Search by voice, chatbots, SEO and Digital Marketing projections for 2018: interview with Fabio Ricotta at Studio RD Summit

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Have you thought about the future of voice devices and chatbots hold for us?

Both the user and the companies, these two technologies promise to cause a disruption in the market Digital Marketing .

To comment a little about this new trend, we talked at Studio RD Summit Fabio Ricotta, Digital Marketing expert in the market since 2000 and founder of the results in 2017 Agencies award .

According to Ricotta,

You will be able to do things like buy on the market or order a pizza without touching the computer, simply speaking in the house (…) It is a trend of no return, people do not want to interact with the device only playing, we want to speak naturally, as we talk to a person.

Another important point which was discussed concerns the production of content and SEO .

Ricotta told that even a company with little money can and should invest in these fronts.

If the problem is budget, which the owner has to do is to wake himself a little earlier and produce that content, which can be in text format, audio or video.

If you take 20 minutes a day to invest in the creation of content, whether the media is, it really helps. The first evangelist marketing has to be the owner. If he does not, do not feel like it is and not try to contact with the customer is not true.

The video has subtitles in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Just click to activate them!

In short, the points commented on by Fabio Ricotta were:

  • The voice devices (such as Google and Alexa Home) will influence the digital marketing strategies of companies?
  • The era of attention: how to win the attention of the user in the midst of so many interruptions
  • As a company can start making money without SEO
  • How do different in Instagram Stories
  • Projections of SEO and Digital Marketing for 2018

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