SEO Tip # 22: Generate links with mentions to your brand and the strategic terms for your company

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External links are still one of the main Google rankeamento factors and get them is one of the main objectives of a strategy  SEO .

Most sites make these links indirectly. This is when another site naturally makes some reference to a link to your site naturally.

But you can also have link building strategies , a more active approach to get more links without this appears to be enforced without it being a practice of black hat .

At that point, a simple and easy to link building example is track mentions of your brand . A free tool that can help you here is Google Alerts .

How to Use Google Alerts to get links to your site

Set up Google Alerts to receive an email whenever something is posted on the Internet using the name of your company. Register also the variations of the name, such as out of space, or with any particular brand, for example.

When you receive an alert, check that the word has link to your site. If it does not, contact responsible for the publication requesting the link.

If you have full content on a given subject, also create alerts for when the subject is mentioned on the internet, as this may be an opportunity to receive a link.

Here’s an example of Digital Results:

We monitor the term ” keyword and did not include our link, we evaluate if the site includes external links (some sites do not do this). If applicable, we try to get the link at the mention.

google alerts

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