Pillow Shot: Boost Your Brand with Static Video for Digital Marketing

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What is a Pillow Shot?

Pillow Shot is a cinematic technique invented by the Japanese director Ozu in the 1950s.

The Pillow Shot is a long video between 6 and 7 seconds, which shows a static image, without action, possibly representing still life.

The Pillow Shot was inserted into movies after a scene that passed great emotions.

After such a strong scene, Ozu said that it took a time to draw the viewer that feeling in absolute calm.

For this, he began inserting clips 6-9 seconds of still life, the environment in which the story was developing the film.

These scenes without action gave the opportunity to the viewer absorber emotion received in the previous shot in the total calm.

Pillow ” means pillow and ” Shot ” is the Film Making .



Pillow Shot to gather images and videos in Online Advertising


an image is processed 60,000 times faster than a text

IMAGE SOURCE: http://www.razorsocial.com/blog/


You know how it is important to produce content for dissemination of your brand on the internet and to engage with your target audience.

You also know that the content can be text, image or video.

A photo will have more views than a text and a video will have more views than a photo.

Only it’s also clear that the kind of engagement with a text is different from the kind of engagement with a picture that is different from the kind of engagement with a video.

A common mistake in the dissemination of videos on social networks , is to spend a lot the first few seconds of video at present.

No need.


Be straight to the point !!


Show the problem and the solution already present you can offer.

A photo is more direct than a video, you need to pass all in one image.

If a video is too long, if not captivate the attention in the first 3-5 seconds gone, you’re gone.

There seem to have a major limitation because the problem is not only produce videos, but effective videos.

This means that we need professional writers, which costs costs money and time.


Pillow Shot – Video made at home

Now imagine that you want to show a picture.


CTR for most videos

IMAGE SOURCE: http://www.razorsocial.com/blog/


Try to make it Pillow Shot instead of taking a traditional photo.

Record 6-7 seconds of the same image, static without drives.

The Pillow Shot combines features of a picture, it goes straight to the point, and a video, because, despite the picture is static, always have external interference, such as wind, lack of balance, etc.

The final, we live in an unstable equilibrium and Pillow Shot is the ultimate representation of reality around us.


As the Pillow Shot can help in Digital Marketing

There is also a technical consideration of equal importance.

The algorithms of social networks and SEO like more than one video than an image.

Probably they will give more visibility to a video than a photo.

Still, we know that the algorithms can understand that the video is static, then most likely the number of views will be less than in a traditional video.

But the same picture, with technical Pillow Shot , you may have a lot more views.

For example if you post a picture on your page  Facebook , it will reach between 2% and 5% of people who already likes your page.

A Pillow Shot can get to be viewed by up to 20% -25% of people your likes your page.

Not to mention that a short video will generate more engagement than a long video and probably likes.

These most likes will generate even more visibility and so on.

Try using a Pillow Shot in your Instagram or Snapchat.

Remember, do not need to think about producing a video, only serious for 6-7 seconds of the same picture and put.

We suggest making Pillow Shots of people also, what Ozu was not as clearly a pure Pillow Shot should not have action.


The still life is the sublimation of Pillow Shot


But here our goal is not to win an Oscar (or Ozu won), but generate engagement, visibility and branding.

If you need more information about eats use this technique effectively, leave a comment here below or  contact the NoTopo team .







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Pillow Shot: fun engagement.

The Pillow Shot, to be a new trend, can be used in situations where you would never take a photo.

Imagine making a Pillow Shot from your computer, or your pen, or the elevator or the car that takes you to work.

Imagine, better, make a Shot Pillow of each of its products, or anything that might represent your service.

You imagine that!

You can realize the great opportunity and great resource that you have the provision for free?

Now imagine, instead of taking one selfie of you and your friends or co-workers, you do a ” selfie Shot “.

Would not it be interesting to see how it changes the expression of each of you, instinctively, these 6/2 that should be static?

Can you imagine how it can be fun when you post these ” selfie Shots ” in their social networks ?

And if you do this with your clients at an event instead of the classic cold photo?

Do not you think they will enjoy and share more, when you post and tagueá them?

Anyway, Pillow Shot is a mixture of Art, Digital Marketing and Entertainment.

Try now venturing into the world’s Pillow Shot Shot or selfie and if you have any questions on how to use the more assertive form of technical, leave a comment here below or  contact Time NoTopo  .





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