SEO for beginners “Part 2”: How to improve the PageRank of your page?

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Want to know exactly  what is the PageRank and how to improve it to get more organic traffic ?

If you are not an experienced webmaster, do not worry, you’re in the right place, because this is a super simple and practical guide for beginners, like me 🙂.

In this post I will explain what the PageRank, why is it so important to work on this aspect of optimizing for the search engine and what strategies can be applied to improve it .

In the first part of “SEO for beginners” , we concentrate on those points relating to the “On Page Optimization” , ie everything you can do in and from your page , to Google to evaluate your site, positioned in a good position in the ranking.

In this second installment , we will do focus on the other part of the structure of SEO: the Off page optimization , especially with regard to PageRank, as indicated by the title.

1- What is OFF page optimization? What role does the PageRank in all this?

Off page optimization involves work on those external factors that directly impact on:   reputation, authority and relevance of your site and content. These externalities are those that matter to Google to assign a score and position of your page on the search engine.

1.1- What is PageRank and what role it plays in Off page optimization?

The PageRank (PR) is the # 1 factor (more than 200)  that uses Google, to determine the ranking of pages in the search engine.

It is a numerical figure that works with a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the ideal score , which serves to express the importance, relevance, validity and reputation of your site . These above aspects are consolidated and built taking into account the number and quality of links pointing to your page.

In addition to the volume of links, the algorithm PageRank also considers the origin of each, quality, reputation of the source that mentioned, among dozens of other aspects that influence the PR, and we’ll see later. –

1.2- What it is and why it is important PageRank?

Basically, the idea is as follows:

The better PageRank , the more likely you ‘ll be on the top of the search engine results , which translates into greater visibility and more chances that people do click and enter your site. This means that you will get more organic traffic . The more people on your site, the more money.

Recall that in addition to the organic traffic, there are other types of traffic:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic through advertising (it costs money).
  • Traffic referred: entering through links that have been referred from other sites.
  • Direct Traffic: When the user types the URL of your site, directly into the address bar.


2- What is the key factor for a high PageRank?

The goal of optimization and improvement of PageRank, is to obtain as much external quality links that point to your site organically , ie non – payments, nor false, nor spams.

Read on, because later I will show you various tactics to get backlinks (external links) and improve PageRank.

2.1- Then: why is it important to have a large volume of external links or backlinks?

Google believes that the more linkeado is your site, it’s because you’re doing something good. For them, it is a sign that people like what you do, you find it useful, quality, relevant, and therefore must have some authority or be a reference in the area in which you specialize, so it is that people cite your page or content.

Precisely for this reason, aspects such as reputation, authority and relevance, make sense in the concept of PageRank.

To avoid frustration or anger with Google, it is vital to clarify the following: reputation is not the same as popularity . You can have a popular site very popular, but low PageRank. Why?

Well, pay close attention to the following example given by Matt Cutts (director of Google webspam area), to show the difference between popularity and authority-reputation:

pagerank 04

PageRank is not a measure of popularity of sites. If you are looking for sites that are popular, for example, we can say that pornos pages are popular, but people tend not linkear these websites. Moreover, you can take some government site: You may notice that there is a ton of people visiting these websites, but there are many that if those sites are linking to.


So we can say that in a sense, popularity is a measure of where people go, while PageRank is a measure much more linked to the reputation of that where the people are linking.

3- Factors that impact the ranking of Google.

Every two years, the site Moz, an authority in the field of SEO, conducting a study through which, they try to better understand the algorithm Google, and know what factors and features present on pages that tend to be in the best are positions of search engine results.

In the table below, you can see, in order of importance and weight, what the key factors are:

pagerank 02

To compare the results of Moz, we show another ised work Searchmetrics , through which almost reach the same conclusions:

pagerank 03

You see the +1 on Google Plus, and everything related to links, are in the top positions.

To recopy these data, we must focus on the following insights:

The number and quality of backlinks (external links pointing to your site), remain extremely important for the ranking.

2- The
social signals continue to strengthen as weight factor for ranking

quality content and relevant (context), remains a key factor, and important in building authority, reputation, and consideration of relevancia.-

4- the importance of keyword in the URL or domain, has lost relevance.

These studies confirm what Matt Cutts   said, to explain why link building and getting backlinks, remain the key to achieving greater visibility and organic traffic:

the links are still the best way we’ve found, to discover how relevant and important someone or a site is. Perhaps in time, social media and authorship, or other marks, give us more information about it.

Therefore, these 4 insights, social media tends to settle as the most powerful and on which you can work yourself to improve your pagerank. Why? A good presence on social networks contributes to the positioning of your brand and functions as an excellent distributor of your content through likes, shares, tweets, retweets, +1, reaching influencers and other bloggers , if they find it relevant you do certainly want to share that information quality, among your audience.

So do not just work on creating amazing things for your brand, but, you must first launch a powerful campaign content distribution  using tools like Postcron to increase your presence on Google+, Facebook and Twitter and make sure your content get as far as possible. 

