Screaming Frog or Google Search Console? How to choose the right tool!

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You know what are the main differences between the Google Search Console (GSC) and Screaming Frog? Read the article and understand what each platform has to offer!


What is the Screaming Frog?


Well, first let’s introduce some tools before we begin to compare.


The Screaming Frog is a tool that does the tracking and analysis of a site on their points of SEO. It was not clear? Okay, let’s explain further.


What it does is generate a full scan of the site, listing all points of each page or external files that are linked to the site you have chosen.


That is, if you type a domain any, you will get as a result a list of all pages, image files, pdf files, JavaScript files, CSS files, and all other extensions that were used on the site for part of front end of it. Which can be defined as the entire part that is visible to the user when it is browsing the site.


Okay, but what about where it enters the part of the SEO analysis? Calm down, we have to get there! 


If you are more interested in SEO, you can take a look at our content , What are the Key of a SEO project Factors On Page “.


That list or table that is generated, you have several columns, each containing some attribute or page value. For example, you have long titles, meta descriptions, page return code, content of the H1 tag – H6 to even what the size (number of words) the title and meta description for example.


These are some of the main features of an SEO project, if you want to know a little more about “content we have on the site on SEO”, click here.


What is Google Webmaster Tools?


We will not address a lot here about Google Search Console. Because? Well, because there are already written content here on the Blog about it! But do not worry, I’ll leave here each of the links of all the items we have.  


But to explain in a very brief way, Google Webmaster Tools is an online tool that enables the analysis of your website. This analysis is based on what Google itself has to report on your website, allowing you to completely valid feedback and make improvements to optimize your website to the fullest!


Here you can read the article on What is Google Webmaster Tools. If you read well and understand a little more about the tool, you can read What are the main features of Google Webmaster Tools – Part 1 and then read our continued ending to explain What are the Google Search Console features – Part 2 .


Okay, now that we have an overview of what each tool does, let’s see a little more detail what the differences of each and when you can use each one?


Google Search Console and Screaming Frog differential


Starting from a rather in-depth view of what is generated report and feedback of both tools, we have points like:


  • Screaming Frog:
    • Provides data needed to perform optimizations aimed to SEO the site;
    • Enables integration with tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster own;
    • It provides the XML file from your sitemap;
    • Analyzes how are the pages of your site based on the policy implemented robots.txt file;
    • Provides analysis of duplicate content;
  • Google Search Console:
    • It provides analysis of site traffic data as a whole;
    • It has a site error analysis;
    • It provides tools that validate linked points as the implementation of AMP page – you can read about what the AMP pages (Accelerate Mobile Pages)  Google – and implementation of structured your site data. Off course, all the possibilities that are available for tracking errors and supervision of your XML sitemap and robots.txt files;
    • Possibility of indexing requests the pages of your site;
    • Impressions report, clicks and rate of “conversion” about his impressions;


Google Webmaster Tools or Screaming Frog?


Which tool should you choose to use? That’s the question that motivated me to write this article. What should you use? Simply we can respond immediately is: It depends rs.


You can use either of these tools, but what is your focus exactly? What are you looking to improve your site?


If you have an answer like “I’m improving SEO point of my site.” You could probably focus on Screaming Frog. Of course nothing would prevent you from using Google Search Console, but the focus of Screaming Frog is to be returned to SEO.

In case you have an answer like “I want to improve the performance of my site as a whole correcting errors and being better Users ranked in the search”. Surely you should use Google Search Console. Of course, again, nothing prevents you from using Screaming Frog, but we already know that the Google Webmaster Tools is aimed at ranking the part of Google, the optimization and off your site error correction.


But what in the end, and if you can not answer the question?


The truth is that both tools are great. And if you want to get a maximum result, you should consider using both Google Search Console as Screaming Frog. That’s because, analyzing what each one does, it is noticeable that are complementary tools. This allows for maximum use for your project and your site!


You got any questions? Would you like to give your opinion? Then leave a comment or contact us!

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