See 5 benefits of commenting on other blogs

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If you already use the Digital Marketing , you must have realized that the list of things to do is always great. Are improvements on the blog, on Twitter, on fanpage, eBooks to be written, emails to be answered and so on … All this creates a tendency to sink into the list of activities and forget some of the rest of the world.

However, activities “external” are also as important as the “internal” and can not be forgotten.

One such practice is to read and comment on other blogs in your market . In this post we present 5 benefits of this practice

1. Find out what other people are doing

Regardless of your area of ​​expertise, it is essential to be linked to what happens in your market. That way you can stay up to date or anticipate the actions of their competitors.

2. Get ideas for your own blog

Who writes a blog know that is difficult to maintain the frequency of publishing posts. Reading other blogs, it is common to realize that you can talk about it through a different point of view, you can see in the comments any questions that catches your attention or get an idea from some other observation whatsoever.

3. Extend your relationships

Comments are great ways to initiate the relationship with someone of your market. Where relevant, then you can get links to your site, professional signs and posts as a guest.

4. Create another new way for readers of your blog

The link to your blog will be available here in the comments for all who are reading. If your comment is relevant enough to interesting people consider you, you will certainly receive a few clicks.

5. Strengthen your expert image

In the comments you have the opportunity to show as an expert, as a reference area. If you comment often and quality in various vehicles of its market, it will certainly be consolidating this position.

Caveat: do not be a spammer

While we recommend the comments, we have to do this alert. Making empty comments with the sole intention of promoting your link will not bring you these benefits.

It is essential that your comments add value to the discussion, presenting a new perspective, a supplement to the author, an example or a consistent opinion.

How about starting to practice and leave a good comment here?