Selling on the Internet through Social Networks

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The importance of social networks for your Online Store

Social networks are the watering hole of the 21st century.

Interactions are not much different than a bar 20 years ago.

A lot of people screaming and utters anything, but in the midst of this confusion, there is always someone who says something sensible that makes you think.

The challenge is to be recognized among the ‘sensible’ in the midst of so much noise.

It is important to take this into account if you have an e-commerce and want to sell through online communities.

You need to remember that the micro-moment of those in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, is not necessarily to look for a product to sell.

For this is Google, right?

Then consider that your ideal client may be, yes, in social networks, but not necessarily at the micro-moment of purchase.



See video which means buying micro-moment of your ideal client


1. Encourage shares with consumer benefits

The Social Networks are really to expand the awareness of your brand, engage with your target audience, to accompany him on the journey to purchase.

Already in AdWords , for example, people looking directly the product you sell, are in micro-time to buy because they need the wine … you sell … for now.

Many brands acquire fans, but few keep them engaged.

Of course you need to produce quality content, etc, etc, etc. However, do not be fooled. This, how necessary, it is not nearly enough to generate engagement with your brand.

To get fans faster suggest two simple techniques:

2. Boost your ad or page on Facebook and Instagram

Whether or not Facebook (and Instagram with it) are cash machines (for Zuckerberg … rs) and regardless of the number of his followers, your post will always appear less for your audience if you do not drive.

When you publish the wine you want to sell or a story about the world of wine, see what percentage of the number of followers you impact. If you arrive to impact a 10% – 15% of its base, can boost the page to increase the number of followers and therefore these 10% -15% will give you a larger number of likes or clicks to your site.

If the range of your post is less than 10% of its base, in this case suggest boost post even through Facebook Ads.

For Instagram logic is similar, only consider two important things:

  • The range on Instagram is much bigger than Facebook (can reach 30% of the base of followers, depending on the quality of your post).
  • Many likes will not be eligible, meaning many are impulsive likes of people who like the picture you posted. Sometimes they do not even know what a product is.

See video how to integrate Instagram to Facebook page

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3. Use video, Facebook and Instagram Live Story

The percentage range increases dramatically if you use videos instead of images.

And further increases if a live video, both on Facebook and Instagram.

To make a live video on Social Networks or need a big rig or a specific expertise. On smartphone (Samsung and iPhone to record in 4K!).

Do not make long videos, use it to advertise the post or the product of your store … or to your page or profile.

4. Curator – use third-party content to attract your potential customer to your Facebook page or Instagram profile

If you are tired of spending money to boost your page and is running out of resources to be producing posts to social networks , here is a technique that can help you: a CURATION .

Browse photos, videos, posts, in short, any third-party content that may be of interest to your target audience and replicate it on your page. Of course, not forgetting to taguear the author of the content you will release.

If you choose a content that has already well and that already have a good engagement is likely to generate a good engagement on your page as well. This also helps to engage with the producer of the same content, which is the beginning of a working Marketing Influence .

Remember that not all who speak like product with your competitors are. They may be users who have tried or other actors in the same segment as suppliers.

And LinkedIn?

Well, LinkedIn  is more focused on B2B (Business to Business), then, in general, does not help advertise products there.

What can you do on LinkedIn is to spread your knowledge segment in which you act and explain how your product can solve the problems of your ideal client.

Again, you work your brand and knowledge of it … so when people need your product, already trust you.


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5. What are the KPIs to consider to sell on Social Networks?

Watch the video on how to set your KPI depending on the position in the funnel Sell your ideal client.



Facebook offers the ability to sell your product directly on your website without going through the site through plugins. You integrate your profile with your virtual store.


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However, I repeat that the user is in a different micro-moment, he might be interested in your product but maybe to buy at another time. And maybe outside of Facebook. But after all? What interests you is to sell, no matter where, right?

It is important to bear this in mind as to evaluate the assertiveness of the strategy you need to set a SMART objective, measurable and, throughout the project, need to measure how things are going. For this need to define their performance indicators (KPI – Key Performance Indicator).

For example, imagine that you have a wine shop and want to know, on Facebook, the spread of wine you sell, your news, market trends, etc.

If you measure the results by the number of sales, it is confusing the dissemination channels.

The sales number can be measured when you have a strategy for the bottom of the funnel. And for this work suggest Google AdWords, Sponsored Links and Google Shopping.

Already if your goal is to know your brand and its wines, its main KPIs need to measure engagement with your content, how many likes? As shares? How many references? How many comments? So will.


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There is no ideal tool for all, not perfect strategy.

It all depends on the goal you have (possibly SMART) and performance indicators it will use to assess performance throughout the project.

So if the channel you are using is not working, see if it is the same channel or the use you make of it.

And you have some experience with the sale of products via social networks? I would like to share? Leave a comment down here.