SEO tip # 26: Do not use black hat techniques

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We can define black hat techniques as aggressive SEO that do not follow the guidelines of search engines and try to manipulate its rules, in order to get great results in a short time. The problem with using these techniques is that there is the risk of the site receive punishments for them.

Among the main of them are keyword stuffing, hidden content, duplicate content, cloaking, doorway / gateway page, linkfarm, private networks blog, paid links, blog spam, negative SEO etc. To learn more about them, see the post 10 Black Hat SEO techniques you should not use .

How to avoid black hat and not be penalized by Google?

Well, you can start simply choosing not to use these techniques. To include in their SEO strategies Google ‘s own SEO Guide , updated recently. However, it is not always possible to check whether any of these techniques has not been implemented without you knowing (if you have outsourced your website, for example).

In this case, we suggest you test whether your site has been penalized by Google. Follow these steps:

  • Check the Google Search Console if you have received a message or if there is any information in the “Manual Actions”;
  • Visit Google and search for “site: www.seusite. “. It appeared some result? If you did not show up (or the answer just brought home) you’ve probably been banned from Google;
  • In seeking the name of your business on Google, your site is still well positioned? If not, it is likely to have received a punishment;
  • Search on Google for specific terms of pages that you used to have good positioning and make sure they still continue between the first and second page. Otherwise, chances are you have been punished.

If none of these steps outlined a punishment, you probably lost relevance with some updating Google or increased competition. In this case, the only thing to do is improve your content and SEO strategy to recover your site.

He was punished by Google? The first step is to identify and remove what caused the punishment (especially if you use any black hat technique). Then you can make a reconsideration request to Google to try to reverse the punishment.

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