Should I bid on my own name?

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Too often received this question from our customers: “In Adwords or Bing Ads, I bid on behalf of my own company?”. At first glance the most likely answer would be: “No. Your website is the first in organic searches, would be wasted money bid on disputes in Adwords on your behalf. “But recently Google and Bing made some further study on this question and the answer might surprise you.

The importance of bidding in my name

Google itself was the first to reveal interesting numbers on the subject. To get an idea, in 2012 a study of 400 ads showed that 89% of clicks on paid advertisements not happen in organic if they were paused, or 89% of the clicks would be incremental. There are other very interesting data , among them one that fits perfectly into the question posed at the beginning of this post: “50% of the clicks that occur in Web site advertisements that are first in the organic rankings are incremental.” To be clear, if your brand is first in the organic rankings and you pause your ad, you can lose 50% of the clicks .

In addition to Google, Bing also conducted studies reaching similar conclusions and also found this blog a very enlightening field experience (in English only). If that’s not enough, we decided to present a few good reasons for you to use the name of your business campaigns.

6 reasons to bid on their own behalf

1- CPC cheap

Your cost per click will come very cheap because the competition will be low / zero and your CTR will be very high. Of course this does not apply if your keyword is the same as your product. Ex:; A car dealership that uses the name of the maker or an authorized service center using the name electronics manufacturer.

2 – You decide what to show and where to take visitors You have full control of the content that will appear to those who are looking for you and may include extensions and also choose the best landing page, unlike the organic results, which is always Google decides the fate of the click;

3 – Show that you are a serious player

When you perform a search for a company and have organic results and paid at the same time end up making a good impression, namely that they are not there to play and the brand gains a greater degree of seriousness. A good example is the Amazon and Ebay business.

4 – started a new company If you are a brand new and will not appear on the first page, it is very important to bid in its own name in order to make life easier for those who want to find you.

5 – Leads First If there post in the beginning show that you will earn more clicks bidding on your name, click on its brand equivalent to the highest quality of hits (they looked for you and clicked on your ad). This click can become excellent Leads.

6 – If you do not, the competition will we see an example below the two giants of the sponsored links fighting for the same keyword. What makes clear the importance of bidding on their own behalf.

A picture is worth a thousand words.


How to check if it works for me?

Most interesting of all is that all of us can easily experiment and find out if all these tips the statistics apply to our sites and customers. As? Using own Adwords and then Analytics.

In Adwords, see “auction information” , there you will know if there are competitors bidding on your brand and they are taking clicks you. Finally, visit Google Analytics, watch the channel numbers and the behavior of visitors who have come from clicks on your behalf, comparing those from paid search and organic search. Here are simple ways to get answers.