Phases and Costs of an e-CommerceYou’ve finally made up your mind, it’s all about the physical store, it’s time for the & nbsp; virtual!

Selling on the Internet through Social Networks
How to monitor your brand on the Internet?

You finally decided, enough physical store, it’s time for himself!


I will create my e-Commerce!


As a classic store, e-commerce is not enough to have a space or a website, the hardest part is to attract people to it, provide a good experience on the site so that after the person buy.

Also, of course, the product must be the promised quality, so you can then build customer loyalty.



We started Rankear Organically in Google searches

In order to rank in Google for searches Organic (those that do not pay), the Google needs time to recognize the importance of their service / product in the Internet world.

This relevance is identified by the search engines through a cross control between what users want and get what you have to offer.

See video what exactly is a search engine and what it does when it comes to your site:



To increase the chances that intersection occurs, you need to create content for your site.

This content needs to be relevant for those who are searching, regardless of the product you are advertising.

Google needs a few months to be able to understand what your site is serious indeed.

So I suggest you buy your domain and immediately get a job creating content (Blog).

Yes, even before the creation of electronic commerce.

So, using the same blog domain, if your e-commerce is in the air, he will not be starting from scratch, but with an authority on the web that you started building through the contents



How much time it takes for your website finally appear in Google searches?



Optimized Blog is developed based on an analysis of the interests of users in the respective segment.

Furthermore it is important to make some estimates of search volume by keyword and then developing an editorial line based on those keywords.

The Google will recognize the relevance of such content and will start to rank your site.


IMPORTANT :. It is unlikely to happen before 3-4 months after the start of the project if the domain is new.

To complete ecommerce website, you need to estimate a 3-4 months from start to delivery, considering the development of wireframe, layout, programming, testing and delivery.


So you should already get the ranking of your domain through a Blog .


What are the costs for setting up a blog and an e-Commerce?

It has free platforms such as Wix .

And has our friend  WordPress  which is certainly still the most friendly platform to manage the deBlogs content.


With wordpress you can create your Blog from ready-made themes, already available on the internet.

The ready themes can be free or have a cost ranging between 50 and 60 USD depending on the complexity.

As for the deployment and configuration to the Blog stay running, we can consider a value of approximately R $ 2,000 – R $ 3,000.

Consider that you also var need a fast and stable server, which can cost between R $ 110 and R $ 130 per year.


How Often posting Content to Blog?

We recommend starting posting three articles a week for the first 2 months.

Then you can decrease production to 2 content per week for 2 months.

Finally, after four months, you can get to produce one post per week while your site starts ranquer in the organic searches.

Usually an optimized content costs on average R $ 300.

This includes analysis of the search volume of words, content development, optimization thereof, published on social networks, etc.


IMPORTANT : who offers you to reduce costs for content can be a great writer or editor, but not necessarily the result will be an optimized post for SEO.


Also, we recommend you create a page in the main social networks in order to begin to start followers.


Gives results post on Social Networks?

Facebook suggest you create content specific to the company’s page, and share obviously the contents of the Blog .

The purpose of Facebook is mainly Branding , but also helps to create “backlinks” (links to your website) .

I recommend you start with 4 weekly content on the Facebook page, ” buying ” some “likes” early in the first phase, to create an inertia over quantity.

In a second phase, you can target the followers for quality.

Instagram now tool Facebook , essential for the purposes of “Branding” , I suggest you start by posting a photo or two photos per day.

Typically, the value for 4 content per week on Facebook, about 16 posts per month, is around R $ 1,300 per month.

This includes the analysis of the interests of potential visitors, the editorial development, creating banners, ad management to create the likes, analysis results, photo management Instagram, etc.


What are the costs of creation of ecommerce?

Now your blog is in the air, their content guidelines are going, it is time to develop the ecommerce itself!

As for the creation of any new website, you might consider the development divided into two broad categories:

  1. The layout creation (about 20% of total cost in case of ecommerce)
  2. Programming (about 80% of total cost in case of ecommerce)

Depending on the platform you want to use for ecommerce, development costs can vary greatly.

Let’s look at the figures:

  • Woocommerce with values ​​between R $ 6,000 and R $ 15,000
  • Magento: R $ 15,000 to R $ 19,000,
  • V-tex, can reach up to R $ 30,000 (included programming).

These values ​​include wireframe, layout, programming and project management.

If you are not familiar with these platforms, I suggest starting with the Woocommerce WordPress environment.

It was clear? More or less? Do you have a different experience you’d like to share?

Leave a comment down here!




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