze your in Social Networks performance.

Specifically, you should know what the impact of publications is on different networks. Some guide guides on publication times, as mentioned above, more fine review is going to the best guide adjustments of your schedule.

It is another point to verify what are the content types that provided the Highest Quantity of Interactions . That means your target audience has more or for that kind of content, in them INVISTA improve your editorial strategy.

It is important to mention that the Social Networks in this article provide tools to know give you numbers statistics two Contents published , including with period and geographic filters location. Some tools help you read In this process of two numbers, you can take a look at article in our Collaborative Tools for Online Publications .

In summarized accounts: analyzing your social media metrics determine help errors and correctness. When you understand which audience your preferences are, Prune optimizes online with the posts the deductions.

Now it’s up to you! Follow’re six Steps and create your own strategy to Social Media of success! To pass this you want to tell us, it is a pleasure to present a serious case success in your our future articles. Until or next post and share a … what do our article on your networks;)?