SEO Tip # 14: Produce infographics, images and graphics to get links

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Have you ever used an image to search for similar images in Google?

And did you know that this research can be a great way to generate links to your site and increase its authority on the internet?

That’s because when you produce infographics, images, graphs and tables, not all of which reproduce these materials on their own sites will reference its link with the (usually there are very few).

So in addition to complement the text material with original content and use the visual identity of the company, you improve your online authority getting links from other sites.

How to do this?

You can produce the materials in- house, with his team, outsource production or create them using free applications like .

Also, you can check our complete tutorial to create infographics , if you choose to use this format and do not know how to do.

After creating them and post them, be sure also to optimize SEO for images , to facilitate these parts are found on Google.

Therefore, try to use the keyword in the file name, the legend and the alternative text.

Check the schedule to periodically (every month, for example) do a search of those materials using Google and identifying other sites that are using.

To learn how to do research in the search engine using images, check out our full post on Google Images .

But do not ask to remove the site from the picture! Check if your are referring to and included a link. If you do not have the link, or at least a reference, you can contact the author or responsible, to request to be included.

Tool Tip: You can use the to find the email you need.

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