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The most famous search engine in the world, Google, was created in 1996 and, shortly thereafter, in 1997, the term search engine optimization (SEO) has become part of the vocabulary of webmasters.

In 2013 to 2014, the idealization of content production began to spread virally. Thus, rapidly phrases like “SEO is dead!” They became almost jargon in the market. Well, if this really were a fact, it would make sense the success of many companies that sell tools to help SEO work and, while we’re on the subject, it’s about these SEO tools that today we will deepen.

There are hundreds of SEO tools on the market. Some are focused on a specific stage of the work and others come with more comprehensive proposals, embracing the entire process.

To help you meet and possibly choose one arm tool right in their optimizations, we will now mention some of them.

1 – SEO tools for keyword research

The keyword research is essential for SEO work. After all, SEO is optimizing your website to improve its positioning for accurate …! For keywords. For this reason, the keyword research should be the foundation of your SEO work. It is important that you push yourself enough to have the highest quality possible at this stage.

There are some tools that can be very valuable at this stage, helping you to enhance the quality and variety of your keywords:

Keyword Planner – AdWords

Ferramantas SEO - keyword planner

The Planner Keyword is a free tool that Google offers in its ad platform (AdWords). It was created primarily to assist media analysts for the initial planning stage of your campaigns, but, over time, came to be of great value to SEO professionals.

In Keyword Planner you can check the search volume of any keyword, and also get several suggestions of keywords based on the keywords that you already have.

You can also check out some more specific information, such as keyword competitiveness level. But it is important to emphasize that, because it is a media buying tool, information like this will be based on criteria that niche and not in SEO. They can therefore serve to give a general sense.


Ferramantas SEO - ubersuggest

If you are a frequent Internet user of Google, you may have witnessed his research suggestion algorithm working. This happens when you are starting to type in the search bar, even before you finish, Google offers some ready search options in an attempt to predict what you would search for.

Well, this algorithm is based on the survey number in common term you started to type, that is, if most of the time a person begins to type “travel” it just by typing “cheap” in the next searches the trend will Google suggest the term “cheap travel”.

It is important to have this explanation before talking about Übersuggest because that is just how the tool works. In it you enter a keyword and it will list from A to Z all possible suggestions based on intersections of searches.

It’s a great tool to have insights for new keywords. Just like the Keyword Planner is a free tool.

Google Trends

Ferramantas SEO - google trends

The Google Trends is a useful tool in research keywords. She does not have a focus on new ideas for keywords, but to extract new information from keywords that are already in your plan.

Google Trends excels in:

  • Show seasonality search for a particular keyword;
  • Compare the volume of search keywords up to 5 at once within a predetermined period;
  • See the distribution of search for a keyword by region (country, state, city).

The tool is free.

2 – SEO tools for on-page analysis

Corrections and on-page optimization of a website is like putting on his boots to take the field. Everything must be in order for all your SEO efforts are 100% useful for your site.

This is certainly one of the steps where there is the greatest need for tools. This is because the type of analysis that must be done is very thorough and not very difficult to miss some important details to find out all the pages manually.

Some tools and fulfill the role at this stage:


Ferramantas SEO - screaming frog

The Screamingfrog is a most complete tool when it comes to on-page optimization. She does not miss anything. With it you can:

  • View URLs for optimization;
  • Find tracking errors (eg, 404);
  • Optimize images;
  • Find and review content;
  • Analyze external and internal links;
  • Simulate a Google Snippet;
  • Find duplicate content;
  • Detect pages that are not indexed;
  • Check load speed;
  • Create and optimize a Sitemap.xml.

The tool has a free version, but with some limitations. In the paid version, all to pass above items can be used without moderation!

You want to make a great on-page analysis and not know where to start, this tool is an excellent way.

Google Search Console

Ferramantas SEO - google search console

The Google Search Console (former Webmaster Tools) is a very important tool for any website design you will get. The tool supports quite many important items on-page of a site.

