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“Content is king” – this phrase is probably the most used in the world of digital marketing. Too bad when they talk about the importance of content not also mention all the work that requires the creation of good content and how long it takes.

But before you get discouraged, let’s think about streamlining. How about leverage their untapped resources – content that you’ve created?

The idea here is to give new life to blog posts and articles that you have created, update the data, transform the format improve the text and presentation. This little explored editorial strategy can bring unexpected results in no time!

In this article, we will talk about ways to work your existing content to reach an even wider audience.

1. Audit existing content

This step is far from being a favorite of editors, but is one of the most important.

To work effective, it is necessary to have a global vision and an editorial calendar that can help:

  • have strategic vision to create a rich content route (miniseries, thematic projects etc.);
  • planning internal links ( “this article will contain links to other two posts already published,” etc.);
  • better structure the promotional activities of its contents.

The audit allows to obtain the list of content you want to reuse. You can structure them by importance, relevance and specific events.

The most effective way to audit your site content is using an analysis tool . This type of tool allows you to quickly review all of your content based on data from your sitemap and provides the list of the most important pages that can be reworked based on social signals, backlinks, views, duration of sessions, bounce rate etc.

Audit site content

If your blog / site is online for a few years

Focus on the older items up to two years ago (this period may vary depending on your business). The goal is to identify the content that deserve to be updated or optimized and that will have a high added value.

Remember that Google likes fresh content: if a search returns only items with three years old, you will have every chance to be among the first in the results list. If the initial results are occupied by more recent content, hardly anyone will find your article.

P ara the latest content

If they continue today, do not touch (unless you see a valid reason to do so, of course, how to create links to new articles created recently).

If they already contain outdated information: add them in the list of contents that deserve to be reworked!

2. adaptation of its contents

You should think of the existing content as the raw material that will serve to create new digital content . The challenge is to find the best format for each of them! There are many options, here are some of the most effective.

Put on the day of your blog content

The main idea here is to choose an article that is a little outdated, but the theme is still of great interest and with the help of some finishing touches, giving a new life to it. .

Often, you do not need to rework the entire article structure, some adjustments will suffice. Here are some ideas to update your article:

  • add and renew the visual aids;
  • provide a video;
  • add an infographic;
  • include current examples;
  • work the CTAs ;
  • including banners;
  • provide expert opinions;
  • add opinions of customers or users who have encountered the problem discussed in the article;
  • add links;
  • put some key information in blocks of “tweet-ready”.

Remember that the updated content can also fall into the hands of those who read them in the first version. It is important that they are also interesting for those users.

Publish recaps

You did a comprehensive study on a subject for two years? It has a year of articles on one subject at hand? Make recaps and offers this content briefly for easier reading and attract new visitors.

Turn your blog articles in e-books

Choose a few articles on the same theme and edit it to create an e-book available for download from their website. This way, you gain a powerful tool for capturing leads with little effort

Prepare slides

His articles and infographics can also start a new life in PowerPoint format, representing your website on an external online space.

Customize your content and publish it on Slideshare , Calaméo etc. to reach your audience through other channels.

Create infographics

Infographics are a powerful content to your social networks, but they can also be used on your website or blog.

Create social networking posts

Do you think Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else, we always have to post new content? Wrong!

Now that you made the audit content, have on hand a treasure.

Use quotes interviews on video or statistics of your articles to create fun and visual threads that enhance your image as a trademark.

Make podcasts

Prepare podcasts resuming topics of e-books, guides or articles. This can take a little work, but many people prefer this format to videos.

3. Optimize your new content

The last step before the publication is of utmost importance. Do not forget to make the usual SEO process optimization for your new content – make search keywords , semantic fields, links, editorials tags, etc.

Enjoy it to change the titles, no one will again click a content that he remembers having read a year ago.

Do not forget to optimize PDF and videos that you put online too!

4. Publish

This step is easy!

This time, take the time you have saved in the creation of content and focus on distribution – consider creating your newsletter, talk to influencers , prepare its strategy of social networks.

And attention: do not post the same you did the first time! Bet on a new visual identity and a flashy text to disclosure.


Now you know you have at your fingertips a rich source of existing content that can be updated and modified to create new content even in your blog .

Think strategically evaluate your SEO, bet on social networks and enjoy all content formats that can allow you to reach a new audience.

Guest post produced by the team SEMRush .