Secrets for you to become more productive: Christian Barbosa’s tips at Studio RD Summit

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Who does not want to gain productivity ?

Whether at work or at home, one of the biggest challenges in today’s time management.

With so much information available today, we need to choose what we consume. With so many tasks at work, we need to know what we prioritize. And so on.

Who brought this matter to the RD Summit was the speaker Christian Barbosa , who is CEO of Triad PS , a company focused exclusively on solving the productivity problem in all its aspects.

It has a lot of practices that one can make. Good planning, learn what to do, what not to do and what to take from the list. Learn how to create moments to increase your energy and your physical disposition, mental, spiritual and emotional. Sometimes a good sleep helps you perform better at work and at the same time helps to be better at home.

Christian is also the author of several books on productivity as the Triad of Time, 60 practical strategies to gain more time More Time, More Money and Balance and Income .

The video has subtitles in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Just click to activate them!

Some points commentaries by Christian Barbosa were:

  • As a leader can influence the productivity of a team;
  • Tools to boost productivity;
  • How to balance personal life and professional life;
  • How to be productive doing home office;
  • What can we do to be more productive these days;