Over time, the tool almost became Protocol of any SEO strategy is initiated, indispensable. Undoubtedly one of the major reasons for this is the fact that it is free and also work well with Google Analytics.

Google Search Console also works as a search engine intermediary for the SEO analyst, always warning that there is a penalty or some other important notification.

Are starting from scratch your website and want it to be optimized for the search engines? So Google Search Console needs to be the priority actions.

Google PageSpeed

Ferramantas SEO - google pagespeed insights

For those who do not know, I emphasize: The loading speed of a page is a factor rankeamento yes!

And it is for this reason that Google PageSpeed has been increasingly sought: it acts giving specific guidelines for your site faster!

The tool is easy to use and is very useful in site speed optimization. In addition to guiding your site so that it is faster on the desktop, it also passes instructions geared specifically for mobile, we know to be a major trend in recent years.

The tool is free.

3 – SEO tools for off-page analysis

In SEO, when it comes to off-page, basically it is only one: Link Building. Even today, backlinks function as one of the most important factors rankeamento. It is the way of the search engines measure the authority of a site.

Consider an example with products: the more people recommend a product, the more likely he has quality, even if the people who recommend it have credibility. And it is precisely this logic that search engines look for work: if a site is very linked (indicated) by others, he gains an authority with the search engines.

Therefore, it is extremely important that this step is very taken into account when planning the SEO of your site. Like all other steps, there are powerful tools that can help a lot in your Link Building Strategy. Just take a look:

Majestic SEO

Ferramantas SEO - majestic seo

The Majestic SEO is a tool focused on off-page. Its operation is simple: just by entering a URL, you can make reports related to backlinks a website and keywords. In addition to knowing the number of backlinks and what are these backlinks, you can still learn more about the quality of them through two metrics created by the tool itself: Citation Flow and Flow Trust.

The tool is very complete and has many features under Link Building. In it, for example, you can compare a URL to another to see how they compete over the links.

More features:

  • Knowing the anchor text of each link;
  • View all areas that make references;
  • See links diversity profile;
  • See links history.

The tool has even more functionality. You can use it without paying, but in a limited way. In its paid version, all your very useful features are available.


Tool from SEO - ahrefs

The tool of off-page SEO Ahrefs features as full – featured as the Majestic SEO. The key differentiator of the two tools are your databases.

Some say that Ahrefs has a more complete database, but some say the opposite. It is the kind of dilemma that can only be remedied experiencing both.

The Ahrefs not have a free version. The tool is paid.

Open Site Explorer

Tool from SEO - open site explorer

The Open Site Explorer is a part of MOZ SEO tool. She is paid, but has a limited free version.

It is a very complete tool to count on the support of other features of MOZ. It is widely used to verify two important metrics in SEO: page authority and domain authority.

It also has a dedicated component for social networking, providing numbers like:

  • Facebook: Data related to shares and tanned;
  • Twitter: Data related to tweets;
  • Google Plus: a +1 related data;

All three tools mentioned this stage were addressed and briefly and still more features than have been mentioned. If you had an interest in any of them, search! No doubt will be amazed with further functionality.

4 – SEO Tools for Monitoring Positions

If the SEO work is fully geared to improve the positioning of keywords related to a business, no doubt monitoring positions becomes one of the most crucial stages of any SEO work. It is the time you validate what is working or not and think of actions to correct any errors or even improve further.

Check out some SEO tools that help you monitor the positions of your keywords:


Tool from SEO - SEMRush

SEMRush is a SEO tool that has many very useful features for search optimization. One is your position monitoring framework.

On the monitoring of SEMRush positions, you can:

  • See the individual performance of each pre-registered keyword;
  • See the overall positioning improvement rate;
  • See the distribution of keywords by ranking;
  • Filter by date to see history;
  • Add new keywords whenever you want.

The tool is paid, but it is an excellent investment if you want to raise your SEO analysis.