4- The importance of your reputation and linkjuice.

As we mentioned, each site must work to consolidate and have a high reputation , as this will directly impact on PageRank, so it’s something that you should care for and preserve.

When a page related to your same category, with excellent reputation, relevance and authority, place a link pointing to your website , for example, transfers part of the reputation it has, to your site, which means it will be less ” juice reputation “available to transfer their own links.

See how the juice (links) full of reputation, other sites Leasehold


Therefore, whether you have a page with high or low PageRank, you must take care of what you have and manage well your “juice reputation”, to save enough for your own links.

You must keep working a lot on the quality of your content and site, so you have more chances than other websites important , you consider useful and relevant to appoint you , so you can get more points , or juice heavier, which influence so determining, in your PageRank.


-image credit: Woorank

If you want to know and control your PageRank, you can enter these sites:

5- Domain Authority: the other side of PageRank

Domain Authority is the algorithm developed Moz, which as you said, is one of the sites most authoritative worldwide in the field of SEO, which predicts how a website will play in the ranking of search engine Google , based on its reputation.

The Domain Authority uses more than 40 signals to determine the score , but the two main ones are: the amount-quality backlink obtained from other sites, and how they have authority.

The DA is an ideal to compare one page to another, or control the strength of your website over time indicator. The DA uses a logarithmic scale of 100 points, ideally, reach 100. You can access the DA and measure your site from here:

Open Site Explorer
Toolbar Moz

Therefore, if you get a high score of DA, that means, you will also be very close to being well positioned on the scale of Google PageRank.

6- tactics to improve your DA and PR

Since they are quite similar these two measures, we propose a “unified solution” to improve both, the PR as DA, through the following list of tactics, without a Webmaster, you yourself can do.

1- Make cleaning bad links:

Although it is a task that usually perform webmasters, you can consider starting to do it, tracking through Google, if you named other pages. If they have low or bad reputation, then you can ask them to remove their sites, your link.

2- Become good backlinks:

How do you do?

2.1- Produce high quality content and relevance for people to find your site and content linkeable.

2.2- Share your content on social networks because they are another avenue for the redistribution of your links , and also through this tactic, you can accumulate likes, and retweets +1 , which function as social cues that add points to your reputation and therefore your PageRank.

2.3- participates actively in communities and forums to share information quality and relevance. It is a way to place your links and getting your content or site to others.

2.4- creates, develops and enhances relationships with influencers, bloggers, consultants and editors. In every industry, you must already know that there are a number of “characters” of reputation, people listen and trust his word . Fail to develop relationships with them, because they will enhance your content distribution , as well as include backlinks of quality in their blog.

2.5- Submite a profile on Wikipedia and other directories so that people can find you through different channels which also possess high reputation.

2.6- Guest Blogging: although it has been discredited practice due to the generation of shoddy goods which have become spams (since they were used to place links), Google has failed to encourage this tactic, but if you you guarantee that you can create a guest post high quality, and that is relevant to the context of your category, then go ahead.

2.7- Promotes images and videos through infographics, photos, presentations, webinars, came videos. YouTube adds a lot of weight and reputation.

2.8- Make quality contributions through comments on other articles or sites where you can mention your link.

7- How to check the ranking of your website on Google?

In 2000, Google launched its first version of Pagerank toolbar in Internet Explorer . Today, this numerical score created by Google to indicate the importance of the pages in search results is no longer accessible to the public .

google pagerank first version

The easiest way to know the ranking of your website in Google is to perform direct searches of your website and the keywords most relevant to your business in the search engine Google. It turns out that this strategy is not effective. 

Showing Google results are not always the same . The ranking depends on the location where the search is performed. In addition, the results fit your search history, guided by these patterns.

Luckily, there are a number of tools to check the ranking of your website on Google for free . Here is a small list:

  1. Rankerizer :is an application that lets you track the position of your website for each keyword you have chosen to position. You’ll be ablesee the URL of each position and the position has changed from the previous search.
  2. Free Monitor for Google :is very similar to Rankerizer becausealso shows you keyword positioning. But also adds the first 50 search results, lettingknow how the competition is doing.
  3. Pro Rank Tracker : although it is anonline payment tool, its free version is quite comprehensive to show the positioning of your website in different search engines (not just Google).
  4. Serplab : Itafree online tool. It lets you know the positioning in seconds a panoramic overview. For more detail, you must register on the page.


Finally, we would like to let the name of two extensions to check the position of your website in Google: one is SEO SERP for Chrome and the other is Rank Checker Firefox.


To account from now on:

This has been a very quick and basic overview of the concepts or yes you know about OFF page optimization, especially those related to PageRank. These tactics to improve it , are those that are within reach of your chances, and you can take now, therefore, keep in mind: everything you do to improve your reputation and authority, will positively impact your PageRank and domain authority . Remember that generate relevant content, quality, and make look good to the person who has decided to quote your site and / or content, is the most powerful factor, as it will be the engine that will make the whole structure of links becomes operational and grow.