SEO tip # 23: Generate links through broken links on other sites

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Broken links are links from pages that have been deleted or having undergone some change, changing the original link.

What many people do not know is that using broken links from other sites to generate links to your pages is one way to help your rankeamento on Google.

With this strategy, you’re still helping another site to fix a problem and maintain a positive user experience.

Raise some sites that can generate link for you (not including competitors). Examples include:

  • Sites that already generate links to competitors (use Open Site Explorer to identify them);
  • Sites similar to that already generate links for you (again use the Open Site Explorer to identify who is already generating link and search on Google for “related:” to see similar sites);
  • Sites that produce content within their area.

How to find broken links

In assessing whether the site has broken links, use tools such as Dead Link Checker or plugin Chrome Check My Links .

Check for any broken links that could be replaced by his (provided you have content related to the subject) and contact with the charge warning about the error and indicating the correction with a link itself.

If you have no content on the subject that has the broken link, but the theme fits in your universe, you can produce a new quality on the subject article, and get in touch offering your article as the solution.

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