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In today’s world, where there is an excess of offers of services and products to a customer, increasingly complex, elusive, changing and demanding, all companies meet some requirements that may turn out to be strenuous and generating a great stress to compete.

In a globalized and digital market where companies struggle to acquire all possible tools for the potential customer can find them and, in the best case, choose them , search optimization on digital platforms and the struggle to develop a strategy SEO excellent technical issues may cause the company forget the centerpiece of all development work, ie the client.

In any digital marketing strategy the main thing is the satisfaction of the customer or user, as well as the lessons of traditional marketing, because their level of satisfaction will be one of the main determining factors in achieving profitability levels expected in campaigns made.

Any action that is developed from your company must have an impact, directly or indirectly, on your client first way. Secondly, the level of sales or transactions, which, in the digital world can be translated as CRO, or conversion ratio.

A concept that defines the percentage of users of a web that ultimately perform the desired action, ie purchase, acquisition services, subscription, or any other action that has been set as a target.

For all these reasons and many more, come today to assess what is and what points are essential in a winning SEO strategy and share with you my experiences as SEO consultant on many projects.

What are the SEO aspects that consider the user?

When it comes to improving the user experience in a particular web portal, as well as their level of satisfaction , he must take into account a number of elements. Also, it is desirable to use different SEO analysis tools and user behavior on the web, in order to optimize the strategy and adjust it to the user profile.

Then a list of the most important elements to integrate exposed:

1) Analysis of keywords and behavioral analysis


The keywords used in texts should be chosen strategically and coherently (AI or information architecture as such should be based on these criteria).

If key only words are chosen to achieve good performance SEO regardless of what your users really need, want and you can offer through the digital platform that you created, these have no impact on delivering a good experience to your buyer person or a search results according to your demand or search pattern.

It is important to choose keywords that give good results, that are interesting to the user and that are aligned with the strategy of the company and the services or products, as appropriate.

In addition, use keywords consistently useful for your client and effective quality texts undoubtedly improve the positioning of your website or online search engine platform .

2) Nature Inclusion of keywords

Keywords used must be integrated natural, subtle and coherent way in the text.

It is fortunate that many synonyms are used for the text to not be repetitive and heavy, ie semantics. In addition, the content should address the concepts determined by keywords, logic and substantially and not artificially, intrusive or forced.

In this regard, it should extend the useful information related to the keywords that interesting, clear, accurate, consistent and useful for users. This is something that is also considered by Google when evaluating web positioning determined or digital platform in the search.

Highly legible content

It is important that your content is of high quality. Where is the secret? They are clear, consistent, accurate, concise and, above all, value to the user.

The user must perceive great professionalism by the author or authors and easily understand the text written so it can be useful. For a text focused on an SEO strategy should not neglect the style, structure, quality linguistically written content and context of the question itself.

This will provide ease of reading, something that clearly improve the user experience on the web . This means that in the short or medium term positive influence on the positioning of the site on search engines like Google, because the user metrics (time on site, pages pro session bounce) are crucial for positioning URLs in seeker.

Length in perspective

giphy (3)

As for the length of the texts, there is no perfect length, and there is disagreement about what is most convenient.

However, the important thing here is to clarify information rather doubt the user.

For example, if you compose an article about digital marketing you can stop at different points in this regard: the main strategies, tools and actions that you can develop. But that does not mean you have to write 4,000 words.

The number of words that have the content, ie, its extent, depends on the author, his form of expression and the subject itself.

Updating content or content refresh

It is best to update the content frequently go up to digital platforms your company or your own blog. However, it is important to keep the interest level and quality of texts.

I recommend, especially if the structure of URLs from your blog is no date to update the content depending on two factors:

  1. Every so often: this can be good every 3 or 4 months , or when you start to lose positions in Google alarmingly.
  2. Whenever the subject, tool, background, concept, etc content is updated by any changes in the sector .

Inclusion of relevant links

In addition to the techniques known as Link Building, it is positive on the published contents include links to sites of interest to the user. For example, URLs where you can find tools which you’re reporting, or expert websites which are not your competition, where they can expand the information given .

How to evaluate the quality of your SEO strategy?

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There are different tools and key elements in measuring the quality of the SEO strategy that is being developed.

Here are the main ones:

Google tools

How could it be otherwise, for this work Google has developed a number of useful tools, although these are not the only key to improving the performance of the SEO strategy in relation to the user experience.

  • Google Trends : This free tool allows to analyze and compare keywords to find out which are the most sought after and what their trend . This helps to know what contents are more interesting for users, considering what concepts are most often looking for and what the market trends are.
  • Google Analytics : This is a tool that s Irve to better understand user behavior on a website or digital platform specific . This tool provides data on the level of conversion, user behavior on the web, and how to hold it , plus many others
  • Google Search Console : This is a tool that gives you very interesting and useful options when generating an SEO strategy or to evaluate and to make decisive changes in it. Some of its features, this tool provides information about traffic to a website, optimizes and classifies traffic levels, providing useful data on activity peaks and declines . It generates thus, useful information in order to make accurate decisions for analysis.
  • Google Correlate : this tool can provide interesting data in understanding the tastes and interests of users of your website as their main activity is to perform comparative group among the various keywords used for a period of time.

In addition to this, with this tool you can analyze the development of a particular search, and in parallel, compared with the available information you have developed through other tools, your own analysis or data provided by internal analytical portal digital, should have them.

social Engagement

This is one of the main indicators of the impact and status of the SEO strategy you are developing , whether it is working or pro contario it does not give the expected result.

The number of times users give like one of the published contents, made a comment, share content or take any action on the networks or the company’s website, indicate to what extent the content value.

In addition, these measures provide useful information about users, which can be used to modify actions, generate new content or make any new action, for example, through social media.

On the other hand, the level of engagement achieved is, in turn, taken into account by search engines when positioning the web or digital platform you’re using .

Email marketing statistics

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There are a number of indicators, or KPIs, to analyze and evaluate the performance of email marketing actions that are carried out.

It is important to complement the SEO content strategy with an email marketing strategy well – integrated content newspapers provide relevant information to users. The actions developed from our email marketing strategies provide valuable traffic and this in turn will help to give the final to our content in organic search results push.

In this case,

  • the percentage of openings of mail,
  • the level of rebound,
  • If you are going to the spam folder,
  • the level of feedback, or feedback, you’re receiving from your users,

They are key indicators that help determine if you are developing effectively SEO strategy or if you have to evaluate and make changes to it.

It also helps traffic analysis email marketing campaigns. Be sure to properly label the URLs for vericar later in Google Analytics traffic volume obtained for each of the actions and behavior of the same on the site.

In short, when assessing the performance of an SEO content strategy it is important to use metrics tools provided by Google and deanalíticas of the website or digital platform you are using.

But it is not enough only numerically evaluate the performance level of strategy, you also need to review the human component: the type of comments and interactions that are occurring by users and their behavior on the web.

Do you know other indicators or KPIs that should be taken into account? Do you know of other tools to evaluate the performance of an SEO strategy?


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