Pro Rank Tracker

Tool from SEO - pro rank tracker

The Pro Rank Tracker is an SEO tool fully focused on tracking keyword positions. The tool promises to deliver everything related to monitoring of keywords.

One of its advantages is its very accurate reports and well-filled history. Just as SEMRush, it also hotdog many useful graphics for a more refined analysis.

Although, currently, most of the focus of SEO analysts Brazil is to Google, the Pro Rank Tracker offers tracking of Bing rankings and also Yahoo !.

The tool is paid.


Tool from SEO - webxtool

The WebXtool , as well as SEMRush, has a broader arsenal of SEO, covering many other steps in addition to monitoring positions. However, it is its monitoring functionality of the rankings that stands out.

It has a free version with a small limit of numbers of keywords to track, but in its paid version the sky is the limit. Its functionality is very complete, including chart analysis, historical positions and many other qualities of the tools already mentioned here.

Try the free version in order to better understand the tool and draw their conclusions.

RD Station

RD Station - Logo

The RD Station is our  Digital Marketing software . Among its dozens of features, there is one called “Optimization for Seekers (SEO).”

In this feature, you can track the performance of your site in Google for relevant keywords for your business.

For this, you must first set the best keywords for your business. Then, the software has an intelligence that shows where it pays to produce content, optimize pages or invest in paid media (Google Adwords).

In addition, you can monitor the ranking of your website in organic search for each specific keyword, evaluate your pages with a report and find out how to make them more friendly to be better positioned on Google.

The tool is paid, but you can do here a free trial  or  talk to a consultant Digital Marketing DR for how the tool could be useful for your business.

5 – SEO tools all in one

SEO tools all in one can be great allies in optimizing your website for search engines. They can:

  • Optimize your time;
  • Facilitate metric correlations;
  • Generate comprehensive reports.

It is worth quoting three of these tools (two of them have already mentioned briefly):

All three of these tools are very large and help in most analyzes necessary for a good SEO work. With them you can do analysis focused on Link Building, on-page optimization, monitoring keywords and many other functions.

6 – Bonus: 2 extensions and 2 SEO plugins

As a bonus, we decided to put good practices of SEO tools for day to day: extensions and plugins.

SEO extensions

SEO extensions for the browser can save a good time of their work. Among the existing, two stand out: SEOQuake and MozBar .

Gathering the features of the two extensions, you can view almost instantly given as:

  • Page Rank;
  • Nofollow links;
  • Dofollow links;
  • page authority;
  • domain authority;
  • Data on social networks (shares, likes, +1);
  • internal links;
  • External Links;
  • URL;
  • Title page;
  • Meta Description;
  • Heading Tags;
  • Alt text.

If you deal daily with SEO analysis and optimizations, these plugins can be extremely useful.

SEO Plugins

Both SEO plugins that will be listed are for the WordPress platform, which is the most popular in today’s blogs. Let’s talk plugin Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack .

Both plugins are widely used by those who have blog on WordPress and want to keep the blog and your posts always optimized for SEO.

Gathering the features of the two, you can:

  • Do 301 redirects;
  • Set models Meta Description;
  • Set up templates of Meta Title;
  • Check whether the text is optimized for keyword focus;
  • Receive useful SEO tips;
  • Block indexing of specific WordPress sessions;
  • Make breadcrumbs and internal links optimizations;
  • Access the .htaccess file for editing;
  • Working with canonical tags;
  • Among other features.

All the tools mentioned in this post can be of great evaluates the SEO optimizations you will want to do on your site. It is important to remember that they can not replace an expert in the field of SEO, but add much value to the work of one.

If you want to know more about how to turn Google into a traffic acquisition engine to your site, download our eBook “The Complete Guide to SEO” .

Know another extremely useful tool in SEO we fail to mention? Leave a comment talking about it!

Enjoy and discover the RD Station , a complete platform for your company to create a true growth engine.