Preparing my e-commerce for Christmas sales!

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For trade, the holiday season is the most awaited time, they are two months that can “save” a whole year of work.  

It begins in mid-November, the expected Black Friday, and amended in December with expectations for Christmas!

So, nothing better than to take advantage of opportunities and be prepared for that date, which is no longer the best for e-commerce, but still is a lot of opportunities!

Christmas e-commerce data

We have compiled some tips to make your e-commerce more than prepared for ..

Christmas sales!

Ideally, at this stage of the game it is already well underway, but there’s still time to check if everything is ok and adjust as necessary to make the most possible.

At that time of year when everyone wants to gift someone, be a relative, a friend, boyfriend or even the famous gatherings ..

This increase in interest and drive the financial sector is one of the main reasons for your e-commerce is prepared for Christmas .

After all, you do not want a user potential SUPER between your site and not finalize the purchase for some reason such as lack of stock, is not it?

It is important that it in and see that you are prepared for Christmas.

Do not make a special report, a promotion, or have problems in the buying process, can cause you to miss good opportunities and has not met the expected target ..

Leaving your blue book on the financial end of the year.
Some like leaving your e-commerce prepared for Christmas tips:


Planning Actions should be planned in advance and well structured. You must have a special calendar with special promotions and actions to be taken.

This is essential to maintain order within their e-commerce, so you do not get lost during sales. Within your planning you should think about constantly improve the user experience on your site , see our tips!


Logistics The anniversaries call for more attention with respect to stock and logistics.

It takes planning and control to calculate a demand forecast.

And determine the quantity of products to be ordered, which will certainly have to be higher than normal.
It has a base date in demand in previous years! Moreover, it takes a special attention to deadlines and guarantees, since many people often buy to gift someone. Also remember that the greater the number of requests, the greater the number of exchanges and returns – You need to be prepared!

Negotiate with partners propose conditions, terms and rates.


E-mail Marketing E-mail marketing is one of the best allies when it comes to dissemination and sales conversion, and should be well executed.

Plan a perfect way to increase the flow of offers sent by e-mail at this time ..

People are looking for gifts, then nothing more practical than these gifts go to them.
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Santa Claus-

Sponsored Links Investing in Google AdWords is always good to increase the number of visitors to your site who are searching for what you sell!

Use words that will help increase traffic and conversion.

Think of a strategy focused on what the public is looking for and the product or service you offer, so that the sale happen more hit.

Remember: You must be referred to a special landing page and has exactly what was announced ..
After all, nothing more frustrating than clicking on an ad and to end up on a page that is not the product of interest, huh? !

If you are doing this, you may be losing money and blurring on what really matters ..

positive ROI.
See more about AdWords for Anniversaries !

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-present christmas

Social media Facebook Ads is a great tool!

Social networking is already the most used by Brazilians .. and already works well heavily advertising ads. Enjoy these times when users are surfing the internet and be present! Use and attractive offers. Facebook is a great ally for your virtual store. Has guaranteed presence in Social Media with NoTopo!


Landing Page Abuse of emotional and inviting communication.

Use a special banner and have a landing page with its main highlights of this commemorative day!

It is essential to move the feelings of customers and make wishing to have or give to your product.


Differential is everything! To draw attention and attract your audience you must have differential competitors, they also want to win the user, use attractive as: free shipping, discounts, coupons, free gifts or something extra.

Without forgetting to make clear that it is for a limited time! This differentiates you from the competition and makes the customer accelerate the final decision. Offer also gift combos, this streamlines customer choice and can increase your average ticket, this time it is normal for people to buy gifts for all family, friends ..

In this case, you can offer free shipping for purchases over x products and do not forget to prepare the pretty packaging!


Please contact us and enjoy the best results in its e-commerce in the holidays!😉