In recent years, there has been an explosion in the number of SEO Expert India, or rather people who claim to be experts in SEO. The competition between companies wanting to improve their SEO on Google therefore leads to an increase in SEO offers that come with many promises sometimes meaningless. My Glamy SEO has decided to put its stone in the building by providing the elements of response to those who plan to go through the services of an SEO expert. In this article, we are not going to reinvent the wheel but simply put the points on the i’s and the bars on the T’s at the level of what a true SEO expert is.


An SEO expert is a person who knows (in part) the criteria, or rather the instructions, imposed by Google to refer to its website. Indeed, Google ranks its search results according to specific criteria in order to offer Internet users the most relevant answers in record time. These criteria are neither mysterious nor complex but they are numerous and they must be considered with caution because a bad SEO can more harm your SEO than if you do nothing to position yourself well.

The SEO expert must be able to understand both Google’s robots but also the purpose of the site to earn you positions in the natural results for specific keywords.


It’s important to distinguish between the true SEO expert and the one who just wants to sell you SEO. Organic SEO is not something tangible like a product or even easily visible as a website. The ability to position a site on search engines remains a discipline still poorly controlled by companies even if they know that a good SEO strategy is very important to generate qualified traffic to their website.

However, it is quite easy to distinguish the SEO expert SEO seller, if only by their speech.


The SEO salesman often does not master the SEO, he has some notions acquired by browsing a few articles like ‘ ‘ How to improve its PageRank ” , ‘ ‘ Improve SEO ” or ‘ ‘ What is SEO? ?” but will not know the precise methods that will make it possible to position a site at the top of the search results. However, he knows enough to pass for an SEO expert and sell his services or those of the company for which he works. Overall, it will promise you what you want: first place on Google in record time, in a sustainable way and whatever keywords you choose. It is only after a few months that you will notice the difference between what you have been sold and the results obtained.

You will quickly notice that it remains rather vague compared to the techniques used to position your site. Most of the time, he will fall asleep with technical terms that will reinforce his credibility (in the eyes of those who do not know SEO) and the feeling that he is really an “SEO expert”.


The true SEO expert will be much more cautious about his ” promises ”. Moreover, it will surely make you no promise and you will repeat that SEO takes time because we must first study how long the site exists and what has been done before. He will first advise you to do a technical SEO audit of your site which will make an inventory and establish an SEO strategy. If the site is relatively new, the SEO expert will analyze the SEO of your competitors because it is surely they who occupy the positions that you covet on Google.

If you ask him about his techniques, he will tell you that natural referencing is primarily content, content and more content. Therefore, if your site is low in content, the SEO expert will advise you at first to create (more too much than not enough) and he will then explain how he will optimize for search engines.

The expert in SEO will seek to explain how a search engine works to make you a minimum autonomous or at least for you to understand why a good SEO strategy takes time to set up.


Most of the time, people will look around if they know a person with notions in SEO (without being SEO expert) to ask him how to optimize their site (before delegating this task if possible). We also find this reflex when it comes to designing a website because there too, we often try to save on the necessary budget (other problems follow then but it is not the subject of this article).

If you do not know any SEO experts around you, then you will do what seems most logical: type “SEO expert” or ” SEO agency ” in Google and see what stands out. You will then contact 5 or 6 agencies and compare the answers. It is at the moment when you will receive the answers of SEO agencies that you will ask yourself if you have asked the same thing to each of them because the answers (and especially the prices) will be VERY different.


The price difference between the SEO agencies you contacted is mainly due to the following reasons:

All SEO agencies do not have the same hourly rate.

Not all SEO agencies are the same size. An independent SEO expert knows he sometimes has an interest in running as an agency if he wants to be taken seriously or have a chance to win a big contract.

All SEO agencies do not necessarily SEO. Yes, you read correctly ! Some agencies are specialized in web design or SEM but all the same appear as SEO agencies to not miss potential contracts. If a customer wants to redo his website but also set up an SEO strategy, they will go through an external service provider (another partner agency or an independent freelancer) to fill the SEO part. This practice is not bad in itself because SEO optimization will be done in all cases and the customer will keep the same interlocutor. However, the final price may be higher because the agency that entrusts the SEO mandate to another agency will also take its margin.

Not all SEO agencies offer the same strategy to set up. Where some will just stuff your keyword content and register your site on various free directories, others will offer you a complete strategy from the creation of articles to the relay on external sources through optimization complete your site.


All that has been written above is fine but that does not answer the question. To make it simple, choose the SEO expert that seems most honest and competent based on your feelings. Yes it may sound a little simplistic as an answer and yet it is the best way to choose. In any case, you will not be able to know if your “SEO Expert” will bring you what he has promised you.

You can of course ask him for examples of SEO strategies he has put in place and the results he has obtained (this is also highly recommended) but nothing guarantees you that everything will work out as planned.

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